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      Abandonment & Abuse

      What you've shared with us
      • "The Animal Essences are amazing, especially the Abandonment & Abuse; almost all rescue dogs can benefit from this one." S.R., Vestal, NY
      • "My cat is using up the flower essences fast. What a wonderful difference in her disposition. Still would not get the award for "Miss Congeniality" but she is more playful, less aggressive and frightened and even allows some petting now and again. Yeah! " A.E., Milan, Italy
      • "The day after I received the Essences we rescued a fawn who had been stumbling down the middle of the road and collapsed. I got to try Animal Emergency Care and Abandonment & Abuse on him & the latter on my cat Sofi…The fawn regained his energy & spirit & was able to leave the next day with lots of new energy & purpose. He kissed my hand before leaving! Sofi was able to hold space for him & watch over him with no trace of her usual jealousy. We call her the "healing cat" now!" K.F., Bearsville, NY
      • "I would like to report that Ace (a very badly abused rescue dog) has come out of his crate and sleeps on the couch with the family in the evenings and sleeps with my husband and I at night on our bed!!!!! I attribute his coming along so quickly to Green Hope Farm! Everyone is amazed. He was SO traumatized! I have started to do massage on Ace and he is accepting touch, even enjoying it now! Such a long way from his cringing in pain only a short time ago." M.R., Animal Rescue organization in MI
      • "I happily report wonderful results from Abandonment & Abuse and Anxiety essences. My frightened timid kitty is truly coming out! Instead of hiding under her bed, she struts out in the evenings when we're downstairs. She let's me pet her during the day…She even stands up to the dog quite a bit. There is steady progress, and she seems more relaxed overall." G.A., Seattle, WA
      • "Thank you for your loving kindness and gift for my Cutie Pie. She has responded beautifully to a few drops of Abandonment & Abuse and Anxiety in the water: just as sweet as she can be." A.F., OH
      • "Loni came into rescue about 3 years ago. Loni's owner was prosecuted for animal abuse. She lost an eye and more as a result of her abuse and was so afraid of women, she would lose bladder control if a woman came into the room with her. A big part of her recovery was using Abandonment & Abuse. Loni is now in a home and doing beautifully." J. A., Oshkosh, WI
      • "Years ago I adopted a very sweet but very traumatized kitty. He was extremely shy and distrustful. When I started to give him Abandonment & Abuse, the first thing I notice was that he liked taking it. And for about half an hour after giving him the essence his behavior would notably change: he would be friendlier, more affectionate and at ease. The effect would wear off, but it was clear to me that it was also building cumulatively, so that every day he was a little less bashful and skittish. His progress was so clear that there was no question the flower essences was working. He's still reserved to this day, but he is a normal well-adjusted kitty." R.M., Santa Fe, NM

      Abandonment & Abuse

      Even years after being rescued and placed in a wonderful home, an animal may have emotional scars and behavioral issues that can be healed and released through work with this remedy. Some of the many emotional scars and behavioral issues unwound and released by this remedy are post traumatic stress, terror at being handled, loner behavior, socialization issues, depression, odd phobias, cringing and hiding.

      -The most important remedy for rescue animals or any animal that has been through an experience of trauma, abuse or abandonment.


      Blackberry, Borage, Butterfly Garden, Carouby Pea, Comfrey, Corn, Crab Apple, Dandelion, Dill, Epimedium, Eyes of Mary, Honeybees in the White Hawthorn, Honeysuckle, Hyssop, Joe Pye Weed, Lavender, Logan's Force of Truth, Maltese Cross, Meadowsweet, Mustard, Peach, Pennyroyal, Pink Tecoma, Red Chestnut, Red Hibiscus, Spruce, Sweet Pea, Trillium, White Bleeding Heart, White Hibiscus, Witch Hazel

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each