The Kindness of Wildflower Essences and So Many Other Beloveds

Last night I had a dream in which I found myself taking the SATs again.  It was a classic anxiety dream.  I was at the test center trying to psych myself up to take the test but not doing a very good job. After all I have been out of college for 39 years.  Was it really necessary to take these tests again?  Apparently it was, and I needed to kill it.  Meanwhile I felt unprepared and bewildered that I was expected to sit down AGAIN with a #2 pencil and get filling in those bubbles.

When I awoke, I thought about the last time I took the SATs at the age of 17.  I wondered what I would I tell young Molly if I could talk to her after she left the test?

Would I tell her, well, your first boyfriend is going to dump you next week, but don’t worry, you’ll be okay.  It’s a good thing. There really ARE other fish in the sea.

Would I tell her that during that same week she was going to get rejected from her first choice college to which she had applied early decision, but that too would be okay. She would eventually be VERY glad she didn’t go there.

Would I tell her she also was going to flunk her driver’s test that week, but that too would be okay as she would pass the second time.

To top off all this cheery news, would I also mention that the night her boyfriend dumped her she was going to be home alone babysitting her little brothers, one of whom was going to throw up all over his bedroom all night long? And I mean ALL NIGHT LONG!

Hmmmmm.  Maybe not.

Maybe I would just tell her that no matter what happened, she was going to be okay, and that she would not miss her life. Maybe I’d just give her a hug and remind her she was loved.  Maybe not by that dirtbag boyfriend, but still, she was loved.

And so the dream was a good reminder to me to stop worrying about current concerns.  All those screwball Mercury retrograde/ snow storm/computer snafus that occurred yesterday?  It will be okay.  We’ll untangle all the tangles.

And that crowd coming for many, many, many meals over the next holiday stretch? They will be fine no matter what I serve them, so maybe its NOT time to resuscitate the Vegan/ Meat Fest Thanksgiving menu, that meal that almost killed me in its complexity.

And when I get off balance about the bigger picture stuff? Something about that dream reminded me it’s not about “doing it right” that matters, but just being there with an open heart towards myself and everyone else in our moments of suffering, big and little. It’s the only way forward.  Things go wrong.  Mistakes are made.  But if we are gentle with ourselves and each other in all these circumstances, it will be okay. We’ll figure it out.

The Flower Essences that I find myself reaching for a lot right now are the Wildflower Essences.  They really know how to endure and even thrive in very tough conditions.  They adapt to challenging even extreme circumstances and never miss a beat.  They are also surprisingly kind.  They welcome us as we are and offer their complete undivided support. They are very wise because they have followed the bead of their own evolution with such complete focus, but they are more than happy to bring that wisdom back to us and share it completely.  Who could ask for more?

We have a wall of individual bottles of all our Essences for us to use in our daily water bottles.  I’ve found myself reaching for many Wildflowers each day including Fragrant Ladies TressesNiella, Silver-rod, Bottle Gentian and Pearly Everlasting.

I suggested the Pearly Everlasting to a spry octogenarian yesterday, but she didn’t want to identify with a Flower Essence that described itself as being there to help older folks.  I had to appreciate her sass in not putting herself in the category of senior citizen.  I’ve always felt very old even when I was 17 (both before and after that particular week from hell).  I appreciate that Pearly Everlasting wants to reach out to those of us that don’t have the electrical circuit boards of younger generations.  I want to stay here for the adventure of what lies ahead and appreciate that this Flower Essence and so many others are helping me be able to do so.

I come back to the truth that we all need help right now whether we get it from Flower Essences or in other ways.  It takes a village right now of Flowers and Angels and animals and kind friends and kind strangers. I feel grateful to have so many beloveds to travel along this road with.

Maybe that would have been the most important thing to say to young Molly that day, “You are not alone.”

How to get the most from Flower Essences

Many of you ask us how to get the most from Flower Essences.

As I consider this question, it occurs to me to look at the two groups that make the most of Flower Essences. These two groups are children and animals.

Children and animals have a particular knack for letting Flower Essences help them heal completely, swiftly and painlessly.  In fact, many of you come to us for Flower Essences for yourselves after seeing the results with your animals.

This is the story we hear again and again- You arrive home to find a relaxed animal friend sprawled on top of the box of Flower Essences from us, clearly feeling better- and this is just the beginning of his or her return to health and well-being.

What is it about animals and children that allows them to get so much from Flower Essences?

Neither animals or children have any defensiveness about what Flower Essences offer.  Instead they seem to recognize Flower Essences as familiar old friends that bring them exactly what they need to get better.

Perhaps this open hearted trust is because their connection to the natural world is more intact than for many of us. This leaves them free to recognize these gift from nature immediately.

Perhaps this welcoming attitude is because they have not been made cynical by people or products that promise the moon and don’t deliver.

