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      Butter and Eggs, Linaria vulgaris

      I AM able to release the wounds of my life with softness and wisdom.

      Butter and Eggs, Linaria vulgaris

      Support to release deep, old wounds with gentleness and nonjudgment

      Grounding the incoming higher energies requires us to shed deep, old memories of sorrow and loss to make way for new light energy. As these old wounds surface to be released in dreams and in other ways, it is important not to hold ourselves in judgment but to simply watch the release and let go. This Flower Essence helps us do this.

      This wildflower from the toadflax family has a brilliant orange center nestled in a body of pale yellow. The Flower begins with a long pointed spur then comes forward to envelop its orange center in a configuration similar to a Snapdragon.
      With its deep spur and enveloping soft yellow, this Flower indicates its vibrational wisdom of helping us gently and completely release deeply held wounds. It reveals how even as the incoming light comes out to meet us, we find from deep within us the inner wisdom to be healed. Additionally this Flower helps us modulate and soften our dialog about the wounds we are healing so we can speak about them with gentleness and calm.

      -Accessing our inner wisdom to resolve old wounds
      -Helps us release our wounds with softness
      -Helps us communicate about our wounds with softness towards self and others
      -Helps us release old wounds without self
      -Helps us get clear on what we really need to be here now ie THE LIGHT WITHIN US and what we can go without ie MOST EVERYTHING ELSE

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each