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      Be Fearless

      What you've shared with us
      • "THANK YOU for Be Fearless! My son LOVES it and he insisted we go out into our garden and make his own "Be Fearless" blend with the flowers in our yard. It was one of my sweetest experiences of 2019....watching him interact with the flowers and choose the ones that agreed to help him Be Fearless. It is dramatically helping him with going to bed at night, along with Lady's Bedstraw and Sweet Pea." E.S., San Francisco, CA
      • "Thank you for the Be Fearless...after I got it I had a dream where I was going into a dark unknown room and all I heard myself saying is, "I am not afraid!" I felt like nothing could or would ever frighten me again, and what an empowering feeling that is!!" L., Santa Fe, NM

      Be Fearless

      Supports us to fully release our fears after we have learned what they are telling us

      The Angels explain this wonderful mix, "All feelings are important in that they give you information about what is going on in your lives. Fear gives information that can be deeply helpful, even life saving. Problems with fears arise when fears are inadvertently stored in your energy system well after they have served their purposes. Fears that are stuck in your energy system are often amplified by other forces. Stuck, amplified fears slow the smooth flow of your electrical system. They can derail your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health and paralyze your thoughts, feelings and actions.

      Log-jammed fears are never a good thing, but they are particularly unhelpful right now. Because humanity is currently receiving much spiritual support to evolve, it is particularly important for your electrical system to be free to move, flow and evolve in response to this spiritual support.

      We created this mix to help you process and release fears from your energy system so that you can take full advantage of the spiritual support available right now and evolve with the least resistance possible.

      The Flower Essences in Be Fearless open up a space within you to illuminate what your fears are telling you, decide what to do with these fears then fully release your fears once they have served their purpose. This mix helps you keep your energy system humming along on its evolutionary journey and leaves you free to make self actualized choices about your life.

      Be Fearless is not a mix about judging you for feeling fear but a support to own, process and release fears without letting them take up permanent residence in your energy system. Specific Flowers in the mix help you energetically process specific fears. Here is a list of the Flower Essences in Be Fearless. Molly's blog on 4/5/2018 gives an explanation for why each these Flower Essences is in the mix.


      Allamanda from Taiwan, Aspen, Blue Snakeweed, Borage, Chinese Knotweed, Coral Pink Rose, Feverfew, Golden Wings Rose, Heritage Rose, Mutabilis Rose, Nuuphretia Lavarissa, Old Blush China Rose, Orange, Peach, Red Clover, Sahagun, Scarlet Runner Bean, The Watchman

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each