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      What you've shared with us
      • "I ordered a few flower essences from you last week, hopefully to calm my anxiety ridden, stall walking border horse, Phoebe, a good sized thoroughbred. The package arrived on Wed. and she had the "flowers" (Anxiety, Spruce and your gift of Grounding) in her water bucket when she came in for the night. (cont...)
      • By the time I went back for "bed check" about 3 hours later, she was a different horse. Instead of a madly pacing bundle of nerves, I found a very relaxed and quiet girl, peacefully eating her hay. (cont...)
      • The next morning after turnout my husband asked who was that other horse. Where was Phoebe? She was a calm horse for the rest of the week, until her owner spent some time with her on Saturday. That night when she came in for dinner, she was not just pacing, she was running in her stall and in absolute distress. As there were already flowers in her bucket, I left and hoped for the best. (cont...)
      • At bed check that night she was again pacing, but at least I could talk to her. After some reassurance and a little more flowers…she calmed down, resumed eating her hay and didn't pace afterwards. Sunday she was still a little anxious, but some of it seemed to just be habit. Monday she was back to being calm. It will be interesting to see her real personality come out as she hopefully learns that relaxing is possible. I believe she likes the change. I know I do." L.C. Otego, NY
      • "On my trip back from San Francisco, a little baby girl about 18 months was screaming on the descent into Newark airport. She had been screaming for a half an hour. I wanted to help her. I took out my Grounding Essence and put it on my hands. I pictured the essence being carried to the baby on a white beam of light. Several minutes later the little girl stopped crying and fell asleep. Could it have been the essence? It's a possibility!" H.R., NJ
      • "I cannot tell you how excited I was today when I fetched the mail and my Green Hope treasures had arrived!!...It's a good day, I've taken the Maple & Grounding- I so need these essences. I could feel my body heat up with delight- I look forward to many years of friendship and purchases from my friends at Green Hope Farm." SL., MD


      Being fully present in our bodies with a vibrant connection to Earth

      To maximize our learning, we need to be fully in our bodies as well as fully present in our lives. Made from many tree Flower Essences and other deeply rooted Flowering plants, Grounding helps us to be here now, fully grounded and engaged in our lives. It helps us to be fully in our bodies as well as fully connected to the Earth grid where we live. During upticks in the planetary vibration Grounding helps us better assimilate the higher vibrations as well as more easily discharge electrical glitches.

      -Helps us ease back into full engagement with our bodies if we have been through a difficult childhood, an accident, experiences of intense suffering and trauma or any experience that led us to temporarily distance ourselves from our bodies.


      Ashleaf Maple, Aspen, Beech, Carrot, Cedar, Comfrey, Corn, Fireweed, Goldenrod, Grapefruit, Hawthorn, Heavenly Bamboo, Maple, Oak, Paper Birch, Plum, Shadblow, Spruce, The Sunflower Spiral, Willow and Yellow Water Lily

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each