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Goldenseal- The Elementals Explain

In many ways’ this  is a continuation of yesterday’s blog, so you may want to read that blog first. However, this is a message from the Elementals, not from me, Molly

“We, the Elementals made a promise in ancient times to stand by humankind in its evolutionary journey from mistaken ideas of individuated self identity to an identity of integrated Oneness and indivisibility with all Light.

Who are we, the Elementals?

We, the Elementals, are the builders of all form, the manifestors of creation.  Without us, all form would dissolve as a hologram with the light removed.  In each of your lives we help you manifest that which you desire.  As the light energy rises within you and what you want aligns more and more with Divine will, we can step forward into a more active partnership with you to make manifest your dreams.

If you are having throat issues right now, it is most likely the clearing of old ideas of what you thought you wanted.  We know it is unpleasant to clear these old stuck energies, so take Flower Essences like Flow Free and any from our Fifth chakra list and call us in to expedite the cleansing of this chakra so that, at long last, your will and divine will can be ONE and you can express the unique note of creation that you are.

This past week we had Molly make a new Essence from a very ancient medicinal plant known as Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis). The name reflects the significance of this Flower. Goldenseal is OUR energetic chalice representing in form the golden promise that we made to the human kingdom to help humankind in its evolution.

In working with Goldenseal Flower Essence, you work with a vibrational treasure we gift to you.  Goldenseal is not an offer to take care of your problems because in truth that would get you and your planet nowhere.  No, Goldenseal is our promise to partner with you in an evolved, co-creative way to make manifest a new consciousness within and without.  Goldenseal reveals and IGNITES the support you can receive from us, the Elemental kingdom.

Goldenseal’s energy clears, cleanses and releases the old at the same time it lifts you up and empowers you  in a deepening partnership with us, your co-creators of a New Earth. We have waited a very long time for you to be ready for this Flower Essence, and we are deeply glad it is time.

If your personal situation feels dire despite your best efforts to heal, if you are feeling despair about the situation on Earth, if you want to make manifest a New Earth and new consciousness of Oneness, Goldenseal will release you into an experience of the mighty forces of US at your side.”

I AM Co-creator of a New Earth.

The Elegance of Working with Elementals

I first turned over a shovel of earth in the Green Hope gardens in 1986. The Elementals were in the thick of it from the beginning, offering advice on garden layouts, plant choices, techniques for mulching, weeding, soil building and plant care.  In both the creation and the maintenance of the gardens, my Elemental partners have taught me unexpected ways to proceed.

Mavericks in every way, the Elementals  problem solve with brilliance and humor.  They have me use tools in odd ways.  They have me lay out complicated mandalas with confusing geometries through methods no math teacher would suggest- but the gardens always measure up and come together despite moments of a lot twine and a lot sticks and what appears to be Molly having one more (mis)adventure in a garden.

When I can’t figure out their directions, I ask them to make their advice even more obvious,  They all but fly planes overhead with directions on banners fluttering behind.  Elementals  manage to bring home a point so effectively, I wonder why I ever forget to ask them in favor of my own resources.

Take one of the new Flower Essences made this week.  The Elementals drew me to this Flower in the Arbor Garden when I was nearby repotting greenhouse plants.  Pointing out this radiant and unknown Flower, they asked me to make a Flower Essence from it.  I did not remember planting this Flower and was surprised to find it in the  Arbor Garden.  I put making this Flower Essence on my to do list with a snarky comment, “Hey, I AM BUSY here with all these pot bound beauties so it will just have to wait.”  But the Elementals told me, “You need to make this Essence NOW.” so I did. There is always a reason for their specific directions, even if not apparently obvious at the time.

And there was a reason for this direction.  That night, a wild thunderstorm took out all the remaining blossoms. WHEW! Had I  followed my timing versus the Elementals’ divine timing, I would have had to wait another year to make the Flower Essence.

Once the Flower Essence was made,  there was the mystery of this Flower’s latin and common name.  Instead of asking the Elementals for information right off the bat, I went through a stack of plant identification books starting with my much loved,  A Field Guide to Wild Flowers. After pouring through another dozen books,  I still had no idea of this Flower’s identity.

It was time to bring in the ringers and ask the Elementals.  They suggested I stop in my travels at a nearby plant nursery. Then they walked me right to the plant: GoldensealHydrastis canadensis. This was a typically splashy and sassy way for the Elementals to answer my question.

