The Animal Wellness Collection from Green Hope Farm

The Green Hope Farm Animal Wellness Collection

Flower Essences for Animals

Sheba, Reina and Grace

Animals love Green Hope Farm Flower Essences and readily embrace their gifts. Because animals experience the world through an energetic filter, they read and respond to the energies of every person, animal, place, or circumstance they encounter. As animals read the unique energies and electrical patterns of everything in their world, they are affected by these energies.

"Animals recognize the good energies of Flower Essences and know exactly how to use them to improve their health and energetic balance."

Negative energies such as anxiety, anger, or the electrical dissonance of the modern world have electrical patterns that can leave animals feeling anxious, out of balance, or ill. In contrast, the positive electrical patterns of our Flower Essences help animals to improve their health and emotional well-being.

They do this by replicating the positive electrical patterns of the Flower Essences in their own electrical systems. This tuning process comes as naturally to animals as eating or sleeping.

Why Flowers?


Every Flower holds a specific electrical pattern indicating how the Flower successfully solved its evolutionary challenges of adaptation, natural selection, health, and radiant self-expression. This electrical pattern is the wisdom of the Flower, an electrical record of everything the Flower has learned during its evolutionary journey.

"The electrical patterns of Flowers offer animals excellent problem solving data because Flowers and animals face many of the same evolutionary challenges."

In the wild, animals naturally gravitate to specific Flowers to learn from their electrical patterns. Domesticated animals do not have the same freedom to seek out Flowers in their environments that will help them. They need to get the Flowers' healing data in a different way. This is where Green Hope Farm Flower Essences come in.

The Green Hope Farm Animal Wellness Collection

Our Animal Wellness Collection

Green Hope Farm Flower Essences offer a way to bring the healing energy of Flowers to any animal no matter where it lives. Our Flower Essences are the problem solving electrical patterns of Flowers, stabilized in our red shiso herbal base. They offer the energetic healing wisdom of Flowers, but do not contain any plant material. They are not chemical and will not change body chemistry. Instead, they offer healing electrical information for animals to copy in order to make their own adjustments in their health and energetic well-being.

"Our Animal Wellness Collection offers wonderful support for people as well. Do not hesitate to use them for yourself!"

Our tried and true Green Hope Farm Animal Wellness Collection Flower Essence remedies address common difficulties animals face. Each remedy contains the healing energies of the Flowers we know help with these specific difficulties.

Why are we so confident our Flower Essences will help the animals in your life?

Pippa with an Essence

For over twenty years we have searched the world for Flowers that have mastered the challenges that animals face. In sharing our remedies made from these Flowers with hundreds of thousands of animals, we have learned which Flower Essences offer the most helpful electrical road maps for animals. These are the Flower Essences we use in our remedies.

Our Animal Wellness Collection offers wonderful support for people as well. Do not hesitate to use them for yourself!

When you offer the animals in your life our Animal Wellness Collection Flower Essence combination mixes, you can rest assured that you have given them the fine-tuned healing support of many helpful Flowers.

Explore the Animal Wellness Collection!

Two Other Combinations for the Animals

Two remedies that are not in this collection that offer much needed support to the animals are Golden Armor and The Arbor Garden. Both are described in the Green Hope Farm Combination Collection section.

Bon Bon Day and the History of the Animal Wellness Collection

Sheba Chasing Grace

We love our work with animals. It gives us great joy. From the beginning of Green Hope Farm, we worked with many animals in many situations. Early on, we made several combination mixes for animals including Flee Free and Animal Emergency Care, but generally we sent out individual Flower Essences for each animal after discussing the issues with each animal caretaker. This was a cumbersome system, but also taught us much about the strengths of many Flower Essences.

One day an animal practitioner who worked with our Flower Essences called and asked us to create a collection for the animals. We had been particularly busy that day so I said to this Green Hope friend, "That's a great idea, but I don't know when we will be able to work on this. We aren't exactly sitting around eating bonbons." No sooner had I hung up the phone than a friend of one of my children walked in with an enormous box of chocolates for us. Okay, so we WERE eating bonbons. This synchronicity had the Angels' fingerprints all over it. As I ate my first truffle I said to the Angels, "If you want me to make this collection, you need to send another full time staff person!" The phone immediately rang and the woman on the line said, "The Angels just asked me to call and tell you that I am looking for work and would like to come to work at the farm."

