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      Emergency Care

      What you've shared with us
      • "Namaste! I survived 5 weeks in Tibet thanks to your "Emergency Care" and "Watch Your Back", I was surprisingly healthy compared to other group members." P.S., Baltimore, MD
      • "I used a combination of Cosmos, Showcats, Emergency Care and Water Hyacinth for myself when our daughter got married in May. Many people commented on how composed and happy I was- no tears. Bride was on Emergency Care and she did great too!" S.R., Vestal, NY
      • "I have been working with children who are from broken homes, crystal and indigo children who are so sensitive...I just got started with a 9 year old girl this last week and her school teacher told her she could not return until she was taken to the doctor. She had eczema, no concentration, couldn't sit still etc. Her grandmother heard about me and brought her to me. She tested for the emergency and anxiety essence. (cont...)
      • The very day she started both her grandmother and mother could see a difference in her. She could sit and do her homework without having to be told over and over to do it and focus. Her teacher said she was sitting calmly in school, focusing and so much better. I use ...the outburst, separation, anxiety, emergency, healthy coat, abandonment & abuse, run & play essences ... with these young ones… they work so well." R.M., Rice, WA
      • "During a grueling and tiring 10 day visit to Buenos Aires, I felt such support from the essences and was able to maintain balance and clarity, stay in my third eye and cope with all the challenges that presented themselves." D.M., South Hadley, MA
      • "I strained my knee over the weekend and last night I massaged Emergency Care into it. Ta-da! Overnight there is marked improvement." J.H., Towson, MD
      • "Emergency Care should have 'miracle' in front of it- because it truly is." N., LA, CA

      Emergency Care

      For any emergency situation or illness

      Emergency Care helps our electrical systems handle situations of stress, fear, intense turmoil, trauma, acute illness or an ongoing health challenge. It can be taken as frequently and for as long as we want to help remind our electrical systems how to manage in a crisis or handle a long term acute situation.

      -During an emergency situation, take drops directly in the mouth or in a glass of water, sipping frequently until the situation is stabilized.
      -When it is another person who is hurt or ill, give the person Emergency Care and then take some too. It is stressful to watch someone in pain as well as be in pain!


      Angelica, Blackberry, Borage, California Poppy, Clematis, Comfrey, Cosmos, Dandelion, Feverfew, Goldenrod, Jasmine, Maltese Cross, Queen Anne's Lace, Red Clover, Red Rugosa Rose, Scarlet Runner Bean, Snapdragon, Sweet Bell Pepper, Trillium, Ginger, Lemon, Orange, Passion Flower, Shrimp Plant, Self Heal, Arrowhead, Yellow Water Lily

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each