Whatever the case, it is an enviable open-heartedness.

For children and animals, working with Flower Essences is a simple exchange. They go out to greet the incoming energy of the Flower Essences with a sense of this being the way things are meant to be.

Children that cannot read and haven’t even had Flower Essences explained to them will confidently pick a Flower Essence from a group of bottles and say, “This is the one for me.”

May we all return to this state of recognition about what we need and our right to have this support.

That is another thing difference between animals and children and most of the rest of us. They usually do not have the filter that suggests they do not deserve to heal unless they move mountains and/or suffer deeply beforehand.  No, it is even more simple than that. They don’t have the filter that they don’t deserve to heal.

For way too many of us, we don’t feel deserving of healing. If you feel that you might in any way believe that you don’t deserve to heal, consider giving this idea to the Flower Essences as a concern you want the Essences to help you release. We do deserve health and well-being. Period.

It is also wonderful to ask the Angels to work with the Flower Essences to release ideas like this.  So many unhelpful ideas can lie within us  without us knowing these ideas are there or why we might cling so tenaciously to them. I like how the Flower Essences and the Angels help us dump inner garbage without us having to pick through the garbage on its way to the dump!

As the Angels have reminded me for thirty years, it’s the ASKING for help and the WILLINGNESS TO RECEIVE THE HELP that matters.  They remind us all to not get caught up inner arguments about deserving but to just let go.  This is the natural flow for a child or animal who has not yet been hurt by the world. Nothing impedes the flow of asking for what is needed. Nothing impedes the flow of receiving what is asked for.

May we all find our way back to this state of grace.

On a more practical note, if a Flower Essence is not doing what you hoped it would do for you, put it in a spritzer bottle with some water (the proportions here do not matter!)  and spritz around and over yourself frequently. This REALLY improves efficacy for more reasons than I could possibly know or explain.

And for goodness sake, drink more water!  That also helps the energy of the Flower Essences to move through your system.

One last thought- A Green Hope Farm recently sent me a transcribed conversation she had with an Angel named Aine. This Angel wants to work with more people to help them get the most from Flower Essences. I hope today, by mentioning Aine, more people will ask to work with her.

Aine also expressed a concern shared by the Angels here: As more light floods the planet, the animals have the double burden of making their own energetic shifts PLUS fulfilling their job to help us make our energetic shifts. The animals are weighed down by these two jobs. Especially right now as all of us scramble to keep up with enormous energy shifts, they need Flower Essences very badly.

Angel Aine is focused on helping us help the animals. If we want to call to her when we are choosing Flower Essences for our beloved companions or using the Essences with the animals in our life, she will help us. Thank you Lois Hartwick for sharing this information about Aine.

Here are the original children and animal that taught me so much about Flower Essences.  Thank you Emily, Benjamin, Cody and Elizabeth.

A Vegan/Meat Lovers Thanksgiving Gala!

Hello my dear friends! It’s that old chestnut, my Thanksgiving blog!

So here it is- my special shout out to all you fellow cooks getting ready for the big game meal next week.

Is your menu written on a napkin all set? Is it like a peace treaty between warring countries fluid like mine?

Are there some nutty new additions and I don’t mean just to the guest list. Has plant based eating hit your extended family like a tornado like it has hit mine?

Yes, here at the farm we are all wondering what great grandma is going to make of all those vegan sides!

And what WILL the sides be here at the farm? Two of my adult children are just back from a bachelor party in Nashville so we know what sides THEY would like.


(And we do make a good one- see page 142 of our farm cookbook The Things We Cook for the recipe).

Here’s my copy of The Things We Cook– well loved and with a fair amount of penciled in vegan adaptations in the margins also very decorated as we realized this cookbook makes a great coloring book no matter one’s dietary persuasion.

Cookbook aside,  while various people lobby for their choice of sides, I, as the person elbowing my way into my own kitchen in charge of the Thanksgiving kitchen, pretend I have no plan so no one can complain in advance continue to craft the perfect menu in my head.

Full disclosure: I have informed the twenty one people who are coming to our shindig that they can expect some unique and festive dishes that may only appear once on the menu but will live on in infamy expect the unexpected.

I have intimated to several of those particularly near and dear to me that the menu is going to be a complete break from anything ever cooked here veer towards gluten free, dairy free and animal free. They have had a strong reaction to the news upped the ante in their corner by volunteering to do more cooking.

So…..there may be a shepherd’s pie with vegan mashed potatoes and smoked paprika, sunflower romanesco and lentil filling on the table but according to the meat police traditionalists there will also be TURKEY, GIBLET GRAVY, DUCK,  SALAMI AND CHIPPED BEEF.

My question about these meat demands suggestions: Has there EVER been a traditional Green Hope Farm Thanksgiving with Duck or Salami or Chipped Beef LET ALONE ALL THREE? I think this is a BIT of an overreaction to the news of my plans for a semi-vegan Thanksgiving.

