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      Bear's Breeches, Acanthus mollis

      I AM a pillar of strength in the creation of a New Earth.

      Bear's Breeches, Acanthus mollis

      Stability in the void between the collapse of old structures and the birth of the New Earth

      New structures of a new consciousness are coming even as we may not yet see their shape or form. Right now the way forward may seem obscured by the collapse of the old.

      Bear’s Breeches blossoms in an elegant and sturdy column of Flowers. Its form was the inspiration for the Corinthian columns of ancient Greece. Now Bear’s Breeches helps us feel supported in the void between what was and what will be. It helps us usher in the new paradigms for a New Earth. It adds stability to our efforts to try new ways of being and imagine a new world into being.

      -When we feel wobbly or uncertain in our new ideas or new way of living, Bear’s Breeches is there to back us up and encourage us onwards.
      -Bear's Breeches brings a protective energy to our efforts, helping to make our energy field resistant to anything that would disrupt our forward movement. It finds and closes gaps in our field.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each