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      Clear the Path

      What you've shared with us
      • "Your trio of light, Clear the Path, Welcome the Light, Walk in Light creation is a luminous bouquet of all that is most needed during these times of awakening." J.G. Reading. PA

      Clear the Path

      With this Essence we receive support to clear our emotional, mental, physical and etheric/memory bodies of lower vibrational energies so that there is room in our energy systems to welcome in the higher vibration
      Light entering Earth.

      We have to let go of most everything but love to welcome this Light, and this can be challenging to do without knowing what will come next. This remedy helps us let go and empty out even the most stuck energies while
      also feeling the Divine safety net that is ever with us.

      -Ingredients in Clear the Path
      -Belorado: Holding faith in the emptiness of the release process before the next chapter begins, because we have to leave these old tired energies behind before we can know what is next.
      -Bermuda Easter Lily: For purification including the release of the roadblock of self criticism.
      -Butter & Eggs: Promotes the release of old wounds in a process in which we don’t call the wounds back in due to a misguided illusion we deserve them.
      -The Butterfly Flower: Clerodendrum ugandense Freedom from our bindings, be they spiritual, mental, emotional or physical.
      -Carolina Thermopsis: Like a big wind blowing, this one clears out the energetic cobwebs.
      -Calliandra from Taiwan: Promotes release from any cycle of betrayal so we can experience a new flow of love and restored self worth.
      -Glory Bower: Clerodendrum thompsonaie Joyfully blows all illusions off our path of Light.
      -Cherry Tomato: Cleanser of links, chains and networks that bind us to anything that does not serve us.
      -Dainty Bess Rose: Deep release of lingering sorrows and regrets that left us suffering and bitter.
      -Heliotrope: Helps us surrender our deeply held grudges against ourselves, ushering in self forgiveness.
      -Konigin Von Danemark Rose: Helps us avoid shame spirals that would impede our release process.
      -Lavacolla: Help for our bodies to clear any clutter that remains from finished energetic work.
      -Letting Go Flower: Letting go is the only way to create inner space.
      -Los Arcos: Emptying out can leave us feeling alone. This one helps us find the bravery to move ahead on our own while being open to support from unexpected places.
      -Maple: Increases our feelings of worthiness to receive this support to empty out.
      -Musk Thistle: Incomparable tool for spiritual housecleaning.
      -Nodding Ladies Tresses: Untangles long tangled energies for full release.
      -O’Cebreiro: Finding the strength to let go even as we do not know what will come next.
      -Pandorea: Its time to open up our Pandora’s box then jettison everything inside.
      -Sahagun: Breaking down behaviors triggered by fear so we can surrender fully to the release process.
      -Tansy: Helps us blast away energies that have been clinging to us for centuries.
      -Trabadelo: The courage to let go of old patterns.
      -Whiskbroom Parsley: Powerful cleanser of electrical circuits.
      -White Trillium: Help to stop carrying the scales of justice on our backs and to trust Divinity’s got this and everything else covered.
      -Winter Aconite: To begin again, unburdened.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each