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      Taiwan Collection

      Taiwan Collection

      Collected from the island of Taiwan in January 2016, the flowers from this collection have an important message to share with us. This message is largely about dismantling our outdated patterns of subservience. For example, various flower essences in this collection push us to stop our subservience to hierarchy, elders, and past ideas of self. The word kowtow comes from the Chinese 磕头 which is the process of bowing and touching your forehead to the ground. This was a custom that was used to show respect, most notably to the Emperor but also to others (such as elders, or religious figures) who were deserving of such respect. When I say that the Taiwan collection is about moving beyond kowtowing, I do not mean to suggest that respect or custom is inherently bad. But, I do think the Flowers are trying to teach us that this way of looking at the world is limited, that hierarchy is not a structure to be worshiped. The Flowers seem to live in a realm that is beyond these human constructs, sending tendrils of sweet wisdom down to greet us in our worldly sphere.

      A long-time and beloved friend of the farm has said “Ah, the Taiwan essences are lovely! So refined and sweet and of a very high vibration. I can tell they are from another world, another land, another culture. I’m looking forward to getting to know them. Right now just having them in my room, I feel their tinkling resonance-- so pure, so high, so divine!”

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