Be Fearless

Last week the Angels noted here in the blog that the next mix they wanted us to create was one called, Be Fearless. This mix is now ready.

Looking to the Angels, they explain,

“All feelings are important in that they give you information about what is going on in your lives. Fear gives information that can be deeply helpful, even life saving.  Problems with fears arise when fears are inadvertently stored in your energy system well after they have served their purposes. Fears that are stuck in your energy system are often amplified by other forces. Stuck, amplified fears slow the smooth flow of your electrical system. They can derail your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health and paralyze your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Log-jammed fears are never a good thing but they are particularly unhelpful right now. Because humanity is currently receiving much spiritual support to evolve, it is particularly important for your electrical system to be free to move, flow and evolve in response to this spiritual support.

We created this mix to help you process and release fears from your energy system so that you can take full advantage of the spiritual support available right now and evolve with the least resistance possible.

The Flower Essences in Be Fearless open up a space within you to illuminate what your fears are telling you, decide how this information can be used to move your authentic life forward then fully release your fears once they have served their purpose. This support helps you to keep your energy system humming along on its evolutionary journey and leaves you free to make self-actualized choices about your life.

Be Fearless is not a mix about judging you for feeling fear but a support to own, process and release fears without letting them take up permanent residence in your energy system. Specific Flowers in the mix help you energetically process specific fears. Here is a list of the Flower Essences in the mix, offering a thumbnail sketch of how they serve Be Fearless.

When considering whether to work with Be Fearless, consider that combination mixes braid the strengths of each Flower Essence into a harmonious blend of support much like individual musical instruments combine in an orchestra to make music with certain strengths.. Each of these treasured Flower Essence friends work together to support you with your fears. This is a deeply nuanced and supportive mix given to you with much love by all of us in the Angelic and the Elemental kingdoms.

We asked Molly to write the descriptions of each Flower Essence in the mix. She uses “we” and “us” versus the “you” we used, but we want to remind you these lines of division created by language are imaginary as we are one, all of us.”

Allamanda from Taiwan– This dear Flower friend melts away the fear instilled in us by childhood experiences of punishment, scolding and shaming. It helps us end kowtowing to fear. We are released from the fear that we will always be in fear or that fear is something to be afraid of.

Aspen (from our Additional Flower Essence list)– Aspen supports us with mental fears that can sweep over us like a dark cloud and fill us with anguish. It helps us know that when these mental fears crop up, they are like Aspen leaves quaking in the wind. The fears will abate, the wind will calm and we will endure through the experience of the fears. Aspens helps us know the truth that we are safe in life, safe in death and safe for all eternity.

Blue Snakeweed– Sometimes when we have suffered deeply from what others have done to us, we wrap a sort of energetic barbed wire around our hearts to protect ourselves from further suffering. This defense system takes a lot of energy to maintain and also cuts us off from the joys of the world as well as its sorrows. Blue Snakeweed helps us experience our safety without the barbed wire. It helps us let go of this energetic defense so we are free to love the world and be loved by the world with greater ease.

Borage– Helps us literally take heart and feel the strength of our heart when we are afraid. The Angels woke me in the night to tell me this one had to be in this mix!

Chinese Knotweed– This Flower friend from Taiwan helps us release our fears of material losses by anchoring us in an awareness of the ever renewing, eternal love of our Creator who can replenish and restore us no matter what seems lost forever.

Coral Pink Rose– Fears can compound fears and this one helps us let go of the fear that more sorrows await us when we have just lived through a time of loss or suffering.

Feverfew– This beloved Flower ally shares its immense wisdom about moving beyond fear, agitation or distress to an imperturbable state of inner peace. The Angels sent an Ecuadorian shaman to the farm to talk to me about Feverfew, and I will ever be grateful for his visit and how it illuminated this Flower for me and swept me into a deep friendship with this Flower, a friendship that is available to us all.

Golden Wings Rose– This is the Flower Essence that initiated this project to make the Be Fearless mix. Its gifts are to lift us up and give us wings to take flight into freedom from fear. What a blessing to bring to this mix!

Heritage Rose– If we feel that our deaths may bring the loss of things that are precious to us, this Essence helps us anchor in a truth that nothing is ever lost to us. It helps us anchor in our eternal identity so we can know this completely.

