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      Belerephon of the Open Door

      I AM the open door to self-realization.

      What you've shared with us
      • "I felt the angel entity behind this essence just when I read the name. I thought that a "harbinger of spiritual change" was an excellent thing in my situation and my healing guides agreed. But the guides came back to Belerephon later when I was looking specifically for an essence that would support me start my own business. (cont...)
      • They said it will open the doors of potential clients--helping me to get my foot in doors that I need to...the guides added that it won't bother with clients I'm not a good match for. "Belerephon also knows which doors not to open" A.R., Lebanon, NH
      • "Since using Belerephon of the Open Door and the Alignment Garden last spring I'm happy to report that I was able to leave a job I was unhappy in for over nine years. I'm now concentrating on my piano playing and teaching music. (cont...)
      • I have a large class of some very talented students and have also found a wonderfully preserved old Steinway upright built in 1901 that is perfect for my music studio and that I'm having refurbished. I feel the Belerephon really helped me move into a consciousness where I could embrace the change! Yes!" G.L. NJ
      • "Here's a wonderful story that attests to the power of the "open door" drops/ essences. I've been trying for weeks to locate information on the paintings owned by an artist I am researching. (cont...)
      • The information hasn't been published, and I have turned to librarians, historians, biographers in the US and UK, but no one has had any leads. Fast forward: I am seated at a banquet besides an empty chair. (I had taken the drops before the dinner.) Just before the dinner begins, a kind historian/archivist from a relevant museum is seated beside me. (cont...)
      • I strike up a conversation with him and guess what? He knows where to turn for the info. I email him today and he sends me the unpublished document that is going to spare me months of barking up the wrong trees and help me immensely with my research. God is good and so are those drops. Talk about opening doors." E.O., Bridgeport CT

      Belerephon of the Open Door

      Opens the door to spiritual opportunity

      Belerephon is very adept at connecting us to our higher selves and ongoing spiritual destiny especially when there is some resistance happening in the process. It is a foot in the door even when the door appears tightly shut. It opens the door and keeps it open, even when we do not know there is a door to be opened. Belerephon carries an energy of unswerving commitment to ground whatever is needed to bring higher consciousness into manifestation for us.

      -Over the years, those called to this Flower Essence often report how their lives have moved into new realms after they worked with this Essence.
      -Belerephon doesn't like to have his picture taken so this is a photo of the garden he likes best, the Venus Garden.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each