In any case, it has all been pretty light hearted so far with no actual threats as no one is too righteous in their choices. And I find it fun to explore new cooking directions. It’s somewhat like diving into the water at the arctic circle for a refreshing dip while a crowd of thousands watch.

No seriously, I love a reckless crazed bold adventure. And perhaps this year will have especially bold, might I say dangerous moments…. As everyone will attest who has even breezed through the farm in the last few months, I am infatuated with my new pressure cooker, and it is ALWAYS going. I promise that I am usually vaguely moderately super attentive and never leave the room when the pressure is up. THERE IS NO CAUSE FOR ALARM.

And thanks to My Precious, aka my pressure cooker, when beloveds come through the kitchen looking for snacks, there is heartbreak that the formerly endless stash of cakes and cookies has been replaced by tamari almonds and rice crackers there are vast quantities of yummy superfoods including soooooo many beans and ancient grains pressure cooked to perfection and ready for someone to quietly compost savor with great enjoyment.

Exhibit A- What pantry snoops hope to find.

Exhibit B- What they are apt to find.

But back to the Thanksgiving feast in all its glory!

This year at the farm, there is one thing we can all agree upon: Potato chips this is the fact that there is so much to be grateful for even if for some of us it’s a thing with feathers and for some of us, not so much.


Evolving Beyond our Definition of Self

On one of the handouts we’ve sent off in recent months, the Angels note that humanity is evolving from a paradigm of selfishness to selflessness. A number of you have asked me if I would ask the Angels what they meant by this.

I thought of your request when I was at a friend’s family gathering this weekend. As I saw how her family viewed my friend, I was struck by how differently I saw her. We all seemed to have a limited and different view of her self. I was reminded that all too often being familiar with someone or being family to someone brings the person an experience of being pinned down by who people think he or she is.

We are always more than even the people who know us well can grasp.

I wondered if our limiting filters of perception were the problem that created humanity’s selfishness. After all, selfishness only arises when we identify ourselves and others as limited and separate beings. If we understand all of us to be an infinite collective in oneness, then acting from separate self interest against another becomes an obsolete notion.

So therein lies the challenge- to evolve beyond every definition of self, be it one we hold of ourselves or one laid on us by others, and allow this for everyone else as well.

The Angels explore this in their description of the new Lisianthus Flower Essence. This Essence brings encouragement to expand our idea of self as whole beyond limits. As the Angels note,

Lisianthus encourages us to tap into each person’s eternal identity unhinged from experiences in this realm of learning lessons. It encourages us to hold fast to this divine identity instead of zeroing in on the thin slice of imperfection we see play out as each of us goes through our necessary Earth experiences.”

Another way to think about this came to me after a conversation with Emily Sheehan Carey.  Our self is like a well. Our self definitions and the ones the world has heaped on us can be like weeds and brambles covering the well. These brambles obscure but do not tarnish who we really are. The well is still there.

We are always free to push aside these brambles, pry off even the heaviest of well coverings and remove the leaves from the top of the water to dip our bucket deep into the sweet, cool, clear waters of our eternally replenishing, eternally creative, eternally evolving self.

Lisianthus Flower Essence reminds us to not lay brambles on anyone’ well. It reminds us not to try to reduce anyone to a description based on what we observe. We always have, what Purple Flowering Raspberry calls, “the unmet corridors of our hearts and a glorious wilderness of our souls.”

 How do we go about the work of seeing everyone as infinite beings of great depths and thus shift the paradigm from selfishness to selflessness? How do we remember that we are all in disguise from our true divine unlimited identity?

As I wrote this, I felt a bit bad that having introduced this blog as a chance for the Angels to explain, I then wrote my thoughts, but the Angels responded to my concern with, “WE ARE NOT SEPARATE.”

The Angels continued,  “It’s not about you getting out of the way for us or us waiting to speak after you. We are each of us experiencing our oneness, our eternal self in each other no matter who has the floor.

This is one way to consider the issue of those around you who seem preoccupied with maintaining the mistaken notion of separation.  Of course you must sometimes get out of the way of this erratic energy, but you also have a chance to see this energy as something reflecting back to you for your learning. Is there any kernel of your own in what is coming at you? As you consider this, you bring light to something unowned within you and that brings light to everyone. And this willingness to “own” what can be viewed as “another person’s issues” breaks down the illusion of separation in a powerful way.

Selfishness is based on an illusionary idea that there is a separate self to defend and protect. The reality is that whatever you experience as within or without is actually within you in an infinity shared by everyone.”

From the (E)Mail box- Flower Essence dosage, efficacy and our Red Shiso stabilizer

Here is a letter received in email last week.

