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      Henri Martin Rose, Rosa Henri Martin

      I AM the manifest wisdom of bear medicine.

      Henri Martin Rose, Rosa Henri Martin

      Bear Medicine

      Like bears in the slumber of hibernation, we have incubated a new way of being. Now it is time to awaken. The birth is upon us. The Bear medicine that helped us dream now helps us transform the dream into form.

      Bear medicine helps us with timing, revealing when we need to wait and when we need to act. Bear medicine helps us pare out the unnecessary so we can manifest only what needs to be. Bear medicine helps us understand both our oneness AND good boundaries. The opportunities are vast for spiritual growth, but we have to show up. Bear medicine reminds us to show up. Bear medicine reminds us we must do our own work. Mama bears will do anything to protect their cubs, but when their cubs are grown, they free them to live their own lives with the understanding that they must make their own way. Bear medicine helps us do likewise both with people we have cared for and projects we have birthed. There is much support to let go in bear medicine.

      We had a bear summer here at the farm. A bear travelled through the farm frequently even during daylight hours. With each visit we felt a wise friend had returned to check in about how things were going. The bear would come through at a fast pace, without lingering. Bear had its business, and we had ours, but the visits uplifted and encouraged. Our interest in bears and bear medicine took an unexpected turn when the Angels told us we had bear medicine to offer in our Henri Martin Rose Flower Essence. I had never linked bears with Roses, but we found that once we acknowledged this link, this Rose called out to both bears and people seeking bear medicine. One beloved working with rescue bears in the Appalachians gave it to bears in her care. If you feel bear medicine is calling to you or would support you, this Rose helps you deepen your connection to bears and bear medicine.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each