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      Cleome, Cleome hassleriana

      I AM the radiant health of my evolving light system.

      Cleome, Cleome hassleriana

      Helps each of our chakras expand and welcome in the higher vibrations while also staying in harmony and balance with our whole electrical system

      Much light is pouring into Earth to uplift and help us evolve. Whether we consciously welcome these energies or not, these higher vibrations are something that we must integrate into our electrical systems in order to stay vibrating at the same rate of vibration as our evolving planet.

      As these higher vibrations enter our electrical system, each chakra must adapt to and find a way to welcome in the higher energies while also staying coordinated with the whole electrical system.

      Cleome Flower Essence helps individual chakras pull out and expand as necessary to welcome in the light in a very balanced and orderly manner. I love how Cleome Flowers reflect its vibrational strengths. It blossoms steadily from the beginning of the growing season to the end always spiraling out with blossoms in a whirl of symmetrical beauty. Its seed pods also reflect this balanced, stabilized expansive energy as they resemble outriggers, the lateral support floats found on certain kinds of seagoing boats. In every way, Cleome Flower Essence helps coordinate our chakra system to expand, spin and flow with these higher energies in a beauty, order and harmony of electrical patterning and form.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each