Land Clearing Technique

The Elementals have asked me to post this information again fyi. Please email me at with any questions.


Negativity builds up on land in many ways. For example, human discord of any kind settles on the land where the discord took place. If you have a temper tantrum in your backyard, that energy remains in your backyard after the tantrum is over. Even the most pristine piece of land, uninhabited by humans, will have negativity delivered to it by wind and precipitation. For example, rain clears the atmosphere of negativity but leaves this negativity on the land.

This discord stays in the land UNTIL the negativity is either cleansed energetically by humans in conscious cooperation with Nature, ie the Angels and Elementals, or is forcibly removed through weather such as storms, hurricanes, thunderstorms, fires, droughts, floods, high winds etc.

In case you have not read the Guide, the Angels hold the divine plan for creation and the Elementals manifest this plan. Humans either mess up the plan and its manifestation or add to the light of creation by using their free will to support the work of the Angels and Elementals and add their own divinely inspired creations.

When land is energetically cleaned, the vibration is raised and the negativity is dissolved or transmuted without any side effects. Elementals and Angels, particularly the Elementals, do the actual energy cleansing but this group CANNOT do this work in the same benign way unless a human asks them to do it.

It is one of our vital roles in the co-creation and maintenance of Earth.

If a human doesn’t ask for energy cleansing for a piece of land and this land is holding a lot of negativity, the Elementals only options for removing this negativity is extreme weather. Because the Elementals are supposed to keep the planet in form, steadying and balancing it as we go, they WILL clear land that is very negative in order to help this balancing process. Without our help, big weather events are the operative mechanism for such clearings.

When we are in a time period like now, when the vibration of the planet is being raised, the Elementals will have to do more cleansing than usual in order to keep the Earth in alignment with this evolutionary process. Right now, land clearing is more important than ever.

If you can do this every day, this is of maximum benefit to land you live and work on, but even occasional cleansing will be a great help! It should not take more than a few minutes. I like to sit quietly while doing this but if need be, do it on the fly. The cleansing will be done when you ask for it, no matter how or when you ask.

You can ask for assistance from
1. THE OVER LIGHTING DEVA of the piece of land you want to clean.
This being from the Angelic kingdom holds the divine plan for this piece of land.
They work with the Deva of the land.
These are the beings who bring your land into actual form and then hold it there so we can live in a world of form. You can also ask for the Elementals of earth, air, water, fire and ether to support you as well as the Elementals of the land you are clearing.
4. PAN, Head Elemental of Earth
There may or may not be any connected depending on the piece of land.
6. Deva of the Earth’s atmosphere, LUNARIA
7. Deva of the Earth’s surface, SAPPHALO
8. Deva of the sun in the center of the Earth, DARNDELLA

You do not need to list all the names above to get help!
YOU CAN SIMPLIFY THE PROCESS and ask for the Angels and Elementals of the land to help you-

After you call in some variation of this group, ask them to CLEANSE, CLEAR, REBALANCE AND ILLUMINATE the land you are clearing. You can ask them to clear the EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, PHYSICAL AND ETHERIC BODIES of the land of everything that is not pure divinity.

Ask that any negativity be released and transmuted through a CHRISTED GRID. This is not a religious thing. This is just a way to describe a cleansing filter that purifies the energies so that they do not come back to the land again.

You can visualize all the negativity being removed from the land both below and above ground or you DON’T HAVE TO VISUALIZE anything. The land will still be cleansed because you have asked to have it done.

If you want, after the cleansing, you can ask that the land that has been cleansed be filled with divine love and light, specifically that it hold this new higher vibration coming into Earth to serve our spiritual evolution right now. This fills the land that has been cleared of negativity with positive energies so that negative energies don’t just rush back in to fill the void created by the clearing.

Our neighbor, Vermont

When Green Hope Farm began, many people asked me, “Why isn’t Green Hope Farm in Vermont?” I had no answer for them other than, “Because, for some reason, it is here, a few miles east in New Hampshire.” But this doesn’t mean I didn’t get the gist of the question. Vermont has a more “forging ahead into the unknown with old ideas rediscovered and new ones yet to be found” ethos than New Hampshire, and that attitude is certainly what we try to bring to our work here.

Now more than ever, Vermont needs its evolutionary spirit. Post Irene, with so many of Vermont’s bridges literally washed away, Vermont must forge ahead as Green Hope Farm friend, Debi Melzer said, “to let the old bridges go and build new bridges to the future.”

