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      Gaia Knows Best

      Gaia Knows Best

      For Gaia, an opportunity to help her

      Gaia Knows Best was a garden designed by Gaia. The garden gave Gaia a chance to express herself in a co-creative framework of us planting exactly what she wanted exactly as she wanted it. This is different than what can happen for her in a wilderness free of humans or in a setting where humans are not listening. Humans, in this instance, gave Gaia the opportunity to express herself in an innovative and new way. Like the Rose window of a cathedral, Gaia’s light flowed out of her through a garden mandala designed by her and worked by humans per her specifications. It was a vibrational model for what is possible when humanity and Nature work in conscious partnership. One day she said, “I am your mother, but I need the relationship to evolve. I want to co-create the next chapter with humanity.”

      This Flower Essence, created from this garden, is a way to seed further co-creation with Gaia. She asks you to place drops of this Essences where you live and roam. It will bring her solace, comfort and healing each time you share drops in other places on her surface. It will also ground a co-creative vibration where it is dropped and open wide the door for more co-creative endeavors.

      Gaia explains; “Take comfort in the truth that I DO know best. Let go of your ideas and let me take myself and all you passengers forward. I know it has been a bumpy ride. It will remain so for a time to come, but I know what I am doing. All will be well.

      It is a precious gift to me for you to share this Essence with places where you live and visit. I ask you to follow your promptings about where to drop these drops. These promptings are messages from me. In moving my Essence around my whole surface, a network of light is amplified. We heal together, and in the act of sharing this Essence, you support me more than you can know and solidify our unity of consciousness and purpose.”

      -The design for this garden was a complex one composed of twelve sections of Flowers circling a center of climbing Flowers.
      - Gaia had us plant the garden then leave it be in complete sanctuary for the entire growing season. She also asked us not to take any pictures of the garden. This garden was for her healing from start to finish.
      -Now she needs us to share her creation around the globe.


      Dorothy Eckford White Sweet Pea, Milky Way Morning Glory, Holy Basil, Genovese Basil, Sweet Alyssum, Rocket White Snapdragons, Mehera Marigolds, Marine Blue Heliotrope, Verbena Bonariensis, White Gomphrena, Moldavian Dragonhead, White and Purple “Leda” Ageratum, Italian Purple Eggplant, White Peruvian Four O’Clocks, many varieties of White Zinnias including Polar Bear, White Wedding, Benary Giant White and Oklahoma White, Woodland “Only the Lonely” Nicotiana, Moonshadow Hyacinth Bean, Starlight Dancer Nicotiana, Jasmine Nicotiana, Belle Blanche Datura, White Queen Cleome, Horehound, Sage, White Cosmos BonBon and Purity Cosmos, Blue, White and Violet Bachelor Buttons including Select Ultraviolet, Krausa and Italian Large Leaf Parsley, Milkmaid Nasturtiums, Mustard, Belerephon of the Open Door, Dandelion, Blue Vervain, Mallow, Ajuga, Mexican Poppy, Bells of Ireland, Cosmos Picotee, Cosmos Sonata, Nicotiana Perfume in shades of pink, Coral Pink and Red Wine Zinnias

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each