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      Fairy Rose, Rosa 'The Fairy'

      I AM the essence of delight.

      What you've shared with us
      • "When I first held Fairy Rose, I had an impression of play and leaping and exuberance. When one of my singing students held Fairy Rose she immediately started making arching movements with her hands that looked like dolphins leaping out of the water and said, "Oh this one is fun." (cont...)
      • I was teaching a weeklong workshop with a magical Irish singer and wanted it to be a time when serious classical singers could remember the passion and immediacy of the ancient folk traditions of singing. (cont...)
      • My student and I decided to spray the room where we were having the workshop with Fairy Rose. The positive energy in the room was wonderful all week. No mean challenge in a room full of singers who are trained to be critical of themselves and each other. It was a very healing time for all of us, and I know Fairy Rose was a wonderful support to our work." C.M., Ithaca, NY
      • A nine-year girl ordered Clematis. When we packed the order, the Angels asked us to tuck in a bottle of the Fairy Rose too. This is the little girl's note to us, "It is very funny that the Angels said Fairy Rose. One night I was looking in the little flower essence book for one and came across Clematis and Fairy Rose. (cont...)
      • My Mom said only one. So I picked Clematis because it helps with daydreaming all the time. But I wished to get Fairy Rose someday. I send all thanks and love to you at Green Hope Farm. And could you tell all the Angels and Elementals thank you." A.W., East Sandwich, MA
      • "I put some Senior Citizen in my 13 year old black lab Pepper's water bowl. She lapped it up. When I was taking the Fairy Rose she began barking and barking at me. I realized she wanted some too. I put a few drops in her water and she lapped it up. Then she wandered outside for awhile- I think to be with the fairies." S.M., Oceanside, CA
      • "Greetings from New Zealand! Am amazed that the essences arrived today- very speedy delivery indeed! And came in perfect timing naturally. Took them along to my weekly mentor session with the woman who had connected me with you initially ad she had a huge sense of reconnection to the high vibrations- she said she'd found it hard to stay with since moving to New Zealand. (cont...)
      • She eagerly tried some of the Fairy Rose and our session was so clear and quite magical actually- have had such an excited night before Xmas feeling all day!" S.B., New Zealand

      Fairy Rose, Rosa 'The Fairy'

      Pure happiness and playful delight

      The Fairy Rose encourages playfulness, laughter and joy. It has a connection to the dolphins and their realm of wonder, helping us remember and reclaim that connection for ourselves. The Fairy Rose brings a fairy experience of lighthearted delight. It reminds us of the rich pleasures of daily life.

      -Helps us relish our time on Earth.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each