In the hero’s journey, there are obstacles placed in the way of continuing one’s journey. These obstacles are sometimes called “threshold guardians.”

Humanity is on a hero’s journey to expand its understanding of itself, and one of the threshold guardians at this particular point of our collective journey is Lyme disease. Lyme disease represents a thought form that we must wrestle with and move beyond in order to continue our journey home to conscious oneness with divinity.

Each of us on our hero’s journey confronts and moves beyond the thought form of Lyme disease in a way perfect for us. There is no right or wrong in how we each tackle the threshold guardian of this thought form.

Some of us have decided to tackle it through experiencing the physical condition of Lyme disease. Some will move through the threshold in a different way. All of us must make this journey in one way or another as the threshold guardian of Lyme disease represents an illusion of separation and conflict that individually and collectively we must move beyond in order to experience ourselves as a collective unified energetic field.

Collective unified energetic field; I know that is wordy. Sometimes realities sublime and simple seem to be the hardest to describe. The threshold guardian of Lyme disease brings forward our attack from outside ourselves/”other” consciousness so we can dismantle it. Crossing this threshold will free us from any illusions that self and self-interest do not encompass all beings.

One of the most awe inspiring things for me as I worked on this project was the way I experienced the selflessness of those who are most directly tackling this thought form through living through and beyond the Lyme disease process. Their work is a brave way-showing for the rest of us. Our culture has such a decidedly judgmental framework about disease and those who gets sick . Whereas these courageous way-showers work not only to cross this threshold for themselves but show us all it can be done. This rings a bell for all humanity of confidence and hope.

At this juncture, through the grace of Nature, we can move beyond this threshold without any more people needing going through the physical disease process of Lyme disease.

Flowers and the Angels and Elementals of Nature do not hold the same illusions of separation we must disband and therefore, it is with Nature’s gift of Flower Essences that we can find a way-shower mix for all of us that can move us through this threshold in a different, more gentle way.

I loved the name the Angels chose for the mix: Beyond Lyme. There it is. This mix is not about keeping us in the thought form of attack by others outside ourselves. It is about releasing these ideas and moving us beyond these thought forms.

Almost everything about this mix surprised be except, of course, that the Angels and Elementals of Nature and the Flowers of creation could support us so completely to move Beyond Lyme and past this threshold guardian to a new experience of reality.

We must all move beyond this threshold guardian as represented by Lyme disease. This means the Beyond Lyme mix is helpful for just about everyone!

It is available from Green Hope Farm for $9 for a half ounce bottle and $30 for a two ounce bottle. As the significance of this mix becomes more clear, we will share more information about it, and please let us know your questions so we can ask the Angels and Elementals to answer them!
Beyond Lyme contains these Flower Essences: Aloe Ciliaris, Bottlebrush, Burdock, Carrot, Celandine, Cherry Tomato, Coralita, Cosmos, Dill, Echinacea, Echinops, Eggplant, French Marigold, Giant’s Causeway, Ginseng, Jade, Jamaica Dogwood, La Belle Sultane Rose, Larkspur, Lemon, Magnolia, Maltese Cross, Nodding Ladies Tresses, Orange, Pennyroyal, Queen Anne’s Lace, Radish, Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean, Rudbeckia Cappuccino and Cherry Brandy, Sea Holly, Self Heal, Spiderwort, Teasel, Top Chakra Teasel and Wild Ginger


At lunch today we went up into the nearby hills to collect Wild Leeks also known as Ramps.

After fruitlessly searching marshy lowland spots for Ramps for many years, I stumbled on this immense colony during a random lunchtime walk one spring day. Until that moment, I didn’t realize that these moisture loving plants might find happiness in ledgey wet pools on top of a hill- yet there they were as far as the eye could see in big gorgeous clumps of aromatic glory.

All the green in the distance are Ramps. Somehow the photo doesn’t do the scene justice.

Yesterday, Ben suggested we go up and see if the Ramps were big enough to be harvested. Since they were, we collected enough for him to pickle up a quart.

Ramp season is a short one of only a week or two so we set right off today for more. Laura, Thembi, Lizzy and baby Grace went on this second expedition as everyone wanted some after seeing Ben’s harvest yesterday.

As I noted to Laura, I only have pictures of her shoveling. She seemed to like this identity as the muscle of every task! In this photo you get more of a sense of exactly how many Ramps there are on this hilltop.

Grace continues to like her role as supervisor of all she surveys.


Thembi holds the full trug. The harvest made for a nice bunch for everyone to take home for supper with six zillion Ramps left to prosper and grow!

Spring Bustle

To catch up on news from the farm…

Yes, the bear returned. I saw the bear and the bear saw me.

He WAS big.

He returned the only night I decided to forgo the all night radio treatment. I heard him before he had done more than rip apart the winter covering on the healthiest beehive. Mercifully, he ran off when I started yelling at him. He did not look in need of a meal. In fact he looked very very wide of girth- but also spectacularly beautiful. If he wasn’t so intent on wrecking our beehives I would be quite enamored of the big guy.

The Roses all arrived from various Rose growers all over the US. No one sent what I ordered, but in that way of the Angels (and apparently Rose growers), I got beautiful Roses that felt perfect even if unexpected.

Laura and May May helped to plant them all.

Baby Grace came out to oversee the whole operation. I can tell she is going to love weeding as she already loves ripping up grass.
Yesterday we got a load of mulch.
Lots and

Lots of mulch.

Perhaps Grace is a bit too young to help spread all this mulch, but I am sure she will be in the middle of it all enjoying all the bustle of wheelbarrows on the go and the warmth, at long last, of spring sun.

