The Elephants lead us to new Flower Essences

Flower Essences are extremely practical healing tools for just about every challenge under the sun, but they are also a mysterious gifts given from a place of Oneness.

Here is a story about this.

I have long loved the beautiful blossoms of the Honey Locust Tree but it has been love from afar, because their blossoms are usually too high off the ground for me to reach any Flowers.  I also have been thwarted  in my efforts to make this Tree blossom into a Flower Essence by this distance from the ground.

This year however, a Honey Locust called to me one day in the way that Flowers call to me ( that would be LOUDLY) and said it was time for me to make it into a Flower Essence.  There dangling before me were many branches of blossoms I could easily reach.  And so Honey Locust became a new part of our repertoire, even as it joined our shelves without me knowing what it was for.

Right after this Essence was made, we heard from the caretakers of Maia, a beloved elephant at  the Global Sanctuary for Elephants in Brazil. Maia needed Flower Essence support to help her with the grief of losing her lifelong elephant companion, Guida.

After I read the email from the sanctuary about Maia‘s grief, the Angels told me that the Honey Locust was for Maia. Yes, it was going to help many people, but first it was for Maia. The Angels explained it would help her fins steadiness on her feet, help her with her swaying in grief, help her process her grief in an elemental and clean way that did not compromise her health.  Maia got the first bottle of this Essence and now it is ready for everyone.

As we went to get Maia her Honey Locust, another mystery occurred.  Early Wednesday morning- the morning of the eclipse-  I walked by a bed of Gooseneck Loosestrife (Lysmachia clethroides), and it called out LOUDLY that it was time for me to make an Essence from it.  I had out and out ignored somewhat ignored this Flower due to fights tussles I have had with it as to  exactly how much of the Flower bed was for this Flower ( it wanted the whole garden more than I wanted to give it).  Being a human with all the presumptions that I know what I am doing and my priorities are valid, I sailed by the Flower noting that, “Yes, yes I will make an Essence from you soon.”

Once in the office, I received word that one of the founders of the Global Sanctuary for Elephants was going to be in the US and we would be able to get her many more Flower Essences than can go by mail to Brazil.  As we considered what Essences the elephants needed,  Kat Blais from the sanctuary reported that new rescue elephants were coming to the sanctuary soon and would need support for becoming part of the herd, feeling a part of something bigger than their individual selves, having consideration for other’s needs, finding their place- issues that are key for the many elephants who have spent their lives alone in captivity and must find their way post captivity to a new, more expansive experience of self.

As I read Kat’s email, I knew THAT was why the Gooseneck Loosestrife had called out to me earlier in the morning. IT WAS NEEDED FOR THE NEW ELEPHANTS!  I went out to look at the bed of Flowers and shivers ran up and down my spine as I realized the Flowers, seamlessly mixing in a herd of harmonious and expressive oneness ALL LOOKED LIKE ELEPHANT TRUNKS.

So then and there I decided to call the Flower Essence we would make from this Flower ELEPHANT TRUNK LOOSESTRIFE.  The latin name identifies the precise plant, but here at Green Hope Farm we are honoring the elephants by throwing out the gooseneck moniker in favor of elephant trunks!

I called the whole crew out to look at the Flowers and we all got more shivers up our spines and felt teary eyed with gladness that we could help the elephants with this Essence AND also offer it to everyone else because, let’s face it, we need its gifts of HARMONY IN A HERD!

Of Bots and Bees

We all receive  gifts of many subtle and not so subtle messages from Nature and the vast intelligence in Nature. We can choose to notice these gifts and take them to heart as significant or dismiss them as random events.

For example, just now, I took an early morning walk through the hay fields with the dogs and saw very fresh bear poop (as in still steaming) right by one of our bee hives.  It’s the only hive that is not out of reach of bears on the second story of our barn. For that reason this hive is vulnerable to bears. This poop felt significant to me.  One possible message is that the bears are CHOOSING not to toss around the beehive to get the baby bee grubs as they sometimes do.  After all, this bear came by and left a sign he had been there but not messed with a hive that he or she could easily have messed with. I thank this bear and all visiting bears for this restraint!

I love how many of you share with us tales of noticing and finding deep encouragement in signs from Nature, even odd ones like bear poop.  We really ARE co-creating this dear planet together, and it helps so very much when we tangibly know our partners are present with us, sending us messages of one sort and another.  To feel this partnership is to find deeper wisdom and more evolved choices.