Mutabilis Rose– WE CAN DO IT! This Rose friend shows us how to evolve and change very fast, with confidence and ease. When Mutabilis Rose blooms the Flowers change from white to yellow to orange to pink to red. No need for us to log jam our systems with fear or doubt that we can’t evolve or keep up. This sassy Rose takes the journey with us of fast paced, harmonious, healing change.

Nuuphretia Lavarissa– This Dahlia Essence tunes us to the Flame of Fearlessness, a flame that helps us feel both courageous and comforted.

Old Blush China Rose– Because most all Roses descend from Old Blush China Rose, this is the Mother Rose of all mutation and change. She reminds us we can feel safe and secure during times of change, and she helps us evolve towards an expression of our true divine self.

Orange– Like oil on troubled waters, Orange calms our emotional bodies when we are frightened or unable to de-escalate our feelings about events.

Peach– Helps us give and receive love with greater fearlessness.

Red Clover– Intense circumstances can cause panic to sweep over everyone in a crowd. Red Clover helps us not be part of this chain reaction. Regardless of how others are feeling or what is going on, we can find a centered place of calm and an imperishable experience of our safety.

Sahagun– Helps us let go and release behaviors triggered by fear that cause us to push our physical and emotional selves out of balance.

Scarlet Runner Bean– This one helps us face our fears. This is the most powerful thing we can do to diminish the hold fears have on our lives.

The Watchman (from our Additional Flower Essence list)This deep maroon Hollyhock Flower, called the Watchman, helps us release our fears when we can’t quite figure out where they are coming from or even what the fears are but we know they aren’t helping the situation.

The Angels (and their Flower Essences!) Encourage us to Be Fearless!

As I have mentioned before, one of the wonderful things about sending Flower Essences  off around the globe is that it is a constant reminder of how interconnected we are.

Without fail, each week some Flower Essence or a group of Flower Essences are found to be the Flower Essences in particular demand from beloveds all over Earth. We have about a thousand different Flower Essences in stock so these moments of collectivity lift us up and remind us that humanity really is working together to heal ourselves and the planet.

These synchronicities also help us focus our attention on what kind of combination mixes you would like us to make and also what Flowers we should grow for new Flower Essences or seek to find in the wilds. They also give us clues to what we are all processing both individually and collectively.

A recent Flower Essence that has been jumping off the shelves is Golden Wings Rose. This beauty has the I AM affirmation, “I AM freedom from fear.”

Helping us to release our fears has been a big focus of the Angels lately. They explain,

“Fears paralyze. Fears misdirect your energy. Fears discourage. We ask you to BE FEARLESS. In this fearless lies your freedom to grow and to heal. In fact, BE FEARLESS is the name of the next mix we want Molly and the crew at the farm to create.

It is so important to close the door on your fears. Do whatever is necessary to release them. Give them to us! We can transmute them for you.  Release them with each breath you take!

Right now it is best for you to have a streamlined energy system, one that can go with the flow and adjust to changes and new beginnings. Fear is one of the four emotions that open the door for  your energy field to be weighed down by energies that are not your own. Fear is one of the four emotions that throws a monkey wrench into the smooth forward motion of your evolving light body and that of beautiful Earth’s. The other three emotions are guilt, doubt and anger.

Yes, of course there are moments when each of these emotions are appropriate, but what tends to happen in your electrical fields is you logjam the movement of these emotions out of your electrical fields, and this opens your electrical fields so more fear, guilt, doubt and anger that is not even yours enters your electrical fields and bogs you down further.

This is one reason why we encourage everyone to work with Golden Armor. This helps protect your electrical field while you do the work of processing and RELEASING guilt, doubt, fear and anger.

This is also why we have counseled you to be judicious in the amount of media you absorb. There is nothing to be gained from letting fear, guilt, doubt and anger weigh down your electrical field to the point you are swamped. Becoming overwhelmed with bad news derails your electrical fields at this crucial time when your real work is to rise up collectively to shift this planet forward.

As we have said and will continue to say, light and love will prevail and you are all moving forward, but this is best experienced separate from misguided folk who would paralyze you with fear.

We encourage you to pause and take a deep breath before diving into media coverage and ask yourself, “Is it necessary for me to experience this? Will it help me be my best or do my best? Will it add to the light of the world?” Then consider following your intuitive knowing with confidence that you can play your part in the good that is unfolding here on your planet without being scared to death.