Why does my mind ever think it should be in charge? I don’t know.  It is really a silly old habit and one I try very hard to break.    Each day I get to spend in the gardens, I may begin with my own ideas in the back of my pea brain, but I DO toss them aside and ask the Elementals to let me know the divine priorities over what my mind thinks are the priorities.

The Elementals never pause a beat before assigning a  first job, then as I move around the gardens fulfilling this task, another one will present itself as the next priority and so on and so forth….  There is no cacophony of demands from different plants because they understand ONENESS as well as the Elementals. They get that divine priorities work for all of us. ( It is only my mind that forgets).

Last Saturday is a good example of the way I bounce around the gardens at the behest of spirit.  I began with planting potatoes ( yes, they had really long sprouts from too long in the root cellar, but I just planted them, sprouts and all and they seemed happy).

After planting a couple rows of potatoes,  the Elementals suggested I pause in my digging and go prune the Mock Orange.

This is a  large unwieldy shrub  in the Arbor Garden with the most amazingly fragrant blossoms much loved by swallowtail butterflies.  It had a bad winter so most of the north side of the shrub was dead.  After an hour with loppers,  I returned to the potatoes to plant another row of potatoes.  The next diversion was one of the smaller Rose beds. It got a thorough weeding. Then the  Asparagus bed was next before my triumphant return to finish the potatoes.

Right now, the main Rose garden has yet to get more than a couple of hours of my time, and there are a lot of weeds and volunteer Rose suckers that need to go.  My mind would like to make a big deal of this and demand that this garden gets moved up the queue, but it is fun to let go and go with where the Elementals send me because it never seems like it could work out ( after all its not MY IDEA of how things should get done so how COULD it work?) and yet, it always works perfectly.  By the solstice,  all the gardens will be shipshape and all the baby plants in the ground.

My work with the Elementals has a unity that extends to  you all as well as the gardens.  Here is another story from last week.  The  Elementals asked my to make a Flower Essence from a spring bulb called Snake’s Head Fritillary.

I mentioned to the staff that I had made this Fritillary into an Essence, and we went out into the gardens after morning meditation to examine its striking blossoms.

When we came back inside, I was on email and my first email came from a woman looking for a Flower Essence to help her create better boundaries between herself and her twenty year old daughter’s choices to involve herself in a deeply troubling relationship.

The Elementals suggested Snake’s Head Fritillary and the Angels piped in to describe it:

Snake’s Head FritillaryFritillaria meleagris
This is an ancient English Wildflower that rises a foot out of meadow grasses with its dramatic bell shaped blossom of finely articulate maroon and white checked blossoms.  As a Flower Essence, it helps us rise out of other people’s dramas with discernment and clarity about what is and isn’t our business and what is and isn’t our responsibility.  It helps us work clean and stay out of the fray in situations that have formerly bogged us down. It brings dramatic clarity about what is truly in Divine order for us to participate in and what is not.
I AM clear and impeccable boundaries in alignment with Divine will.
Here is another photo of Snake’s Head Fritillary, showing how it rises up from the ground,  just as the Angels describe.
Below is a look inside the Flower- the combination of maroon with a yellow center often indicates support to find deep wisdom in the midst of pain and suffering.
As I wander the gardens visiting old Flower friends, doing my appointed tasks and relishing each moment of greening, blossoming life,  it strikes me as a miracle that this little realm is always revealing new Flowers for new Flower Essences, timely and intent on serving us with exactly what we need exactly when we need it.
PS If you want to read more about what I mean when I talk about the Elementals, this document, Green Hope Farm Flower Essence vocabulary 101, on our resources page may be helpful!



In the Gardens this Morning

Beginning my walk with a stroll through the Arbor Garden, the garden is still in an early morning mist.

The garlic is looking sassy in one of the vegetable gardens.

I spent most of the weekend in the berry patch, pruning out dead Raspberry canes from the Raspberries and then all the Raspberry canes and other rogue plants from the Black Currants, Blueberries, Gooseberries and Red Currants.  You can see Sheba inspecting my work.

Sheba continuing our round with a walk up the hedgerow as the fog lifts.

The Plums look poised to burst into blossom today as our first sun in about a week shines today.

More piles on the other side of the berry patch. Can you see that tree I cut out? It was a box elder that had sprung up in the Gooseberries!

One of the early Primroses.

If ever there was a Flower that looked like it is dancing, it’s Pink Magnolia.  It’s I AM affirmation is “I AM comfort amidst times of change.”