(Plant based exhortation edited out here, but you can imagine it if you want)

This morning there was a gorgeous turkey feather smack dab in the middle of the Venus Garden. How did it get exactly there?  I will never know, but I saw this gift as encouragement to keep going with the projects of the summer and in particular with this year’s Venus Garden which has BALANCE as its theme.

For three decades, the Venus Garden has had a new purpose and a new design each growing season.  The Flower Essences made from these unique garden mandalas have become some of our most transformative Essences. Often the designs are extremely complex, requiring  math skills borrowed from better math minds than mine, many hands for planting and hundreds of seedlings raised in our greenhouse. This year the plants grown were some of our most beloved Flowers, but not too many, and the garden design was very simple.

At the time of planting, I thought maybe I was throwing in the towel by planting such an easy design.  The winter and spring were brutal, and the gardens sustained so much damage, that I am still cleaning up.  In the flurry of the May clean up, I worried I would not have time to plant the usual complex Venus Garden design. Then when I was given this simple design, I wondered if the mandala was too good to be true.  Now I wonder if this design is creating an energetic template to support us to pare away all that does not matter and find a better balance in the give and take of life.

I won’t really BEGIN to understand this garden or its energetic gifts until the close of the growing season, but I am grateful for this turkey that dropped a note of encouragement with his feather. The feather suggested to me that this simpler garden, one I am very happy with, is right for all creatures not just me.

This feather also reminded me of the version of the Venus Garden which we called the Phoenix Rising garden. The season we grew a mandala of fiery blossoms that would give birth to the Phoenix Rising Flower Essence, dozens and dozens of birds dropped feathers in the garden, and you too, unsolicited, sent us feathers in the mail  from all around the world, even before we knew the theme of the garden was the rebirth of the Phoenix from the ashes of a burnt life.

This season there has been another sign from Nature that has deeply encouraged me.  I’ve been wanting to sit down and write a blog for many weeks to share about this, but as I mentioned, this gardening season has been quite challenging for me with so much pruning of damaged trees and shrubs and other challenges from the winter.

My good news is about the honeybees.   Over a year ago, I received the guidance to step up my energy clearing here at the farm to a whole new level.  I have done a general housecleaning daily since the mid 1980’s with the process evolving over time but, last spring, as I shared in this blog, I was encouraged by the Elementals to ask them and the intelligence in Nature to clean the energy grid of the farm with more specificity.  I used to say, “Please remove all negativity from the earth, air, fire energy, water and ether energy of the farm grid.” before asking for this negativity to be transmuted. For the last year I have been meticulous in following guidance to ask for the Elementals and all the guardians of this land to clear the grid daily of anything that seeks to disturb including toxic heavy metals, other toxic chemicals, toxic plastics, toxic radiation, toxic pesticides, herbicides, moldacides and fungicides..

To begin with, like most projects  here, I had to go on faith that this would make a difference, yet now it is the honeybees that have made it clear that this is helping.

We have had honeybees here since 1987.  To begin with, the honeybees needed almost no care to thrive.  The world was an easier place for them. Then came many, many years in which we lost all the honeybees every winter no matter what we did to try and protect them. Sudden Colony collapse was very real to us even on our organic farm since rain and snow bring so many toxins with them.

We would purchase new honeybees each spring because the honeybees do so much to help the energy of land that beyond the issue of pollination, I cannot imagine life without honeybees in the garden, but it was always so sad to clean out hives that had once again not made it through the winter.

We began last winter with two hives.  We wrapped them well for the winter, but as noted, our winter was extraordinarily brutal.  It was very hard to imagine the honeybees would make it through to spring given how usually the toxins in the environment weaken their ability to deal with our climate..  Each day I would work with the Angels and Elementals, asking them to clear the land of all these things that menace honeybees as well as life itself, but still I was stunned and overjoyed that both hives lived and prospered..

This was my first sign that the energy work and the specificity of my clearing requests  was making a difference.  Soon these two hives were thriving so much that we had several swarms that settled agreeably into new hive boxes we offered them, and our bee population was up to six hives.  Speaking of signs,  the swarm below even looked like a heart!

These six hives are so vibrant.  I know that doing this land clearing and in particular asking for the removal of pesticides, herbicides, moldacides and fungicides along with other toxic chemicals and toxic radiation is helping these bees.  Because the clearing is done by asking for this negativity to be transmuted, there is no dumping somewhere else.  It is win win for the bees and all Earth.

Please consider doing this on any land you feel called to take care of. I try believe that if we do our part to stop our damaging behaviors and we seek the help of the Elementals and the intelligence of all Nature to cleanse the Earth, we can restore the Earth.