In closing, know that we will help Molly to assemble this new mix so it is ready to help you with this housecleaning of fears that in no way serve you or the light of the world!

With great love we salute you. ”

A Flower Essence for Sass and Mojo in Older Animals and People

Because we are fortunate enough to have many animals and people living and working at the farm, insights into many Flower Essences are always percolating!

The diverse challenges of our community are grist for the mill. Especially MY mill- as anyone will tell you who has seen me write down their commentary after they innocently reach for an Essence or report in on how one helped them.

Right now, I am taking notes from our much loved farm resident, 19 year old feline Bella.  She reminds me to take my Flower Essences without fail so I can have  sass and mojo like her when I am her age.

And what is her age in people years? I looked at several confusing online rubrics to try and figure this out, and it seems she is somewhere between 88 and 146 in people years.

Perhaps the more important thing here is that she sees herself as ageless and acts that way too.

Senior Citizen is one of the remedies I spritz over her each day.  It;s hard to miss that in our culture “Senior Citizen” is a sort of disparaging label.  It says, “Yes you are a citizen sort of but not really i.e. we’ll give you a senior citizen discount at the movies, but the rest of the time we would just as soon you weren’t too visible.”

This pervasive attitude towards senior citizens made me wonder why the Angels chose this as the name for our Senior Citizen Flower Essence remedy.

First of all the Angels always like to be quippy, and the name is quippy.  But the more I thought about it, the more I felt there was something beyond humor in their name choice. The Angels RESPECT seniority and our cultural problems with older people are just that, OUR problems.

All creation, except some  humans, respects longevity.  Even us humans recognize that ancient trees know more than saplings.  Even us humans can  feel that a garden that has endured for decades has a different wisdom than the one installed in a weekend with Miracle Gro.  And we certainly respect our elder animal companions and see how they shine with great strengths even as their bodies grow weaker.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we brought that respect forward to those in our own species?

So the Angels name for this combination remedy, Senior Citizen, comes with their respect and encourages us to bring ours.

And what is there to say about the remedy Senior Citizen? And why did ancient cat Bella who hates mist of any sort sit there and let me spritz her with Senior Citizen this morning?

Before I go over the ingredient list of this remedy, I want to note how much I like the way the Angels describe our Senior Citizen Flower Essence in our written materials:

“This remedy helps older animals and older folks to maintain their emotional equilibrium and good cheer during any declines in functions associated with the aging process. It also helps reverse the declines to whatever degree is possible in areas such as flexibility, eyesight, hearing, energy levels and general flow of systems.”

This Essence and its description doesn’t make assumptions about what aging is about.  It is not prescriptive like so much of the media assault. This description  invites us to own our mojo like elder cat Bella and be of good cheer whatever that means to us. It also doesn’t say, “You’re old so you’re going down the tubes.”  It simply offers to support us to be at our best through whatever life throws at us.

As you’ll read below, this remedy as well as cats like Bella remind us to march to our own drummer and not settle for a definition others might place on us.

Here are the ingredients: Allamanda, Angelica, Bignonia, Blackberry, Boneset, Borage, Bottle Gentian, Capeweed, Coltsfoot, Comfrey, Coralita, Daffodil, Dandelion, Eyebright, The Fairy Rose, Goldenrod, Honeybees in the White Hawthorn, Lilac, Mallow, Maple, Medlar, Mustard, Osteospermum, Peach, Pearly Everlasting, Rhubarb, Shrimp Plant, Snapdragon, Wild Aster, Zinnia

What a sparkly group of Flower friends!

A therapist once said to me that women who try and live by our society’s rules are going to be depressed, whereas those who operate from their own values, their own “true north” will be labeled ‘eccentric’ but will be much happier.  This mix is all about that.  It offers wisdom about sass and standing in our truth even when society disparages who we are. What could be more healthy than that?

I am going to list each ingredient separately and try and make an Angel like quip to describe some of the strengths each of these Flower Essences bring to this mix. Just remember that this mix is greater than the sum of its parts.  Also, I am writing rather human centric descriptions, but Bella reassures me animals understand  these Essences without any words needed.

Allamanda– Support to hear the positive and screen out the negative

Angelica– It’s never too late to get up and dance or to experience our glorious interconnection to all things

Bignonia– Yup! This one ALSO encourages us to get dancing especially if we have been through a lot of sorrows.

Blackberry– Life has its rhythms- Let this one help you keep finding yours.