PS I am going to try and post lots of photos of the Flowers on Facebook this growing season so check that out if you want to see what is blooming here!

What Do you Say to a Bare Bear?

Sheehan’s Law is much the same as Murphy’s Law.

When Jim Sheehan leaves the farm for even a few hours of well deserved rest or recreation, bees swarm, hot water heaters melt down, tires go flat, phones go haywire, computers glitch, porcupines get busy and mayhem makes itself known. When he leaves for a week, books could be written about all the things that come unglued.

This year, Sheehan’s Law began to take effect even before Jim could blow the joint. On Wednesday morning when he was meant to be packing his bag and making a speedy exit for his annual junket to the Masters golf tournament, he found himself instead donning a bee suit to reassemble a bee hive pulled apart by a bear on Tuesday night.

This led Jim to consider not going on his trip, mostly because he was sure I would use poor judgment when dealing with the bear.

Who me?

Under duress he removed the bee suit, dusted himself off and hit the road. Meanwhile, I was left to ponder how to keep the bear from returning for another go at the honey laden beehives. After asking for help from every known Angel and Elemental, I decided to cap our efforts by staging a bit of a Home Alone redo. I assembled a large number of lamps to shine out over the hives and fixed a radio over the hives set at top volume on NPR. This all-nighter was going to look like a party too scary to crash- or perhaps too dull as 12 hours of NPR is a little much- even for a bear.

Night one was icy cold and rainy. A large crash alerted us that our party planning might not have been enough. William (college choice still unknown, by the way) and I pulled on our Inspector Gadget gear and ran out into the dark with flashlights to “case the joint.” This was perhaps the kind of bad judgment Jim was talking about.

Although I think Jim really thought the painting below was more like the kind of stupidity I might engage in with him away from the hilltop.

I guess we’ll never know where our mild manner Inspector Gadget insanity was going to go from there or whether it would have proved to be our worst idea, because right then……

The phone rang. In a breathless whisper our closest neighbor (a full time forester and man of the mountains) hissed into the phone, “The bear is heading for your backyard RIGHT NOW and


Hmmmmmm. Perhaps this wasn’t the moment for a bear serenade or a closer encounter. When our woodsman neighbor describes a bear as big, discretion instead of New Age flute music becomes the better part of valor.

Thus Will and I beat a retreat inside, leaving it to “All Things Considered and then Considered Again and then Again” to keep off the 300 pound bear.

Apparently NPR did the trick as for the past two nights, Mr 300 pounder has remained at a polite distance, deciding he doesn’t want to eat any more honey if it means he has to be up on his current events.

Meanwhile, I am so tired of Robert Siegel’s voice that I never want to hear it again. I am sleeping right upstairs above the beehives with various pots and pans handy to clang if the bear returns. I try to stay alert to bear like noises while ignoring the human radio droning, but it is a struggle.

I will be glad when Jim returns and it’s his turn on patrol. If he doesn’t want to listen for a night or two, all I have to do is get out my penny whistle and tell him I am going to go out and make beautiful healing music with our bear friend. That ought to get him motivated to take a shift.

Laura Saves the Day

My meandering blog on Roses failed to mention the basic insanity of anyone with one and a half arms ordering so many Roses.

Yes, my mending arm is much better and stronger as I clip and rake and stir and bottle through my days- but still, it was perhaps a tad optimistic to plan so many new Rose beds with each Rose needing a hole the size of a bushel basket – Or perhaps the truth is that the Angels knew that staff Goddess Laura would be there to help.

When Laura joined me for the hole digging on Friday afternoon, I found myself working alongside a veritable dynamo- The morning before I had dug six holes and considered it a heroic effort- With Laura by my side, six more were done in about ten minutes. In the course of the afternoon, we got the twenty two holes that needed to be dug done and still had time to organize the compost and soil amendments for every hole.


Here Laura and MayMay are at the top of the shot. Note that Laura is working harder than MayMay.

After Laura went home, I was once more plunged into the department of utter confusion as the first Rose shipment arrived and was different than what I expected. In addition, an email from another company awaited me with the news that the company was going out of business and many of the Roses I thought were coming from this company would not be coming after all. I went to another company to try to replace these Roses and found some but not all. So I picked out some different ones to try.

Suddenly my pristine road map for planting this new bed was looking like this


And I decided I needed to start over with A NEW CHART- Note that I have put the word “final” in quotes as likelihood that this is how things will be planted is 0%.


In looking over what I believe to be coming, I also realized I needed to dig a third bed for the overspill. I am not sure what Ben will think we he finds out that his grape vines are now encircled on yet another side with Roses. Soon his spread of grapes will be like Sleeping Beauty’s castle and people will have to fight their way to his vines through a forest of Rose briars. I am sure he will love this.

Here is the “overspill” patch running along the west side of Ben’s grapes. The north side and part of the south already have Roses around it.

Don’t mention any of this to Ben……. or Will either as this bed now cuts into Will’s new badminton court. Oddly enough this original court got cut into by another perennial bed…….. I think the sportsmen of the family were hopeful my broken arm would slow me down in my process of devouring all the lawn they want to use for badminton, pitch and put golf, soccer and wiffleball.

I am afraid not gentlemen, but think how much more fun I have made the lawn mowing for you with the added twists and turns of these new beds!

As a community of Flowers, Angels, Nature Spirits, Dogs, Cats and even some People, Green Hope Farm can be a funny place……and I love telling you all about it!