Here is Jim, positioning a hive box to get one of the swarms to choose this as their new home. They did!

One more comment about  signs of another sort!  You may have noticed the  technology problems we have been having.  Several shut downs on our site were part of shut downs that included hundreds of thousands of sites.  Webmaster Ben explained them to me with mysterious terms like Cloud flare and even gave me a link to an article about what had happened (one I read but did not understand except for the general idea that there is a lot that can go wrong and increasingly will).

We have also had some shut downs on our site alone due to Ukranian hacking with Ukranian bots trolling our site.  Let’s just say it has been a busy month for webmaster Ben who attends to all mishaps. Thank you Ben!

I just want to remind you all that in the case of these shutdowns, we can be reached by phone, mail and email if that is working..  We began sharing our Flower Essences in an era before the internet, and somedays it feels like we will need to dredge up all those pre-internet skills again just to outfox the Ukranian bots trolling our site.  All this to say, if our site is down, it does not mean we are gone, it just means that we are experiencing the nuttiness of this enormous technological network,


More Email Conversations!

During these wild,, challenging, transformative and profound times, your questions on email remain on point. I am grateful for the Angels who sit with me and all of us humans on email as we answer your queries- It’s learning all round for us.

QUESTION: I am an Italian flower therapist and a part of a study group of Archetypes and Greek Goddesses. I am interested in  your Asphodel Flower Essence. How did this collection happen? How did you prepare the Essence and how do you use the Essence? What is your stabilizer?  Is it possible to receive it in Italy?

ANSWER: We would love to have you work with our Asphodel Flower Essence– We send orders to the EU every week! Creating and working with this collection from Crete has been a magic experience from start to finish.

I have been working with the Elementals/ Nature Spirits here at this farm for 30 years and my children, now adults, have been part of this from infancy.  We create gardens and Flower Essences as guided by the Angels and as made manifest by the Elementals-

My son Ben felt called to go to Crete. My family has been working with the Elementals/ Nature Spirits here at this farm for 30 years and my children, now adults, have been part of this from infancy.  We create gardens and Flower Essences as guided by the Angels and as made manifest by the Elementals.  We also go where they call us and Ben was called to Crete.. Once on this sacred island, he found himself on a journey around the island with the Elementals guiding him which Flowers to pick. Then the Elementals of these Flowers worked with the Elementals here to transfer the vibrational wisdom of the Flowers from the Flowers into water and then into a stabilized mother Essence.

On meeting these extremely vibrant new Flower Essences, I found myself on a journey to learn more about Crete- I ended up reading many books and sitting with the Flower Essences for many hours. I felt as excited about this collection of Flower Essences as I have ever felt about any collection we have made- It felt like all the collections we’ve from all over the world were leading to this collection.

Here is a link to a longer description of this collection that the Elementals want us to share with people about Matriarchy versus Patriarchy and why Crete is so special.

For sending our stock bottles out into the world, we use a stabilizer that the Elementals led us to make from Red Shiso, perilla frutescens This plant has made an enormous difference to the radiance of our Flower Essences.

FOLLOW UP QUESTION FROM SAME WOMAN: Do you use the Dr. Bach’s method of preparation? Could you please send me some information about how you prepare the essence? Can you tell me more about Red Shiso?

ANSWER: Here is some information on Red Shiso from our website. Be sure and read the dramatic story of how we switched to Red Shiso from the more common alcohol based stabilizer.

(I also attached a copy of a document about how we grow Red Shiso that I am happy to share with anyone who wants it- Just email us!)

About whether we use the Dr. Bach method, I do not know what the Dr. Bach method is. When I first began making Flower Essences 30 years ago, the Angels asked me not to read any other writing about Flower Essences but to look to them, the Flowers and the Elementals for all guidance.

I have been doing this ever since. As far as the specifics of how I make Flower Essences.  I put the Flowers in a clear glass bowl of water on a sunny day. I have a specific prayer I say and I ask for the support of all Angels and Elementals connected to the Flower. I use the blossoms that the Angels and Elementals choose, and I leave the Essences in the sun for the amount of time that the Angels and Elementals want me to leave them in the sun. It varies from Flower to Flower.

The high vibration of our Flower Essences is a testament to the Angels and Elementals, so I follow their guidance to the letter no matter how unusual.  It has been an incredible adventure!

QUESTION: Do you sell stock bottles or treatment bottles?