Boneset- More than just for bone health, this one helps us own the bare bones of what matters to us.

Borage– Bee happy even when the world says life is too serious for happiness.

Bottle Gentian– We can see our lives clearly and still choose happiness. I am personally finished with the  attitude that happy people must be stupid.

Capeweed ( Bermuda Additional Essences List)- This tiny Bermuda Flower reminds us that tiny things can make us happy,  It’s really more than okay to savor the little things.

Coltsfoot– Life is quite the journey.. This one helps us to stay flexible, to be present and to put one foot after the next – not with a woe is me sort of attitude,  but with the anticipation of a colt heading out to the pasture on a beautiful spring day.

Comfrey– It really is time to clean out those memory closets and let anything go that weighs us down.

Coralita– Problem solving health issues that seem to defy solution and connecting the dots so we can be in the pink of health

Daffodil– The wonderful thing about downtime is that it opens us up to talk more to the Divinity within us. This one helps us hear this inner conversation  more clearly.

Dandelion– This dynamo is for spiritual metamorphosis as well as the more prosaic muscle aches and pains

Eyebright– As the book says, Take Off Your Glasses and See

The Fairy Rose– You’re never too old to enjoy the world as you did when you were a tiny little person. Wonder is our birthright.

Goldenrod– This powerful friend helps us be non-recordant to the peer pressure of our whole age-ist society.

Honeybees in the White Hawthorn– Helps us sail along through life’s ups and downs, ever savoring the only real thing: Love.

Lilac- The Elementals of the Lilac bring particular backbone to anyone following their spiritual calling

Mallow– Better than botox

Maple– Sweet Maple is the dearest,most uplifting, balancing, encouraging friend!

Medlar- (Green Hope Farm Additional Essences List) A very wise Flower Essence reminding us of the sacred gifts given only to the elderly

Mustard- Helps us awake to the zesty joy of life if we have temporarily lost a bead on this

Osteospermum– If we are being true to ourselves, not everyone likes it. This one helps us get on with being ourselves when others have tried to rain on our parade.

Peach– You are love in a sea of love.

Pearly Everlasting– Stamina to go along with all that sass

Rhubarb- (Green Hope Farm Additional Essences List) Keeping the immune system vibrant and tart

Shrimp Plant– Support to put it all together and keep it all together

Snapdragon-Helps keep the chakras humming, whirling and spinning- This is how it describes itself, “I AM indestructible health.”

Wild Aster – (Wildflower Additional Essences List) Asters go nuts in the fall. You can too.

Zinnia– Enduring joy!

More Moral Support from the Angels and Elementals

The energy feels very up and down with a lot of stops and starts. Here in the northeast, the weather echoes this rollercoaster ride with one extreme cold spell followed by a thaw followed by another polar freeze.


I asked the Angels and Elementals if they had anything they wanted to say about this uneven energy. They did.

Just a quick reminder before I turn this blog over to them. The Angelic kingdom is responsible for holding the divine plan for Earth and all creation. The Elemental kingdom manifests the plan. Humanity’s cooperative work with these two kingdoms makes an immense difference in how well the divine plan manifests, but it will manifest without our help.

”Radical change, the kind of change humanity and the planet are embarked upon, leaves a lot of betwixt and between moments as well as moments when it feels like the brake and gas pedals have been pressed at the same time as well as moments when events are moving very fast, but it is unclear which way they are heading.

Yes, as you put it, the energy is up and down with lots of stops and starts.

Change is like that. It is never a slow steady thing. It is nothing like the measured pace of a flight of stairs, but underneath, it does have its own divine order.   The stops and starts are their own harmonious music, even as it is challenging to experience them this way.

It is never a smooth process from one paradigm to another and THIS is a big paradigm shift for beloved Earth and all creation.

You can continue to expect times when things move forward both with fingernail biting tension as well as unexpected ease. You can expect times when what has been gained seems to shred to pieces before your very eyes and times when what has been gained is felt with every cell of your being.

In addition to this being an eventful time, in any paradigm shift there are release moments that cannot sync up precisely with download moments. You may have “ah ha” moments that clear the deck of much which you thought mattered, yet there is no clarity about what comes next. You may feel the space of what you have released but also the discomfort of nothing yet being there to fill the void.

