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      Balancing our Inner Elements

      What you've shared with us
      • "Wow! Do these ever feel RIGHT ON TIME. My dog and I take them every day. Profound." D.C., Santa Rosa, CA
      • The most vibrant essences yet to carry us thru this transformation time. C.B., Chatham, NY

      Balancing our Inner Elements

      This Angel Set includes the following six Flower Essences:

      The Dhuni Fire
      Bladder Campion
      Bouncing Bet
      Japanese Anemone

      This set works to balance the elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth within each of us, much as these elements work to find a new balance on the planet too. Each Flower Essence in the set helps us manage too much or too little of an element or elements as well as find a more evolved balance of the elements within us.

      It’s hard to miss that because of humankind’s choices, the four elements of our beloved Earth are out of balance. In 2023 when we created this set, floods in our region were a constant, and the air was thick with smoke from Canadian wildfires. Green Hope Farm friends all over Earth report similar elemental imbalances in their worlds. As Gaia and the Elementals heroically work to heal the planet and rebalance the four elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth, we can support them by balancing these elements within us.

      This set can be used in tandem with our Flower Essence Gaia Knows Best which supports Earth to experience and manifest its healed self. The Angels explain that when we combine balancing ourselves with support for Gaia, we help more than we can imagine.

      Set of six 1/2 oz. bottles