ANSWER: Our Flower Essences are stock concentrates so you can make dosage/treatment bottles from them.  We use our Red Shiso as a stabilizer for these dosage bottles, but the dosage bottles can also be made with brandy and water or water, though with water they will not last long and need to be refrigerated.

QUESTION: How many drops and how often should I take the Flower Essences? Can I combine Flower Essences together?

ANSWER: Because Flower Essences are vibrational information but not chemical, a little bit of the Flower Essences has the same information as a lot so a few drops is usually ample.

Frequency is more important.  If you put the Essences in a water bottle to sip all day, then you get the healing information every time you take a sip and your electrical system gets frequent chances to read the information and learn from it, eventually making the wisdom of the Flower Essences your own wisdom.

All Essences can be combined much like bouquets of Flowers, and our Flower Essences can be happily combined! With big bouquets of Flower Essences, if there is information in an Essence you do not need, your electrical system will just ignore it.

QUESTION: I have a thing I do and need help to move into a better way.  I have a tendency towards nervous system exhaustion and an inability to process hard (sad) emotions. My car battery dies often and every time it’s a wake up call that my battery isn’t charged and that my nervous system is inflamed with unprocessed emotions.

ANSWER: The Angels want all of us to understand that many of the emotions that are frying our batteries right now are not our emotions to process but other people’s emotions.  As they note, “Just because you have picked up the emotion, the emotion is not necessarily YOUR emotion.” They suggest we spend EVEN MORE time getting clear what is our job to process emotionally and what isn’t.  A lot is not our work. They also remind us to take our Golden Armor as well as create a habit of clearing our energetic field of everything that does not belong to us.

The Angels note that each of us is needed right now to help our planet shift gears and to help humanity rise up and become more loving and more aware of our oneness and Divinity, BUT this does not mean all the work is ours to do. We each have a part to play but not ALL the parts. It is very hard for those who have been earnestly endeavoring to awaken others for many years with healing work to truly get that they are not responsible for the entire globe.

The Angels encourage, “It is time to let go and let God. When you feel fried or weary, let grace carry each of you for a bit. Try to be Grace not Atlas.  Shouldering your share but no more will not cause your life to go up in flames.  It may even help you deal better with the challenges that were coming anyways.”

The Flower Essences that the Angels suggest:

Amaryllis for helping you know when your battery is low before it actually dies.

Yellow Water Lily to help you process deeply felt emotions that belong to you while feeling safe, calm and contained by Divinity.

Redwood will help your electrical system rev down and ground- like seriously GROUND.

Joe Pye Weed is your energetic reminder that you are not Atlas, required to solve all problems or process all emotions.

Balance in a Blue Moon is to support you in riding the energy waves of this crazy, demanding, magical and once in 10,000 blue moons time on Earth.

Effort & Grace– You have the Effort covered and we have the Grace. This Essence reminds you it’s a balanced partnership!

QUESTION: I have had ongoing pain in my right hip – totally excruciating. I have done all the proper medical things and am not seeking medical advice. Nothing is “wrong” on xrays= 3 sets of them. I have also done spinal decompression and acupuncture. Something is up with the energy in my hip and trying to get my attention.

Anyway, it’s the right hip so it may be more masculine in nature. Likely related to lack of male/father foundation and stability in early childhood. (My dad was there, just maybe it wasn’t that stable.) I had an intuitive tell me that the child there is saying “you never taught me to trust myself.”

I suppose right hip is about moving forward. I am wondering if it is about an incoherence within about how I am moving forward…I love to run, and with my hip like this I cannot even go for a long walk, never mind run anywhere. So in essence there is also a challenge with freedom to do what it is I really want – which is run.  So, I want to ask about essences related to the above and for general pelvic foundation if that makes sense. I appreciate any thoughts you have about flower friends!!

ANSWER I am  impressed with the in-depth work you have done on this- I would have followed the same course of thinking about father issues/right side as well as consider the issues of your right to move forward and your inner child feeling she had not been taught to trust you could  stand on her own two feet.  I would second that this is, as you suggest, a core issue- With the intensity of the energies and specifically the pull of very deep old karma to be released once and for all, this hip pain resonates as something really deep and old and profound that is getting dredged up for release- and that you ARE releasing- only it is taking some time (as old wounds often do).

Have you tried Niella? Alignment Garden? Watch Your Back? These three might be helpful in terms of moving the energy in the hip.

Planetary energies (despite appearances to the contrary) are dissolving patriarchy and returning us to more humane values for ourselves and the planet, but we all have our wounds from patriarchy and it is  painful to clear these.

