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      For the Children

      What you've shared with us
      • We received our flower essences and the kids and I have had a few moments where we just sit around on the floor just picking up a bottle and giving drops to each other and it's amazing, feels like a holy communion! Feels like we've gotten closer Every day since! Thank you so much! And I just got the bundle For The Kids after reading about Babies Of Light and Baby Blue Eyes, I had no idea how wonderful the Sweet Pea and Maple would be! A.L. Germantown, PA

      For the Children

      This angel set of six essences includes the following:

      Babies of Light
      Baby Blue Eyes
      The Fairy Rose
      The Hummingbird Garden
      Sweet Pea
      The beloved children instinctively know so much about Flower Essences and take to them like ducks to water. Give a child you love this set and he or she will know exactly what to do with them. In fact, your inner child may want this set as well!

      Set of six 1/2 oz. bottles