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      Bladder Campion, Silene vulgaris

      I AM the master of air, water, fire and earth.

      Bladder Campion, Silene vulgaris

      Bladder Campion helps us with the balanced use of the AIR, WATER, FIRE and EARTH elements.

      Bladder Campion helps us balance all four elements. It helps us breathe more deeply, literally taking in more air. In this way, it balances the Air element. Bladder Campion also knows how to preserve its energy during heated situations so that it lives to flower another day. While each blossom wilts in the heat of the day, these very same Flowers revive to full beauty in the cool of the evening then blossom again the next morning. In this way, Bladder Campion supports us to manage the Fire element, demonstrating how to conserve our energy during fiery times. It helps us resist the temptation to meet fire with fire, making it an excellent ally for those working to manage their anger and other fiery emotions.

      Bladder Campion also offers us a vibration of buoyancy during times when it can feel very hard to stay afloat. It is a master of water, helping us experience and process our watery emotions but not get swamped by them. Think of Bladder Campion as a life raft for times when the watery world of sorrows and worries try to swamp you. Bladder Campion can help you float through these watery times to a new balance of the Water element and to a place of sure footing again.

      Bladder Campion’s Earth element gift is an energetic sorting function that grounds and stabilizes. If you have experienced a literal flood, an inner flood of emotion or a firestorm of challenges and heated situations, you may know how much sorting must be done afterwards. It may feel like your inner landscape is one big slush pile. This Essence not only helps you sort things out so you complete the release of any emotions that might otherwise bog you down, but it also supports you to have the energy to do this work. Its Flower signature reflects this energy of empowerment, calm, buoyancy and the discernment necessary for sorting and release.

      -Bladder Campion shares a model of emotional buoyancy in watery times.
      -It shows us a way of balance and restraint during inner and outer firestorms, supporting us to pause and breathe deeply during difficulties.
      -Finally it helps us sort and release heavy emotions in the aftermath of the transitions and challenges confronting all of us.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each