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      Black Currant, Ribes nigrum

      I AM the vitality and freedom of God in every cell of my being.

      What you've shared with us
      • "Several members of my family are taking Black Currant and Bloodroot with me. When I took those two Essences out of the box, I felt the energy of change, joy, excitement and relief flood through me and I wept. As a person with incest in my history, I have spent years lost in the "muck" of the Family River. (cont...)
      • These Essences after only five days are making wonderful change in my perceptions." anonymous
      • "Black Currant and Bloodroot didn't result in any reconciliation among family members, but I figured out why I incarnated in my family and unburdened myself of many misunderstandings. I realized that each family member had their own time frame for when to reclaim the gifts of the family river. (cont...)
      • I couldn't and shouldn't make them do this work. It's okay. My upstream river may have remained the same but the downstream river is changed forever!" anonymous
      • "While working with Bloodroot and Black Currant I had a dream in which I was at a train station carrying many suitcases. Suddenly, I looked down at the suitcases and said, "This is not my baggage. This is my parents' baggage." I walked away and left all the suitcases right there." anonymous
      • "I have used Black Currant and Bloodroot off and on for several years. When my dad died, I experienced God as my mother/father and could let my dad go without feeling orphaned. The experience was one of great peace." anonymous
      • "Opened the order & was surprised to find the Black Currant jumping up & down yelling "TAKE ME FIRST." All I did after that was say WOW- it felt like all these invisible logjams were just floating away- no trauma- no dynamite- they just broke up gently & floated away. I've had a lot more clear energy flow ever since..." M.K., Royal Oak, MI

      Black Currant, Ribes nigrum

      Family river cleanser

      Black Currant heals and cleanses our etheric/memory body of detritus from seven generations of our ancestors as well as from our past lives. This means we no longer have to carry the baggage of our previous incarnations or our ancestors' baggage but are free to regain an unparalleled level of energetic vitality.

      Black Currant also positively impacts others in our family. The Angels explain 'Families are like rivers. If you clean up one section of the river, the cleansing immediately impacts the rest of the river. Almost all families contain personality garbage in the form of mistaken and unhelpful ego ideas and patterned behaviors. The miracle is that while these mistaken notions appear strong as well as omnipresent, their defenses can be breached anywhere in time by anyone in the family willing to do this cleansing work. This brings energetic freedom to the person doing the cleansing work and opens the door for spiritual rebirth to all in the family river.'

      Information about Black Currant in the Family River Trio

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each