There is something so fun about Grape Hyacinth.  They are always the first Flower children pick in the May gardens.

One of the little old ladies who taught me to garden when I was a young woman always called these THE VEES, and she was very intent on rooting every last one of them out of her garden because Violets like to take over.  I tried to rein them in for a number of years but now, I’ve thrown caution to the wind and have let them GO!

Have a wonderful day!

It’s Time.

The Angels have been talking about the Great Leap for many years, that paradigm shifting, consciousness expanding, chakra lift off that will usher in a new Heaven and a new Earth for us all.

The leap is here.  It is now.

Around us, we see the collapse of all the old structures and the dire results of our adherence to these structures.  But that can be done with. We can begin again and be our best, most selfless selves beyond all that went before.  Patriarchy can dissolve into nothingness in an instant. We need prepare no more for our efforts to be the solution we seek and the love we know is there behind all the illusionary forms of hatred and selfishness.

So many of you have tirelessly prepared. I’ve seen it.  Day by day for thirty years we visited and lifted each other up in our efforts to heal. You have been there for me, and I hope the Flowers and all of us here have been there for you.

I bear witness to your heroic work.  You’ve done so much intensive soul searching.  You’ve owned every piece of what has happened to you, oftentimes shouldering burdens that were not even yours.

Now is the time to throw off this yoke of sifting through what happened and sorting out responsibility. Now is the time to simply do what we know we need to do- treat each sentient being on this planet as the sacred being it is. Treat dear Earth as the most precious of friends. Put aside fears for the limited self and rise up into love for all.

Each day I check in on what Greta Thunberg is up to.  She inspires me.  She fills my heart with joy and hope.  As she awakens in her mission, she grows increasingly specific in her willingness to do anything to save us all.  Recently, she said she would fly no more because of the carbon footprint of jet travel.

Are we ready to live like Greta?  She reminds us all that none of us is powerless to act and change the world.  Each of us can make meticulous life affirming choices in each moment of every day.  We can speak kindly and act from the heart with each creature we encounter in our day.  We can make the tedious but vital choices to give up immediate pleasures for the sake of our planet.  We can do whatever it takes to save our planet and ourselves.

I know you are ready.  Let’s leap together. All in. All one.


Recently,  I’ve gotten a number of messages from the Angels saying that the institutions of patriarchy no longer have any bone structure but exist almost like illusions without substance.

Not that everyone is  behaving like this is true…..but the Angels keep returning to the point that  patriarchy and all its structures are no longer supported by the vibration of the planet.

Given the Angels’ remarks that patriarchal institutions have no life force any more, and their structures exist almost as mirages, I was startled by the fire in Notre Dame.  The fire felt like a symbolic moment for all of us on Earth but symbolic of what?

Notre Dame, Our Lady, Mother Mary, an eternal being of the Sacred Feminine.

Does the Sacred Feminine want any institution  to containing her, even when it is a beautiful container?  Did the structure of Notre Dame express her? Did it ever express her?  Was this fire an example of the Sacred Feminine rising up like a Phoenix from the ashes, unbound and free?   Does this fire remind us that any binding no matter how beautiful is still a binding?  Or is this fire  pure tragedy?

Several times, Tibetan Buddhist monks have come to our area to do one of their incredible mandalas in sand. After many weeks’ work, when the mandala is complete and radiantly beautiful, they mix the sand together and take it to release in the Connecticut River.  I have sometimes found it very painful to watch them celebrate their mandala with its destruction.

This year has seen our family losing another piece of property we thought would be part of our lives for a long time.  I have been very sad about its loss.  That it was taken from us through an abuse of our goodwill makes it all very painful.  The last time I was on this land, I knew it was goodbye, and I tried to give it back to God as fully as I could.

Such few words for something so complex.  Let go and Let God.

Centered deep within myself, I can find a palpable feeling that growing spiritually is more important than preserving the material world in forms I like.  As a Capricorn, this has been a hard truth for me to grasp even briefly, but the Universe keeps bringing home this lesson to me in large neon letters, so I get a lot of practice.

To have even a glimmer of feeling that it was okay that I lost this land and okay that the Sacred Feminine wants to take a new unbound form than Notre Dame, feels like grace.  As the old chestnut goes, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience not visa versa.  I wish I could have learned this without attending 2X4 school, but I couldn’t.  Transformation often feels like destruction, but it’s actually transformation.