Mountain Ponies

I was on my third truffle when I started to write down the list of combinations the Angels wanted us to create. After many intensive conversations with the Angels about these mixes, the collection of twenty-two remedies was born. I look back on bonbon day with joy and gratitude. I am so glad to have this amazing collection to offer you. It has such incredible depths and strengths. Each mix has revealed itself as much more versatile and complex in its gifts than originally anticipated. As noted before, each has proven to be deeply healing for animals and people.

In keeping with the Green Hope Angel's favorite expression of, "Dogs but no dogma", please use any combination of these Flower Essences for any situation you are prompted to use them for and with any creature you want, yourself included!

If you would like one or more free copies of our Animal Wellness Collection brochure describing this collection and how to use it, let us know. For the convenience of animal care practices and stores, two versions of the brochure are offered, one with our ordering information and one without our ordering information. I salute the people and Angels who encouraged us to create this collection and Mehera whose great love for animals inspires us daily.

The Green Hope Farm Animal Wellness Collection

How to Give Green Hope Farm Flower Essences to Animals

Flower Essences can be taken in food or water, rubbed on paw pads, ear tips, or fur, or mixed with water and spritzed around an animal or in the rooms where the animal lives. All of these methods are effective because it is the animal's electrical system that reads and learns from the energetic information of our Flower Essences and animals' electrical systems extend out from their bodies.

How Much?

Sparky at the Venus Garden

Because Flower Essences are electrical information and not chemical, a small amount of a Flower Essence contains the same information as a large amount. This means you usually do not need to use more than a couple drops of a Flower Essence at any time no matter what method of application you use. Three to five drops in food or water twice a day is ample for most situations. If the situation is acute, more frequent use of the Flower Essences can help an animal to better integrate the healing information offered. Additionally we have found adding Essences to a spritzer bottle with water is a very effective way to give an animal Flower Essences.

More about these methods of application

If the bottle dropper has touched you or the animal you are working with, rinse the dropper under cold water for several seconds before returning it to the bottle; this will keep your Flower Essences pure, holding only the electrical information of the Flowers.

How Soon Should I Notice a Change?

Lizzie with the Pups

When it comes to working with Green Hope Farm Flower Essences, we could all learn from the animals in our lives. Animals are completely open to the healing electrical data of our Flower Essences. This means they will often show improvement in their health and well-being after only a few exposures to a Flower Essence. Animals show us how to easily and completely let go of old energies that no longer serve us. When offered the information in our Flower Essences about how to feel better, most animals adapt and move toward better health immediately.

"Because we are all electrically connected, especially to the people or animals we live with, improvement in one individual will improve the health and well-being of all members of the household. Spritzing is an excellent way to give everyone Flower Essences!"

Household Dynamics that May Need Flower Essence Support

Another situation in which Flower Essences may not seem to be helping is when the animal with symptoms is not the source of the problem. Instead, the animal is expressing the imbalance that someone else in the household is feeling. In this circumstance, we recommend that all the people and animals in the household take the Flower Essences. We find that when the other animals and people in the household are supported by Flower Essences, the original animal often improves. When you give everyone in the household Flower Essences, each person or animal will copy the helpful information and ignore any data that is not relevant to their situation. Because we are all electrically connected, especially to the people or animals we live with, improvement in one individual will improve the health and well-being of all members of the household. Spritzing is an excellent way to give everyone Flower Essences!

The Safe & Gentle Nature of Flower Essences

Flower Essences are safe and gentle tools. You can give animals as many remedies as you feel they need. After all, sometimes we need many road maps to find our way through a challenge! Don't worry that you might give an animal a Flower Essence it does not need―if this happens, the animal will simply ignore the information offered by the remedy. In truth, there is usually something an animal can learn from any remedy you offer. Flower Essences have great depths. If you are prompted to use a remedy with a name or description that doesn't quite fit, we encourage you to trust your intuition.

