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      Golden Hedge-Hyssop

      I AM at peace with my emotions, embracing them as guideposts on my path.

      Golden Hedge-Hyssop

      Release from shame about what and how much we feel

      So many of us come from cultures that encourage us to feel shame about the intensity and volume of our emotional responses. This Wildflower offers comprehensive support to release this shame.

      While the Hyssop family from which this Wildflower comes holds much information about forgiveness, this specific Flower knows there is nothing to forgive when it comes to what we feel. It helps us release all negative judgment about our emotions by showing us a way to respectfully contain our feelings as purposeful and good.

      Released from a response of guilt and shame, we are free to learn from our feelings versus fight to deny them. In this climate of acceptance, we can bring to our emotions the maturity of choice about how we want to make use of the information our feelings give us. No longer at war with our feelings, we can use our resources to bring a measured response to address the circumstances that precipitated the feelings in the first place.

      -Helpful for those of us have been shamed about our feelings or have been taught to think of emotions as a liability or weakness.
      -Particularly helpful for those of us who have been criticized as too emotional or overly dramatic. Helps us own our feelings as valid and not up for debate.
      -In relationships, supports us to move the focus from an attack on us as too emotional or our feelings as inappropriate to the real issues that are precipitating such strong feelings.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each