I am just glad for the GRACE we are receiving right now to do this clearing. There are more Angels helping humanity than ever.   They suggest  people look to the Venus Garden for support with this release/deep healing- ones including but not limited to,  The Alignment Garden,  Boundless, Effort & Grace, The Eight Garden, Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean.- The Venus Garden is so much about profound transformation with the Grace of Divinity-

I asked the Angels for any other suggestions for your hip situation- They also suggested Painkiller Plant, Flow FreeRedwood– also the Family River trio of Bloodroot, Black Currant and Borage– I got the feeling this is a big release of patriarchal stuff carried by your father’s side of your lineage- which you already feel- something about core unworthiness- back to that issue of your right to move forward when one is wonderfully human versus “patriarchal perfect.”

The Crete ones are also so helpful with these issues- Dittany, Crown Daisy. White Hedge Nettle, Yellow Mullein from Crete, Asphodel!

QUESTION: Is there a list of 2019 essences yet?  I have been on the computer and not found one.

ANSWER: I am just beginning to make new ones for 2019 as spring has come slowly to the farm and the Flowers are just beginning to call out to be made into new Flower Essences- Sarah is in China and then on to Taiwan this month, and it will be interesting to see if anything calls to her- It is always amazing what new gems are “found” during each growing season.

It felt like the Snake’s Head Fritillary and the Goldenseal needed to be introduced before the fall, so that is why I wrote the blogs and introduced them earlier than when we usually introduce new Flower Essences- Well really the Elementals felt they needed to be introduced, and THEY wrote the blogs!  😉

FOLLOW UP QUESTION: Just spent time on web.  Can’t find Snake’s Head Fritillary anywhere. No response to searches and don’t see it on lists.  Sorry, but still need an assist finding it.

ANSWER: Please don’t beat yourself up my friend!  This is the problem with Google search engine: they update our site when they feel like it! (and it is sporadic that they feel so inclined, so our search engine is often out of date) And if you have had problems getting on this blog, blow a kiss to the Ukranian bots that like to mess with wordpress blogs like ours!

QUESTIONS: Can you suggest one of two Essences for each of these issues? 1) Emotional/mental garbage’ that is causing physical illnesses ANSWER: ALL EGO CONTRACTS NULL & VOID                    2) Generational baggage that is creating new obstacles repeatedly, despite our desires and attempts to move past and out of present circumstances.ANSWER: ALL EGO CONTRACTS NULL & VOID or FAMILY RIVER TRIO  3) Absorbing physical illnesses from others in the environment ANSWER: GOLDEN ARMOR                                             4) Physical issues that are directly related to the caregiver burnout (eg premature aging, menstrual changes, adrenal fatigue, sugar cravings etc) that I think would start to reverse with proper care once caregiving is done. ANSWER: CARETAKER, HESPERIDES’ GIFT      5)Alignment of the self, including chakras. ANSWER: THE ALIGNMENT GARDEN

QUESTION: Can I use Transition if I’m having a hard time with caregiving (both the actual situation and anxiety over the ‘after’).  I’ve been in it for 3 years, and admittedly it’s gotten very tough and restrictive.  Although I’ve developed skills to deal with it, I’m still not entirely coping with the loss in what I had and loss in movement forward.

ANSWER: Transition feels very supportive. I also think Omey Island is a Godsend for constrained circumstances. If you look at the longer descriptions of the whole Irish collection, there is a long conversation with Overlighting Angel of Omey Island which is very powerful.  With the worry about the after situation, what about  Coral Pink Rose and Don’t Worry-Bee Happy.

QUESTION:  When one gets a Custom Mix and make a spray bottle, can I just add other individual essences into that spray bottle too?


QUESTION: My cat doesn’t like vinegar so avoids the Flower Essences when I put them in his food or water.

ANSWER: You can also rub a drop or two on his paw pads or ear tips if he does not like the taste- in food also works.

QUESTION: I’ve read somewhere that it is not advised to use more than a few essences as it may cause conflict, not generate the required results or trigger a healing crisis instead.  Your recommendations sound wonderful, but I do worry about making him worse.  I think he’s been exposed to negative human patterns for too long, and I don’t know if trying to ‘dislodge’ him from that (through essences) might make him worse, seeing as he already seems to have a fear of moving forward.

