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      Arbor Garden

      What you've shared with us
      • "I use your Essences constantly, and they have become a constant source of support for me especially as well as my clients. I particularly have been using … Mutabilis Rose, Bermudiana and Arbor Garden. Arbor Garden has been vital to people faced with a very tough challenge. Arbor Garden seems to be like a blessing to the person who has a pretty demanding dosage bottle. I appreciate it very much." N.H., Boulder, CO
      • "My Mom passed away in December after 3 1/2 long years of dementia and physical ailments. It's been a sad and difficult time for me but a rewarding one as well. Thank you for what you do. Your flower essences have been a tremendous help to me, especially Arbor Garden. I even gave some Arbor Garden to my Mom in her last few hours of life so that she might pass into the next one in peace, and she did." S.A., Raleigh, NC
      • "Received the package today...I immediately used the Arbor Garden and Indian Pipe combined in a mist form as recommended by our vet for our anxious ailing dog (and myself) and found instant results. Amazing." P.T., Wake Forest, NC
      • "I find the essences really help the cats I rescue, and just this week (I) used Arbor Garden with great success on a pregnant mother cat I took in just 3 days before she gave birth to 4 healthy babies. The Arbor Garden helped her settle down and feel safe in her cage even though she is semi-feral." L.R., Poughquag, NY
      • "The package arrived just now. I opened it sitting on the floor so that Bogey (a 3 yr. old Coton de Tulear) who was very curious could see also. So I lined them (my order of Borage, Arbor Garden, Golden Armor, Watermelon, and Gallandia Rose) up on the floor facing him. He promptly walked over and nudge- knocked over the bottle of Arbor Garden- so I gave him one drop on his tongue. He looked satisfied and surprised and then went to lie down. This is really a new adventure for me." M.T., Riverside, IL
      • "I have four female cats that are three years old. They are sister from the same litter and have always gotten along extremely well. An incident that frightened them changed the dynamics in the house. One of them started hissing and howling at everyone. It got so bad that I had to keep her in a separate room. (cont...)
      • This went on for about a month. I was at wit's end. I received your essences and rubbed them on all their fur. I immediately felt them all calm down. They can now co-exist in the same room. Each day is better. I now have my peaceful home again." M.A., Astoria, NY
      • "Thank you Molly for your recommendations for my cats Simba and Gandalf (Arbor Garden, Indian Pipe and Showcats). No more bickering and fighting, they even sleep on the bed together." K.P., NY
      • I made up individual bottles for my three grandchildren, ages 7, 9, and just turned 12, after discussing it with them. All three got Arbor Garden and Golden Armor and each child got a selection of other Essences. I did a second bottle for my granddaughter, age 9, and this visit she told me she had taken a bath with Essences in it. When I was at their home, the atmosphere in the house was completely different, much much more serene and peaceful. E., Santa Rosa, CA
      • On the way to the train, Ollie meowed nonstop...then the meows escalated to hissing. Finally, at the train station, I gave her some Arbor Garden and within minutes everything went silent. I checked on her and she looked at me and said, "ur" which means hello. She was totally content and peaceful for the entire 4 hour train ride. It was like magic." T.A., Yonkers, NY

      Arbor Garden

      Finding the experience of peace, calm, harmony and oneness within us

      Made from the Flowers in a garden sanctuary at the farm, this Essence offers a vibrational road map to a peace that helps us feel embraced, safe and protected. It is a vibration of oneness with the Creator, beyond time and space, that helps us know how loved we really are. It is a vibration of harmony that reminds us that we can let things unfold as they are meant to unfold, full of a calm certainty that all things are working for our highest good.

      -Animals love Arbor Garden as it helps them find harmony even in large blended households.
      -Wonderful for grief as it helps us move beyond the illusion of separation to experience the abiding reality of oneness.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each