Finally, we want to remind you again that while the Animal Wellness Collection remedies were developed for animals, they are wonderful for people too! As many people as animals use these remedies in their healing work. We encourage you to use these remedies for yourself―we do!

Click here for the Animal Wellness Dowsing Circle.

The Green Hope Farm Animal Wellness Collection

Rescue Animals

Alli with Duckling

There is no group on the planet that can benefit more from Flower Essences than rescue animals. Early trauma and abuse deeply affects their electrical wiring and causes them to have great difficulty being present in their post rescue life experiences. Flower Essences support healing exactly where the damage has been done, in the animal's electrical system.

"The truth is, Flower Essences are an incredible healing tool for rescue animals because Essences are all about healing and untangling the electrical logjams, the very logjams that trauma and abuse causes."

Most animals will readily choose the positive role model of Flower Essences over negative energies. However, when an animal's electrical wiring has been deeply damaged by negative interactions with humans, as is the case with most rescue animals, this process of letting Flower Essences inform and improve an animal's health may take longer than the lightning response of a more balanced animal.


It has been our experience that rescue animals need to work with Flower Essences longer than untraumatized animals in order to learn all they can from the Essences. Their electrical systems are such that they have more to untangle, and because their electrical systems are in more of a tangle, they usually need more exposures to an Essence before they can collect all the data they need from the remedy. However, when they learn what they can learn from the Essences, the changes are often miraculous.

The truth is, Flower Essences are an incredible healing tool for rescue animals because Essences are all about healing and untangling the electrical logjams, the very logjams that trauma and abuse causes. Just remember, it may take time and repeated exposure to the Flower Essences before signs of improvement are evident and the animal has integrated all of the healing data that the Flower Essences have to offer.

We are grateful every day that rescue animals has been a major focus of our work. Please do not hesitate to email or call us with any questions you have about working with Flower Essences and your rescue animal or animals!

Our Work with Animal Shelters and Rescue Organizations

Green Hope Farm works closely with animal shelters, rescue organizations, and sanctuaries across the country. We love helping these beloveds and their precious caretakers who so generously devote their time and energy to helping creatures big and small!

Animals that Use Green Hope Farm Flower Essences

Our Flower Essences aren't just for dogs and cats! Take a look at some of the animals that have used and benefitted from Green Hope Farm Flower Essences over the years:

  • Riley
  • Bella
  • Puppy
  • Gus
  • May
  • Mischka
  • Mo
  • Kitty in Netting
  • Barred Owl
  • Puppy Dogs
  • Riley in the Snow

We have shared our Flower Essences with Bears, Big Cats - lions, tigers, panthers, cougars - Birds - Macaws, Starlings, Parrots, Parakeets, Robins - Cats, Chickens, Deer, Dogs, Elephants, Fish, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Horses & Ponies, Iguanas, Lizards, Mice, Pigs, Primates - Gorillas, Orangutans, Rabbits, Toads and Wolves.

If you've used our Essences for an animal that is not on our list, send us an email! We'd love to hear about it.

The Green Hope Farm Animal Wellness Collection

Animal Testimonials

Flower Essences are an intuitive method of healing for animals - below is a selection of testimonials from our customers and their animal friends:

"My 13 year old cat snapped out of her funk after her lifetime housemate passed away after one exposure to Grief & Loss. I was amazed. She had been lethargic and unresponsive and now she is back to her lovable impish self. B.H., Trenton, FL

"My cat is using up the flower essences fast. What a wonderful difference in her disposition. Still would not get the award for "Miss Congeniality" but she is more playful, less aggressive and frightened, and even allows some petting now and again. Yeah! " A.E., Milan, Italy

"I have been using the Flee Free with my boxer dog for about two months. We are not yet in the greatest season for fleas but the fleas are abundant here all the time. I have not found a flea on him in the past six weeks." S.S., Grapevine, TX