ANSWER: I understand your concern and want to reassure you that Flower Essences will not precipitate a healing crisis in your cat nor are a lot of Flower Essences too many.  First let me link you to a blog I wrote about how many Flower Essences a person or animal can work with Flower Essences

Second, Flower Essences speak the language of animals- including cats!  They only offer positive information which cats love and appreciate- The negative human patterns are the problem not the high information of the Essences.  Your cat can only tune up to a higher frequency from the information on offer in Flower Essences- They are not going to have their vibration lowered by Flower essences ever. Higher vibrations don’t dislodge anything- they simply replace a low vibration with a higher one much as a piano out of tune that is tuned up by a piano tuner wouldn’t bring about a release of bad music when it is tuned up.

FOLLOW UP QUESTION: I didn’t mean that Essences could lower his vibration.  I mean that he has been stuck in unhelpful human patterns for so long, that he may resist moving to more positive vibrations.  So the concern is that being exposed to too much positive information may confuse and upset him.  We have seen him react in fear and paranoia to changes that are meant to benefit him or become ill from stress.

ANSWER: It has not been my experience that animals ever find Flower Essences too much- I think for animals, Flower Essences are often like an oasis in the desert as they finally are getting exactly the information they need to solve their problems in their own way in their own timeframe- and there is no issue of too much positive information as the animals choose how to integrate the vibration of the Essences themselves in their own divine way- It is not something done to them as with chemical remedies.

Flower Essences are not a man made creation or tool.  Yes, people are involved in creating them, but their gifts come from NATURE.  This is one profound reason why Flower Essences work so well for animals. Animals are one with nature and experience things from the natural world as part of them. They experience Flower Essences as just what they were looking for in their world and not something alien but more a remembering of their essential nature.

QUESTION: If we get a custom blend to be spritzed around the house, invariably not all the targeted issues/scenarios will apply to everyone or apply forever.  I’m wondering about the effects about continued exposure.

ANSWER: When a space is spritzed, people and animals will sort through the electrical data and only take on board that which would help them- much as we might go to a lecture and listen to the lecturer but not the students talking in the back- We all filter vibrational information every day in this manner- It is just relatively rare that we get such good information from such wise friends in such a small little bottle-

QUESTION: We have started homeopathic remedies as well as Flower Essences.  Some of these will contain common ingredients that are used in essences.  Should I be concerned about that, about exposure or ingestion to too much of the same herb?

ANSWER: Homeopathic remedies are chemical in nature but Flower Essences are not. This means Flower Essences will not so conflict with homeopathics nor will you  get too much of the chemical ingredient found in homeopathics. For example, there is no chemical/plant matter of Sage in Sage Flower Essence.

QUESTION: What would you use for cord cutting?

ANSWER: All Ego Contracts Null and Void is excellent for cord cutting – When it is from family members, consider the Family River Trio.  I also like Golden Armor for this. It was created at Archangel Michael’s behest and has proven an incredible remedy for cord cutting and protection of all kinds.

QUESTION: Are these stable in the heat? Do the Flower Essences need to be refrigerated. Sounds like our house that can get up in the 70’s or 80’s in the summer may be too hot.

ANSWER: There is no need to put them in the fridge even in a warm house- The overheating I would be concerned with would be more like someone who leaves their Flower Essences in their car in the Mojave desert for six months kind of overheating! 😉 So room temperature even in the 70’s should be fine!

FYI A Sprinkling of Yesterday’s Emails from you!

I thought I would share a few emails from yesterday’s emails as a way to share some of the frequent questions we receive and our thoughts.

QUESTION: So we received our order! Just a couple of questions. I ordered three different bottles for my senior dog. She is 45 pounds and 15 years old. I got the Senior Citizen, Anxiety, and Flow Free.  Just curious as to how many drops per serving? Also, is it OK to combine the three at the same time? Or should they be given different times throughout the day as opposed to at the same time.  For example, should I put one formula in her water, one formula in her food, and at a different time another one on a cookie? Or can all 3 go in her breakfast?

So any recommendations you have for how many drops how many times per day per formula it would be greatly appreciated!

ANSWER: You can definitely leave the Flower Essences in three bottles but it would make things easier for you and work just as well to combine them in one bottle and give them at the same time-

I would give them a couple times a day- Because Flower Essences are information not chemical, a little bit of Flower Essences is the same as a lot. This means you do not need to use too much- a few drops, especially in water, work really well.

The size of your dog is not a factor as your animal is reading the information of the Essences for the electrical wisdom and a larger dog does not need more of this wisdom than a smaller dog. All sized animals can learn from the same small amount of Flower Essences.

