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      Bouncing Bet, Saponaria officinalis

      I AM able to bounce back to joy no matter the circumstances.

      Bouncing Bet, Saponaria officinalis

      Bouncing Bet helps us with the balanced use of the AIR and EARTH elements.

      During the summer of 2023, wildflower Bouncing Bet seemed to be everywhere I went. I recognized her as an old friend from childhood. When she spoke to me, I remembered how much I loved this sparkling and delightful Flower. During one visit this summer, Bet made it clear that now was her moment to become a mainstay in our collection. This flooded me with joy, but then, joy is one of her gifts. Bouncing Bet explains;

      “I help you live from your indomitable spirit as you go through this time of cleansing and rebirth. Working with the Earth and Air elements, I am here to lift you up if you have felt downtrodden and unseen. I remind you that you are always seen by Divinity. You are always loved. I thrive in disturbed waste ground and neglected places. You can too. Yes, maybe humankind neglects some of us, but I know that nothing in this world is truly neglected or unloved. Everything is a beloved part of the whole.

      When circumstances temporarily get you down, I remind you how to bounce back to unsullied joy. I know we will soon find ourselves in a world that is very much worth the growing pains. Yes, there will be more growing pains, but I am part of an immense collective of energies that will help you navigate these shifts with optimism, confidence and yes, joy.

      You may have been told that bubbling up into joy is a ridiculous response to these times and the challenges you face. I help you know joy is a wise response and one that will set you free to do your work in the world unburdened and serene. And how wonderful that your efforts at bouncing back to joy bring joy to others too.

      -Feeling downtrodden and bewildered during these times? Bouncing Bet, an indomitable “roadside weed” shows us how to bounce back into an experience of joy, confident we matter and are deeply loved.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each