Hi all,

I received the Golden Armor essence and just noticed that the coloring of it is much paler than the other essences that I have received.

Is this normal or should I be concerned?

Also, I’m not sure if I’m having difficulty combining the essences, taking too many or just peeling back layers that cause can discomfort. Can’t seem to get the right dosage and doses.

This is a similar problem that I had working with a homeopath. We worked on trying to get the right remedy, the right dose for almost a year and I was quite uncomfortable. So I gave that up.

I can feel the gentleness and effectiveness of your essences at times but not enough.

It may be something that I have to deal with but I feel having more insight as to what to expect with these essences might help.

This was my answer, edited a bit as I got it ready for the blog.

Dear Friend,

Thanks for writing with your excellent questions- I will try to do my best to answer you, but please email us if I haven’t answered your questions.

Let me first speak to the concern about a pale Flower Essence.   Sometimes a batch of Red Shiso stabilizer is paler than other batches due to the difference in pigment in the leaves used for that particular batch. The same amount of Red Shiso leaves are used in every batch, but some leaves are more maroon in pigment than other leaves so there can be quite a difference in color. The perilla aldehyde which is the stabilizer in the Red Shiso tincture is not tied to the color, so the Essences are stabilized even when pale in color (more about Red Shiso here).

I want to address your concerns about how well the Flower Essences are working for you. I looked at the Flower Essences you got- You got some powerhouses (This GHF friend ordered Golden Armor, Inner Child, Pearly Everlasting, Linden, The Alignment Garden, To Hear the Angels Sing and the Angel’s Releasing Blocks and Limits Set consisting of All Ego Contracts Null & Void, Carry Less, Coralita, Flow Free, Fragrant Ladies Tresses and Mary Queen of Scots Rose) I loved that you got a spritzer bottle as well as I feel that is a very effective way to work with the Essences (more about spritzing here).

Taking Flower Essences more frequently can improve efficacy. Since you mention that sometimes the Essences do not feel like enough, I would work with them more frequently during the day. This could mean using the spritzer more often or putting the Flower Essences in a glass of water at the beginning of the day and sipping this  throughout the day. This is what I do with a quart jar as my Flower Essence water container. In fact we all use quart jars here so people crochet covers to distinguish whose quart belongs to whom.

Sometimes it is a bit of a mystery what the Flower Essences are doing. I often notice how an Essence helped me after the fact. I will realize that I have released some pattern that the Flower Essences were addressing and hadn’t really noticed it’s absence. I also find that if I am not finished learning from an Essence I will feel called back to it if I stopped working with it- I mostly notice what the Essences have helped with in retrospect.

As far as your concern about possible discomfort caused by Flower Essences,

I want to reassure you that they cannot make things worse for you or your electrical system. The Essences are information about how to make our healing process more effective and complete. They are not chemicals that have volition to bring change to your system.

To put this another way, Flower Essences do not carrying any wisdom that would bring discomfort as their whole intention is to help us raise our vibration and leave behind lower vibrations that could cause discomfort.

In addition, your wise electrical system always decides what to do with the information offered by the Flower Essences and always chooses the most healing way to use this data.

You mention concerns about the right dosage. With a Flower Essence, a little bit of Essence holds the same information as a lot of Flower Essence so the amount you take is not a factor. As I wrote earlier, the frequency with which you take an Essence is important as each time you take a sip of water with Flower Essences in it or use a Flower Essence spritzer bottle, you give your electrical system a reminder of how it can solve the concerns you are looking to heal.

One last thought about discomfort. It is a pretty rigorous time to be on the planet. The vibrational energy is going up rapidly, much more quickly than ever before. While many embrace this shift and do their best to accommodate this higher vibration energy, there are others who are expressing their displeasure about this rise in vibration in aggressive ways. This all makes for quite a complex vibrational soup for us to swim in- a soup in which it’s hard to figure out the source of a lot of what we are experiencing and feeling. Yes, this rising vibration requires us to peel back layers and let go- as you say- and we are graced to hear from a lot of people who are working so earnestly to go with this flow. We are also hearing from many who bear the brunt of people who are resisting the flow and making it difficult for others. All in all, these times appear to be a tough stretch for most everyone.

Flower Essences bring a wisdom to this metamorphosis that is so very helpful. This is because their wisdom is grounded in their own evolutionary process and thus is all about supporting us to evolve and change. Every one of us must blossom and grow right now. I am grateful to have the wise counsel of Flower Essences to show us how.

Love, Molly

PS Do you have our Guidebook? This might be a really wonderful way for your to deepen your friendship with the Essences- They want to be staunch allies in all that is going on for you- This book shares their words (and some of mine) for 300 plus pages!

As a community of Flowers, Angels, Nature Spirits, Dogs, Cats and even some People, Green Hope Farm can be a funny place……and I love telling you all about it!