You could put a few drops of the Essences in her water dish in the morning. This way your dog gets the information of the Flower Essences every time she has a drink.  If the Flower Essences do not seem to be making a difference,  more frequent exposures to the information of the Flower Essences is helpful.  Animals generally do an excellent job learning from the Essences because Essences really speak their language- the language of energy- but sometimes more frequent reminders help an animal learn the information on offer from the Flower Essence better and more quickly.

QUESTION: Would Flee Free help humans rebuff ticks?  Any other recommendations?  The ticks (wood & deer ticks) appear to be very prevalent right now where I live in the Catskill mountains  of NY.

ANOTHER VERSION OF THIS QUESTION: ( and no wonder during this buggy, wet,  cold spring in the east!)  I am looking for an all natural product for flying, biting bugs.  We live in an area with some standing water and need some way to deter the pests.  Do you have any suggestions?

ANSWER: We have two remedies that may be a great help- One called Flee Free for people and animals which helps us create a strong electrical field that rebuffs all insects and other pests. Golden Armor is the other remedy that I would use too as this helps Flee Free and also helps us keep our electrical field clear of all dissonance like pests, viruses, man made dissonance etc- These two together really are powerful!

QUESTION: My cat is very aggressive towards my other cats.  He is a rescue cat, and I have only had him for 5 months. I am told he is about 2 years old.  Can you recommend what I can give him to calm him down.

ANSWER: We do a lot of work with rescue animals so I am hopeful that we can come up with group of Flower Essences for your new cat.

Most rescues have a lot of post traumatic stress that drives a lot of their behavior- I would suggest Abandonment & Abuse for your cat as this helps unwind the trauma so that your cat can get clear that he is safely in a new life where he doesn’t need to defend himself so aggressively. Rescue cats’ wiring is all tangled from trauma, so all the signals about safety and whether they are safe get confused. This remedy helps to untangle this confused wiring.

I would also suggest Outburst to help with the aggressive behavior.  It really helps animals to discharge their fears and anxieties in a much less aggressive way.

Anxiety is also an extremely helpful Essence for rescues- It is our most popular remedy for animals and people.

The last suggestion I have is Golden Armor.  This is a very helpful one for supporting your cat to feel safe and buffered from stimulation/ man made dissonance that may be affecting your cat. The animals are having a really hard time with all the man made technology like cell towers, and this dissonance leaves them feeling raw and edgy. For a rescue cat that is already edgy, this technology adds insult to injury.

QUESTION: Hi. Is there a way to order besides online with paypal? thanks!

ANSWER: Yes! There are ordering options!  You can email us your order with your mailing address and we can send it off to you with an invoice in the box, and you can send us a check or money order as payment when you receive your order. This was our only ordering system for 25 years. We only introduced the online option to add to people’s options, but most of our orders still are done using this honor system!

QUESTION: I have a dear friend who experiences a fair amount of anxiety from time to time.  She is a flight attendant and would like to consider Golden Armor and other remedies.  She is concerned about the contents as she is subject to random drug tests and things such as poppies are of concern.

ANSWER: To receive the benefit of the Flower Essences, your flight attendant friend can carry the Essences in a pocket or rub them on her skin. She does not need to take them internally.  There is no need to take them internally as they work just as well rubbed on the skin or spritz around one’s body.  In addition, our Flower Essences do not have any chemical ingredients but red shiso which is a mint and vinegar.  No plant materials are in the remedies as they are the energetic information of the Flower but not the actual Flower. This should prevent any problems with drug testing.

I think that Golden Armor would be so excellent for your friend- I bet a lot of the anxiety she feels isn’t even her anxiety- She is just picking up all the anxiety of the passengers which as we know is considerable on airplane flights. She can email us with any questions! I’d love to support her.

QUESTION: I have a five year old Tibetan terrier who has a nasal carcinoma and has undergone four sessions of radiation.  I have also taken her for chiro and acupuncture appointments and am currently giving her some Chinese herbs.  Is there anything from GHF that you might suggest for her?

ANSWER: I am so sorry about your dear tibetan terrier- These are such wonderful dogs- The Flower Essence Sago Palm is a miraculous one for animals’ mouth and nose tumors- This is all very anecdotal, but we have seen it work wonders in all kinds of animals with all kinds of tumors in this region of the body.