"My 16 year old dog has been doing well with Senior Citizen. I had tried this essence with her some time ago and couldn't really tell if it was helping her. However, this time there is a definite improvement. Bailey is interacting more with the family and seems more interested in what is going on around her. She sleeps less, and her hearing (which was almost completely gone) has definitely improved. How nice for this lovely creature who has chosen to stay in this world with me for so long." A.S., Smyrna, TN

"Indeed Spring is just around the corner here. But with the beautiful forsythia, jonquils and Bradford pears comes the dreaded thunderstorms that terrorize 3 of my 4 pups. At the first rumble of thunder, I give my fearful ones a couple drops of Anxiety and literally within minutes they calm down and even sleep. I never thought I'd get to enjoy the rainy days again but now I can." J.S., Birmingham, AL

"Animal Emergency Care. Love this one. It has brought puppies that needed intensive care back to life. The most important Essence that we use." C.V., Eastford, CT

"Digestive Woes has been the only thing that has kept my cat from vomiting after she eats." C.H., Tallahassee, FL

"I have been using your Flower Essences with my dogs for several weeks now. I just wanted to tell you how PLEASED I am with the results I am seeing. Both my husband and I have seen noticeable differences in them. You see, I have a pack of 5 dogs, which will be expanding soon to 6, as I will be adopting one of our foster dogs. Well my 3 middle (dogs) are all boys and they have been having sudden outbursts at each other (about every 5-6 months) for various reasons for the past 2-½ years. The fights were always REALLY bad and VERY intense. I am a certified dog trainer so this was very frustrating for me. Other than the fights, they get along really well. So I have been working with an animal communicator to work on these fights and have decided to go even more holistic than I already have. We have been using the Jealousy formula and Outburst formula and have definitely seen NOTICEABLE differences. The boys are much more relaxed around the foster dogs (not as snippy) and we have gone 8 ½ months without a fight. I also used the Abandonment & Abuse formula with my scared foster dogs and saw a HUGE difference within a few days. Just amazing." L.L., Wisconsin

"The remedies are amazing. Our "rescue" Dalmatian has calmed considerably since we received "Abandonment & Abuse" and "Neediness." M.M., Jericho Center, VT

"By the way, your inclusion of "Run & Play" seemed unusual because Lady was barely hanging on to life. She liked it and has recovered and wanted to play with her tennis ball this morning. Amazing." J.S., Shrewsbury, MA

"Our client Casper, the cockatoo, is feeling much less nippy since he started taking Outburst essence. This is a big relief to his family and friends whom he was biting!" P.L., Richmond, VA

"The Animal Essences are amazing, especially the Abandonment & Abuse, all rescue dogs can benefit from this one." S.R., Vestal, NY

"Special thanks for the Healthy Coat which healed our friend Bamba...a chocolate lab who has suffered from chronic inflammation and rawness of his feet. His coat lacked luster and overall he was quite dull. After two years and use of most every traditional remedy, Healthy Coat healed him within weeks. He is glowing!" S., Holt, MI

"You should know that Raffi immediately stopped crying when he got his Neediness mix." C.G., Fort Lee, NJ

"I found your website a few months ago when I was searching for help for Shanti, one of our cats. She had developed a rapidly growing cancer and we'd been told she didn't have much time and nothing could be done. We wanted to allow her a natural transition, although we were warned it would likely be horrible. It wasn't. And your flower essences helped support us on our healing journey. Even as her physical body faded, her spirit was beautiful and bright. And those days together were filled with many sweet moments. Finding Green Hope Farm flower essences is one of the many gifts she brought into our lives. Your flower essences have been helpful to all of us in ways that are beyond words to explain and their flexibility and ease of use has been wonderful." M.H., E. Meredith, NY

I find myself using the Animal Essences so often for myself, and I've also found that the essences that I order for myself become so helpful for my cats, too. -J.K.; Boulder, CO

"I gave this Recovery to my sick kitty the day it arrived and he started to improve immediately! He started eating more than he has eaten in weeks!" G.F.; WA