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      Hairy Thorny Broom from Stavros, CRETE, Calycotone villosa

      I AM Potnia.

      Hairy Thorny Broom from Stavros, CRETE, Calycotone villosa

      Supports us to nourish and protect our inner bee so that it flourishes and grows

      The honeybees love this Flower with a passion. I imagine the ancient peoples of Crete loved this Flower too, because they loved bees. In fact they often depicted the Goddess as Potnia or “Pure Mother Bee” and priestesses were called Melissas, their word for bees.

      Just as the ancient people of Crete lived in a matriarchal culture of equality, consensus, generosity and loving kindness, so too bees live in a matriarchy of complete selflessness in which everything is done for the wellbeing of the hive. One of this Flower Essence’s gifts is to help us live like a honeybee.

      Another gift of this plant is to help us find an appropriate and evolving balance of boundaries. Hairy Thorny Bloom is covered in large thorns that protect the Flowers so they don’t get eaten by a passing goat. The original matriarchal Minoan civilization had no defenses or weaponry. In fact, they used all their precious metals for jewelry. During our own culture’s paradigm shifting journey from warring defensiveness to a selfless, generous, egalitarian civilization, our tender expressions of love will sometimes need to be shared but also protected. This is different than protecting without sharing.

      This Flower Essence shows us the balance of generous giving with appropriate boundaries so we can remain intact to live and share another day. Hopefully this transition of needing to protect ourselves will evolve into a place like ancient Crete where there were no defenses because no one needed them.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each