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      About The Going Inward Rose Set

      About The Going Inward Rose Set

      A timely collection of Rose Flower Essences

      During this time of upheaval and change, 19 Roses from our Rose Garden collection stepped forward to offer their specific support.

      The qualities they embody and share via their Flower Essences are described by them as already within us. The Roses explained that each of us exists beyond the limits of our self definitions in complete timeless possession of the virtues and strengths required right now. Accessing these gifts is not a becoming something we are not, but an inward discovery and remembering of who we have always been and always will be.

      Our mistaken self definitions bind us and keep us in artificial dramas on stage set Earth. Roses pokes holes in the stage set as well as in our mistaken self definitions. They dissolve away our attachment to the unreal and set us free to experience who we always have been, who we are now and who we will always be i.e. Divinity in a sea of Divinity. To put it more succinctly, Roses restore us to ourselves. How on Earth do they do this?

      Roses come into incarnation in a vibration beyond duality, aligned only with their unified experience of self as Divinity. In this way they are both a glimpse of where we are going and footholds for us to rise up into our untarnished souls. Specifically they help us find our divine and imperishable inner strengths much as a flashlight finds its target in the dark. It is not a creating but an illuminating. For example, when we work with Margaret Merrill Rose to access CALM, we are not pulling in calm from outside ourselves but finding the CALM that was always within us.

      -This set includes
      -ALCHEMY Alchymist Rose
      -AUTHENTICITY Wild Rose
      -CALM Margaret Merrill Rose
      -COURAGE & FORTITUDE Alex Mackenzie Rose
      -DIRECTION Ispahan Rose
      -ENTHUSIASM Julia Child Rose
      -FAITH Coral Pink Rose
      -FREEDOM Golden Wings Rose
      -FOCUS Rosa Glauca
      -FOUNDATION Rosa Gallica
      -GRACE Grace Rose
      -JOY FJ Grootendorst Rose
      -KINDNESS Sarah Van Fleet Rose
      -PATIENCE Henri Martin Rose
      -PERSPECTIVE Rosa Mundi
      -RESILIENCE Red Rugosa Rose
      -SOFTNESS Goldfinch Rose
      -TRUST The Mary Rose

      Full set, $144.40 each