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      Bindweed, Convolvulus arvensis

      I AM the full release of all bindings and the full flow of infinite light.

      What you've shared with us
      • "The 2020 Essences are truly beyond words support and wayfinding allies of clarity, intention and uplift." P.L., VA
      • "I love the Bindweed- as soon as I touched it I knew it was meant for my husband...I heard it would help with his bound emotions." D., Chicago, IL

      Bindweed, Convolvulus arvensis

      Helps us unbind ourselves from counter productive three dimensional emotional and mental habitual ways of being so we can open and receive the fifth dimensional energies flooding into Earth

      If you have read recent blogs you will know that I struggled with this “weed” in the gardens this summer and also got repeated guidance and support to release old three dimensional ways of being to open and receive the fifth dimensional Divine light flooding the planet. I love how, like everything else from these fifth dimensional Flower messengers, it is all one: Bindweed has revealed itself to be an Essence that can help us break free from low vibration bindings to open and receive the light on offer.

      This greater light energy is with us so completely that I wake up each morning in wonder and awe. As I avail myself to this incoming light, I ask for support from Angels, Elementals and Ascended Masters to release three dimensional habits and emotions to make room to receive the light of the fifth dimension. In other words, I ask to release anything that keeps my energy stuck. Then I visualize the light entering through my crown and moving through my mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies. I’ve been writing about this in recent blogs if you are interested. Angels, Elementals and Ascended Masters stand ready to help all of us in this process. I find asking in specificity for the release of stuck emotions and mental patterns that maintain the illusion of separation such as anger, pride, jealousy, bitterness, righteousness, judgement, resistance to change and envy is helpful. I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t experience these emotions. It’s just that we need to process them then let them go to make room for the incoming light. This light energy is generous. It is here for all of us because, of course, we are all one and in oneness there is no separation into worthy and unworthy. Bindweed, being the most annoying plant in the garden yet holding this ability to welcome in immense light reminded me of that!

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each