It just has to be this way. Things must be cleansed, released and lightened in density.   And the new that is coming can’t always arrive right after the release. So just wait in this void until the way is made clear. It will be. Going backwards is not going to feel better. You have outgrown what you left behind. There is a plan. Wait in faith that this is so and that you will find the way forward.

We also want to encourage you that on any journey worth its salt, there are challenges and setbacks. This is a journey worth its salt. The setbacks and “learning lessons” are part of the process. Do not worry.

We know about now you might say, “All this is easy for Angels to say.”

Yes, we know this is true. It is easy for us to say which is why we want to support you to experience everything that is happening from our vibration of equanimity and calm.

That is why we want you to identify with us as part of us. This is the truth. You and we are not we but one. We hold an absolute feeling of confident overview about all that is unfolding, and we would like to help you find the bead on the consciousness that knows this. It is your truth as much as it is ours.

This is one of the reasons we are so present right now. We want to support you in viewing things from our perspective, because this perspective is yours too.   We want to help you experience this feeling of confident calm amidst change.

Last year we had the Green Hope Farm community grow the Through Angels’ Eyes garden and make a Flower Essence to share from this garden so there would be a tool to help you link to and experience our vibration as one with yours. We know that in aligning with our perspective it becomes one with you. From this place of oneness, you can ride these rollercoaster energies with serenity.

There are many other tools that will help you experience these times through Angels’ eyes. Here are a few more.

One way you find equanimity is in facing experiences that throw you off your game then centering in your heart to find calm again. This builds spiritual muscles so that no matter what happens you can find your way back to this centered place.

Finding time for this centering in one of your challenges. Your culture clamors for non-stop action and stimuli. This makes it very hard for you. Please understand that going slower than slow is essential right now. If you find yourself with any in-between moments or any quiet time embrace them. In fact, seek them out. Spend as much quiet time in your heart as you can.

We cannot emphasis enough the need for heart-centered quiet to assimilate the changes you are undergoing. You really do need more rest, more quiet, more sleep and more stillness. Let yourself embrace these states without guilt.

Stillness opens the door for you to experience oneness with us. In stillness you can much more easily sync with the serenity of our vibration and perspective, a place of deep peace that is your birthright.

Stillness grounds you in the truth that no matter how erratic things look, all is well.  In stillness our calming words become an imperishable experience of truth for you. The wisdom is experienced as part of you, an unshakeable experience of oneness and love in an ocean of love.”

Remembering the Origins of the Animal Wellness collection as I mix up Flee Free

Most of our combination Flower Essences are mixed from individual Flower Essences. The exceptions are combinations made from Flowers in specific gardens like the different Venus Gardens and the Arbor Garden. The mixes from these gardens are made right there in the gardens. With other combination Flower Essences, like those in the Animal Wellness Collection, we must mix them in our room of mother Flower Essence stock.

Today, we were low on many of the Animal Wellness Collection Flower Essences so I volunteered to start replenishing our inventory by mixing Flee Free.

Making combination Flower Essences is always a happy job. To get reacquainted with the ingredients in a combination Flower Essences is to appreciate all over again the wonderful layered strengths of the mix.

Combination Flower Essences work like braids: They offer electrical information that weaves together to give us complex support in a harmonious way. This is similar to how musical instruments work together in an orchestra to create a unified piece of music that is powerful in its layered beauty. While I know I switched metaphors in midstream from weaving to music, both are apt. The vibration of each Flower Essences literally is music, and when combined, Flower Essences weave their unique songs together to become something greater than their individual parts.

Someone emailed this morning to ask for something to add to Immune Support to support her through flu season. We suggested Golden Armor as it offers great support for keeping our energy system clear of viruses. Had she emailed an hour later, I would have made the suggestion she consider Flee Free too. This remedy never ceases to amaze me, and certainly I was struck again by its wisdom as I mixed it this morning.

The principle behind Flee Free is that when our electrical systems are vibrant and strong, we naturally rebuff things like fleas and ticks. This means the ingredients in this mix are intended to support us to make our electrical systems vibrant and strong. What I remembered today as I mixed Flee Free was that when our electrical systems are vibrant and strong, we also rebuff things like flu bugs.

Before looking at the ingredient list, it’s worth saying again that even the most complex Flower Essence mix is not too much for our electrical system to learn from. All Flower Essences are information not chemical, songs to inspire not substances to hinder our electrical systems. Often the sounds of the Flowers are so beautiful that our vibrations can rise almost effortlessly in response to their music.

