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      Cape Fuchsia "Moonraker", Phygelius "Moonraker"

      I AM clarity of thought, word and deed.

      What you've shared with us
      • "I took (Cape Fuchsia "Moonraker" and Linden) for the first time. Very shortly after that…I was in a better mood, happy frame of mind, felt like I had more energy and actually answered "good" when someone asked me how my day was going. (cont...)
      • This is wonderful for me because I have had some health issues lately and have been feeling very crummy and irritable and weak and blah blah blah. (cont...)
      • Of course, I believed all this stuff about the increasing vibrations of the energies of the planet and us and so on. But I guess I never really took it onboard for ME personally that I would need some help journeying though these times and integrating this newness- had just thought of this for all the animals in my care." Vet in VA
      • "Thanks again for straightening out my first order & sending me the Cape Fuschia Moonraker. Along with the other essences I purchased (Eyes of Mary, Chinese Forget-Me-Not, and Outburst), it's really helping me to see things with clarity, discernment & compassionate wisdom." E.C., Pittsburgh, PA

      Cape Fuchsia "Moonraker", Phygelius "Moonraker"

      Clarity of thought, word and deed

      This gem from the Cape Floral Kingdom of South Africa offers wisdom about zeroing in on what matters and what we must do, even in extremely distracting circumstances. It supports us to keep focused on our spiritual tasks at hand, especially during times of tumult or disruptive situations that might otherwise overwhelm or splinter our focus in many directions.

      -Helps us to stay cool, calm and collected in times of stress or when many different forces press us to fly off in different directions.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each