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      3. Arre

      What you've shared with us
      • "The Arre has made a priceless positive difference in my life!" A.K., Brunswick, ME

      3. Arre


      Trusting your life's pacing and standing by it with fully centered and grounded conviction.

      Notes from Elizabeth's Camino: Albergues are the hostels just for pilgrims that line the route of the entire pilgrimage. Arre was a town with a beautiful albergue where I spent my second night. That day, I had walked over 40k/24 miles. I still felt the buzz of energy from the life force of the trail when I had an interaction that challenged me. I was sitting in a courtyard surrounded by ancient rose bushes and pilgrims’ laundry hanging out to dry when an Australian woman came and joined me. She was very chatty and told me and the other pilgrims her reasons for being on the trail. Then she asked me about my journey. As soon as I told her about where I had walked from and expressed my excitement to move fast, she quickly opened up into a stream of disapproval. She told me that I was not listening to the trail and that my pace was wrong. I was affronted, but knew that my wisdom about my own pace was in accord with my journey. We receive challenges like this from the universe all the time, those Angels in disguise that call us to stand in our truth, no matter what “logic” the outside world wants us to believe.

      -Especially supportive when people challenge our choices and want to change our convictions about the path we feel called to walk.

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      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each