So mix your Flower Essences together with joy and confidence. You never know what gem of a mix you are making or how what you learn will inform the work all of us on the planet are doing as we dive more deeply into the gifts of Flower Essences.

I encourage you to feel confident in part because of my own struggles with confidence.

When all this began, I had never imagined myself running a business. This meant that in the early years, I often tried to put on the brakes when my Angel partners wanted me to start a new project or simply let things blossom and expand. I wasn’t sure I could do it. Yes, I could love Flowers and Flower Essences with all my heart, but share them through a business? Gulp!

Such was the case in the early 90’s when the Angels wanted us to create the Animal Wellness Collection. The Angels had been asking me to expand our offerings for animals from Animal Emergency Care and Flee Free to a larger collection. I had been gnashing my teeth about my ability to birth this set into the world. Now this collection seems like a no-brainer and one of the things I am most glad we created. I LOVE this collection so much. It has helped literally millions of animals and people.

But back to me gnashing my teeth. One day an animal practitioner called to ask us to make this collection for the animals. I told her, “I don’t know if we can do it. We are not exactly sitting around eating BonBons.” As I got off the phone, there was a knock on the door. It was a young friend of the family bringing us an ENORMOUS box of…..chocolates!

Hmmmmmm. So we WERE eating BonBons!

This little syncronicity had the Angels fingerprints ALL over it, so I tossed out to them, “Okay, okay, I will do this collection but I need more staff.”

The phone rang. The voice at the other end said, “ My Angels just told me to call you. I would like to work at the farm. Are you looking for staff?”

Hmmmmmm. There really IS no place to hide when you work with Angels!

And so I dove into the project of making the Animal Wellness Collection.  Mostly this involved wonderful conversations with the Angels.  Once we got rolling, they never left me alone to fret over what the mixes to create or how to make them. They chose the issues each mix would support. They chose the name of each mix. They chose the ingredients in each mix.  And as each year passes, they keep on re-explaining them and pointing out to us how they can be used in circumstances we hadn’t considered before. Every day they encourage us onwards.

These mixes have bloomed in our lives for almost three decades. Each day brings new understanding of the significance of these mixes and not just because of what the Angels share. Your sharing is deeply important. Even the re-mixing of a mix is valuable. As I added each Flower Essence to the mix, I am reminded how it shines a light on the mix and, I feel all over again the brilliance of the Angels’ ingredient list.






Crab Apple


Darrell’s Fleabane- on the additional Essence list

The Eight Garden

Echinacea- on the additional Essence list


Fleabane- on the additional Essence list

Jack in the Pulpit- on the additional Essence list








Old Blush China Rose


Radish – on the additional Essence list

Rattlesnake Master

Red Clover

Self Heal

St John’s Wort


Sweet William





White Yarrow


Here in this mix are remedies for protecting our energy field (Lavender, St John’s Wort, Thistle, Teasel, Old Blush China Rose, Rattlesnake Master, Broccoli, Darrell’s Fleabane, Fleabane, Pennyroyal, Jewelweed), for balance (Chives, Maple, Jack in the Pulpit), for endocrine health (Blackberry), for knowing it is okay to say no to pests (Wintergreen), for shielding us from technology pollution that weakens our energy fields (White Yarrow), for rooting out negativity deep in our electrical field (Eggplant), for immune system health (Blackberry) , for course correction if our health is going in a counter-productive direction (Larkspur), for protection during fiery times (St. John’s Wort), for amplifying healing from other Essences (Radish), for alignment (Lilac, Sunflower), for self confidence we can be healthy and strong ( Self Heal, Sunflower, Crab Apple, Amaryllis, Sweet William), for blood health (Echinacea), for emotional balance ( Maple, Red Clover, Broccoli, Trillium, Red Clover), for cleansing our electrical field (Lemon, Dandelion, The Eight Garden, Eggplant) and for strength ( Lilac, Sunflower, Teasel, Titan). And this is just the tip of the iceberg of the gifts that these Essences bring to this mix.

And so, if your hand hovers over your Flee Free bottle with the inner nudge that it may be good for you as well as your animal companions, I say yes! You can bet my water has Flee Free in it today!


As a community of Flowers, Angels, Nature Spirits, Dogs, Cats and even some People, Green Hope Farm can be a funny place……and I love telling you all about it!