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      Butterfly Kisses

      Butterfly Kisses

      Support from the Butterflies for transformation both personal and collective

      As always, this year’s lower garden at the farm was designed and planted in partnership with the Angels and Elementals. On three sides of the garden a sea of Red Shiso, rich and dark purple in color, undulated in the wind. The fourth side was pumpkins and squash. In the center of the garden we arranged Dahlia tubers in a spiral. As the season flowed on, the plants all arose with healthy, dark foliage. In the center of this spiral, we constructed a great dome and around this dome we planted Kikinda Squash, Morning Glories, and Marigolds. A few Potato plants and some glorious Milkweeds popped up as volunteers, and they were welcomed.

      The Kikinda squash dome in the center of this garden was reminiscent of a womb space. As the season progressed, the vines grew to cover the dome, and the great fruit began to hang down inside the structure. To meditate in the deep shade of the squash plants, we entered through the Dahlia spiral, circling around to this sacred center. We could feel the powerful, transformational energy of the farm coming up from the Earth and surrounding us. In the evenings, the Kikinda blossoms would open and radiate in the moonlight.

      One day while I, Sarah, sat in this physical womb space, a Wood Nymph butterfly came to visit me. For half an hour she sat on my foot gently caressing me with her proboscis or butterfly tongue, kissing me as I meditated. Imagine our shock and delight when, later that day, a Green Hope Farm friend emailed us with a channeled message from the butterfly spirits that we were to make an essence called Butterfly Kisses. I will quote this message here:

      “Hello, we send you love and we thank you for your assistance in helping us to thrive as we once did. We would like to request the creation of a Flower Essence blend to assist those in the process of transformation. Who better to pass on this wisdom than us, the masters of the art of transforming and transcending. We ask that this blend be called "Butterfly Kisses" as our energy is gentle yet powerful at the same time. The plants to be used will be made known to you as you begin the process of its creation, and we will guide you in all aspects of your journey with us. There are many who are in need of this wisdom during these difficult times and many who can benefit from our assistance in their own process of transformation. We thank you and we honor you for the work that you do to help others in need" --channeled from the monarch butterflies by Jody Hergert-Andresen

      Thank you to the Butterflies, such perfect and wise teachers. The cocoon, too, is a manifestation of the womb space. Here lies the source of creation and the portal for all things to manifest, the void, the seat of the Sacred Feminine energy. In the womb space, inside the cocoon, all is darkness.

      Darkness is sacred. It represents the unknown, the magic that we all feel but can’t fathom. Inside this darkness, cloaked in mystery, something comes from nothing. Transformation occurs, we transcend. Who could imagine as the caterpillar enters its chrysalis that the butterfly will later emerge. The change is not linear or predictable. We cannot see at all from the caterpillar stage what transformation is to come. The womb space, the chrysalis, the Feminine aspect of Divinity lowers her veil of mystery and through this mysterious grace births transformation.

      We all have access to this etheric womb space and can work with it to manifest transformation in our lives and in the world around us. For those of us Women who have a physical womb, we are especially blessed to have a connection to this mysterious void inside our own bodies. Now is our time to embrace her and honor her as our great Mother and Source.

      Butterfly Kisses helps us to reconnect to this sacred space that is our birthright. For those with a physical womb, it supports us to remember this truth that lives inside of us, and for all of us, it helps us reclaim our connection to the sacred womb as our source of transformation and healing, creation and intuition.

      -• If you feel in the dark, unclear where you are or where you are going, or pessimistic about the state of the world, Butterfly Kisses supports you to reawaken and sink into this womb space and embrace the experience of unknowing with calm and confidence that what is to be born is worth this place of unknowing and in fact, this place of unknowing is itself a gift.
      -• Wonderful support for women to reconnect to their womb space, their undying creativity and the cycles that are one with their being.
      -• Support for all people to remember and rekindle the gifts of the inner creative space within their being, the universe that lies ever within each of us.
      -• Beautiful support during any process of transformation, creation or time of change

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each