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      Eyes of Mary, Myosostis scorpiodes

      I AM the clear view of the reality behind all illusion.

      What you've shared with us
      • "Of course, Eyes of Mary… I always keep near me. It is great for healers… It helps me to hold the highest vision for my patients' well being without being attached to the outcome or the timetable. (cont...)
      • It helps me to feel comfortable & assured that other's higher selves are handling the bigger picture for them & I can just offer the specific details they are requesting from me." M.S., CA
      • "After taking my Eyes of Mary this morning I had the most beautiful, expansive meditation and felt the angels' presence even before I closed my eyes." C.M., Worcester, MA
      • "Thank you so much for the Eyes of Mary- what a treasure. Your essences have time and again helped me stay grounded, expand my awareness and trust spirit." E.S., Madison, WI
      • I have family and friends going through difficult health issues and I so much want to help them. Eyes of Mary has truly awakened in me the wisdom and understanding of how to love and be present for them while allowing and respecting their choices. I can clearly see the journey is the most import thing and understand that I am clearly do not have the full picture, but AM a part of it. Sometimes, that part is as simple as surrendering to God. This flower essences does everything stated in its summary and then some. Thank you Eyes of Mary. T.D., MN

      Eyes of Mary, Myosostis scorpiodes

      Love with detachment

      Love with detachment is not indifference nor is it squeamishness about suffering. It is a balanced vibration of knowing that the circumstances of our lives, even when painful, perfectly support us. It is heartfelt understanding that daily life is a holographic classroom where, slowly but surely, each of us rediscover the only reality that ever was or will be: God. Love with detachment is a vibration that helps us respond lovingly to those who are suffering without a desire to fix things for them.

      -Helps us to respond to all events with greater tolerance for ourselves and everyone else. If only love is real, why invest in anything else?
      -Helps us feel the undercurrent of divinity in all circumstances.
      -When tough love is required, it helps us know that letting a person experience the consequences of his or her behavior in Earth classroom will be the best way for this person to learn the lessons that he or she wants to learn.
      -Helps us cultivate faith and perspective by helping us see things in overview.
      -Helps us lighten up and reframe our understanding of events when we have temporarily lost our sense of humor.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each