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      9. Sahagun

      What you've shared with us
      • "I'd been apprehensive about a meeting scheduled with some folks today as past meetings with them had ended in frustration and acrimony. I took several of the essences(including Sahahun) after checking in with them and today's meeting was entirely different in feeling and in accomplishment (it was cordial and productive). I'm impressed." A.S., Greenbelt, MD)

      9. Sahagun


      Breaking down the behaviors triggered by fear that cause us to push our physical and emotional selves beyond balance.

      Notes from Elizabeth's Camino: This Essence combination came from the Flowers collected around one of the more challenging moments on the trail in terms of my internal journey. I had met up the previous night with both the American boys and a much bigger group of three British guys, two British girls, two Germans, an Australian girl and a man from the Netherlands who had started the trail at his front door. It was suddenly a different trip, filled with laughter and companionship.

      But I was still a bit edgy about slowing down from my Spartan pace, so the next morning I walked beyond where the group had arranged to meet for the night. I don’t exactly know what possessed me to do so, but it meant that I walked in the blazing afternoon heat, ran out of water, burned my legs so badly that they bled and generally felt physically scared for the first time. When I arrived in Sahagun, the albergue was empty. I felt bereft of my new community. I knew that I had pushed too hard, and I needed to look at the personality pattern that drove me to this place. The next day, I slowed my pace dramatically and walked only a few kilometers so as to meet up with the group again. As I sat in the grass and waited for the group to catch me, I realized that I was ready to look at the pattern and let it go with kindness. I think this Essence will be helpful for any that find themselves in a similar place.

      -Helps dissolve the habit of not listening to our bodies and doing too much.
      -Helps untangle and resolve shame spirals such as the fear we are not enough that lead us to punishing physical endeavors that have no purpose beyond hurting ourselves.
      -Sahagun is a gift of grace
      - opening a door to a new way of being even when we think we will never resolve these old self destructive patterns.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each