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      Cacao, Theobroma cacao

      I AM one with my Creator.

      What you've shared with us
      • I don't usually feel essences' energies through the glass bottles without focusing on them , but as soon as this box arrived it was like Pachamama herself arrived in my home with a great big mug of Hot Chocolate just for me. I took the Cacao essence immediately and indeed, it feels like all the love of Mother Earth personified has shown up to take care of me in a Motherly way, as well as simultaneously a BEST girl-friend has come over to hang out and she brought...Chocolate!!! Molly, I am sure I will keep & turn to this essence the way people keep a box of "emergency" chocolate around for times of during the day. Thank you SO, So Much!! M.S., PA
      • Cacao! Finally the magic of chocolate has a different road to my energy field! (Though I admit that the old way is quite satisfying!) Cacao's support is so lovely and strong and so needed in my life that I wonder what I ever did without her." L.E., Truckee, CA
      • I received my Cacao flower essence on Wednesday and it is absolutely beautiful! The joy of Divine Mother came through so strongly and I really felt it work through me and help resolve an issue I am working on around my relationship with my mum. Its been tough going and it helped bring joy and love back into it. I have been drinking Cacao as my daily medicine and found the essence to be so full of light and such a high vibration, I felt I saw a divine flower angel too." S.G., Surrey, UK
      • Cacao cut through and burned off this faint veil of fog that has enshrouded me for weeks & months. I have been praying for help and am so grateful to you for sending this gift of an answer.” C.M., Boston, MA
      • “As I held Cacao in my hand, my first impression of her was of mystery, a deep smokey mystery. When I wondered what Cacao’s gift was, I saw a burst of intense light/passion. When I took a drop, I felt immediate lightness, a lightening of my heart and spirit, a lightening and brightening. C.M., Boston, MA

      Cacao, Theobroma cacao

      Remover of obstacles on the path of self-realization

      Our journey to oneness with God is not about changing the reality of what is but awakening to what is. We already are one with our Creator, but we just don’t know or experience this. This Flower helps us awake to our eternal relationship as one with our Creator.

      In sacred Cacao ceremonies, the Cacao is the physical embodiment of our mother Creator. The intention of the ceremonies is to open our hearts to our oneness with our mother Creator. Why is Cacao the Flowering tree for these ceremonies?

      The Flower of Cacao blossoms right from the trunk and older branches of the tree. There are no intermediary branches. This reveals the inseparable relationship between the Flowers and the mother tree. While this connection of tree to Flower is there with all Flowering trees, it is more palpably true and emphatic with Cacao. The directness of connection opens a vibrational doorway for all of us to experience our oneness with our mother Creator. Cacao immerses us in a vibration of complete reunion with our Creator.

      The Flowers of Cacao are remarkable in their beauty and bear Cacoa nibs which let’s face it, make a food of the Gods. Just as each Flower is a sparkling individual expression of self and mother tree working as one, we too are meant to experience ourselves as sparkling expressions of Divinity. This is the greatest gift of Cacao. It speeds us on this path towards a full expression of our complete Divinity.

      -Remover of obstacles, intermediaries or anything that interferes with our experience of self as one with the Creator
      -Helps us bear the fruit of our oneness with Divinity with a palpable lightening of the heart.
      -Helps us find the sweetness we seek by sourcing it within ourselves.
      -The direct link between Cacao blossoms and the trunk of the mother Cacao suggests the regenerative wisdom of this Essence that supports us to stay connected to a younger versus of self and thus stay young at any age.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each