QUESTION: Hi there Green Hope Farm people, I have a question concerning essences I purchased about 15 years ago : are they still effective after all this time? They sat in a medicine cabinet, quite forgotten. They were not exposed to light, being in the cabinet. Please let me know what the status is with the older essences is. I am getting ready to order 4 new essences from your company and it would be nice to still be able to use the old ones, and not have to get those new as well. I only want to use them if they are still effective of course. 🙂

ANSWER: I am sorry to say that I do not think these Essences have any information in them anymore- What happens with older Essences is that their vibrational information/energy eventually dissipates much as when one puts a hot glass of water in a cool tub this would eventually cool the hot water. This usually takes a few years with Flower Essences- faster if the Essences have sat in a heavily trafficked place where people can pull on their energies and slower when stored so carefully as you did. However, after fifteen years I would be very surprised if there was any of the energetic information in the Essence anymore- So sorry about that!

PS If they were only a couple of years old, you could ask the Angels to recharge them, and they might be able to do this- You could try this, but I am getting a strong nudge that they are too old for this technique.

QUESTION: I am actually curious about how your remedies differ from Bach Rescue Remedies which I am more familiar with ?

ANSWER: I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Bach, but I believe that if he were still with us, he would have adapted his collection and also adapted his suggestions for how  people can use his Flower Essences. The Bach organization has chosen to codify his ideas into set rules as the final word on Flower Essences. Going with these rules is like using a model T Ford manual to answer our questions about a Lexus.

Our electrical systems have evolved since the 1930’s and so has our ability to read and assimilate the information from Flower Essences, yet the Bach folks want his rules from the 1930’s to be the way everyone works with Flower Essences.  Here is one blog I wrote about this in response to people’s concern about using more than three flower Essences at a time as Dr. Bach recommended.

One aspect of our Flower Essences that may be different than the factory made Bach remedies is that the Elementals are involved in the creation of our Flower Essences from the moment we make the Essence to the moment they go out the door to you. This makes an enormous and essential difference in the caliber of the Flower Essences. In truth, there are no Essences without the Elementals transfering the electrical vibration of the Flowers into the water and because Elementals are all about energy, their advice on all aspects of making Flower Essences is very wise.

For 30 years I have been working consciously with the Elementals to do the best possible job I can do to support them in bringing forward the highest vibration Flower Essences possible. I have done this through creating gardens per their guidance and following their guidance about such things as what stabilizer to use (we use a non-alcohol base) The Elementals are essential to Flower Essences, and I try my best to support them in every way.

I am passionate about the work of the Elementals- my two most recent blogs were about them- I believe they will be key to healing Earth-  And now I step off my soap box!

Goldenseal- The Elementals Explain

In many ways’ this  is a continuation of yesterday’s blog, so you may want to read that blog first. However, this is a message from the Elementals, not from me, Molly

“We, the Elementals made a promise in ancient times to stand by humankind in its evolutionary journey from mistaken ideas of individuated self identity to an identity of integrated Oneness and indivisibility with all Light.

Who are we, the Elementals?

We, the Elementals, are the builders of all form, the manifestors of creation.  Without us, all form would dissolve as a hologram with the light removed.  In each of your lives we help you manifest that which you desire.  As the light energy rises within you and what you want aligns more and more with Divine will, we can step forward into a more active partnership with you to make manifest your dreams.

If you are having throat issues right now, it is most likely the clearing of old ideas of what you thought you wanted.  We know it is unpleasant to clear these old stuck energies, so take Flower Essences like Flow Free and any from our Fifth chakra list and call us in to expedite the cleansing of this chakra so that, at long last, your will and divine will can be ONE and you can express the unique note of creation that you are.

This past week we had Molly make a new Essence from a very ancient medicinal plant known as Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis). The name reflects the significance of this Flower. Goldenseal is OUR energetic chalice representing in form the golden promise that we made to the human kingdom to help humankind in its evolution.

In working with Goldenseal Flower Essence, you work with a vibrational treasure we gift to you.  Goldenseal is not an offer to take care of your problems because in truth that would get you and your planet nowhere.  No, Goldenseal is our promise to partner with you in an evolved, co-creative way to make manifest a new consciousness within and without.  Goldenseal reveals and IGNITES the support you can receive from us, the Elemental kingdom.

Goldenseal’s energy clears, cleanses and releases the old at the same time it lifts you up and empowers you  in a deepening partnership with us, your co-creators of a New Earth. We have waited a very long time for you to be ready for this Flower Essence, and we are deeply glad it is time.

If your personal situation feels dire despite your best efforts to heal, if you are feeling despair about the situation on Earth, if you want to make manifest a New Earth and new consciousness of Oneness, Goldenseal will release you into an experience of the mighty forces of US at your side.”

I AM Co-creator of a New Earth.

As a community of Flowers, Angels, Nature Spirits, Dogs, Cats and even some People, Green Hope Farm can be a funny place……and I love telling you all about it!