New bridges are in all out futures because new circumstances are going to keep knocking on our doors no matter. We all are going to have to take from the past what worked and leave the rest on the other side of the new bridges we build right now, confident new realities await us on the other side of our new bridges.

And God Bless Vermont and the example it sets for all of us, because it has been doing good bridge building for so very long. Vermont’s steep hills with farms down in the valleys have long been vulnerable to floods and other ecological disasters, often due to soil erosion caused by bringing old world methods of farming to new terrain. By acknowledging these problems Vermonters arrived at new ways to work the land. They also helped create the national environmental movement which could be said to have been born in Vermont in the hands of people including Frederick Marsh Billings.

Vermont has been a leader in so many other progressive ideas as well: green technology, the locavore movement, community supported agriculture, artisan cheese, and new concepts of community living based on the tradition of Vermont town meetings. With this kind of momentum, I am confident Vermont will build good new bridges in the wake of Irene.

And I don’t have to just be hopeful here. Lizzy heard Governor Shumlin of Vermont on the radio talking about the problem of having the nerve center for Vermont on the flood plains of Waterbury Vermont. In acknowledging the problem comes the likelihood of solving the problem.

Problems faced can then bring gifts and better bridges. But a problem can only be a gift if we acknowledge there is a problem. Our regional shopping center of many individual plazas in nearby West Lebanon, New Hampshire went through Hurricane Irene with five feet of water sweeping through its stores, because, well, the entire vast shopping area was built on a flood plain for the Connecticut River.

And today’s newspaper said that almost all the stores in West Lebanon plan to rebuild right in the same place. This doesn’t sound like a good idea to me or a good bridge to a sustainable future. As the muck of Irene turns to dust and blows about the sea of parking lots like a scene from the 1930’s dustbowl, another hurricane named Katya seems to have her eye on New England and from another storm system entirely, the weathermen tell us that we can expect 2-6 inches of rain in the next 48 hours, just the kind of rain volume that triggered all the flash floods last week in our water logged region.

Fruit Glut Insanity

Childhood dreams of my own fruit trees + Honeybees overwintering happily at the farm + Twenty years since the orchard was planted = Fruit Glut Insanity

This is one more instance in which I get to see the wisdom of the phrase, “Be careful what you ask for.” All those years ago when I planted three peach trees, two sour cherry trees, four pear trees, eight apple trees, twenty five blueberry bushes, five plum trees and big patch of raspberries, elderberries, gooseberries, red currants and black currants I had no idea the volumes of fruit in store for us. Especially this year. This magic fruit year.

Because this year it appears that every last Flower on all these bushes and trees was pollinated and then there was nary a wind, frost, or bug to interfere with all this magnificent setting fruit.

First came the sour cherry season. There were so many cherries that I gave one whole tree to the birds and only picked from the other tree. Each day after work I would climb a ladder and pick until supper then at night I would pit cherries for a couple hours and defrost something from the freezer to make room for the day’s haul.

Then came the blueberries. Twenty five bushes of blueberries is a lot of blueberries. The family and staff like blueberries better than sour cherries so I got a bit more help with the picking but still……for weeks we picked until we were literally blue, and it still didn’t look like we had even been in the patch.

After a month, we still have more to pick. This week when someone brought home a bag of store bought sweet cherries, I went a little bit nuts. “I DON”T CARE IF YOU ARE TIRED OF BLUEBERRIES!” I screeched. “NO RANDOM FRUIT PURCHASES!”

Then the peaches and pears were ready. That is pretty much the last time I posted here because 24/7 I am managing fruit.

At least these two fruits can be canned so I don’t have to expect the family to toss back a ham in order to make room for my pear and peach products in the freezer. Instead I am canning until the wee hours each night. With seventy five pints under my belt, you would never know I had peeled a single fruit

Every single bowl I own is overflowing with ripe pears or peaches. Underneath the kitchen table I have filled all my weeding bins with ripening pears and still there is an overflow….. It is in the living room packed in sleds. This fruit glut management plan is working alright except that Reina keeps selecting herself a piece of fruit then eating a mouthful or two and leaving it on the rug to go back for more.

This weekend, more pints of canned pears are in my future. When I get so I can’t look another sliced pear in the face, I plan to switch to pear butter. I plan to can until Hurricane Irene knocks out the power or until every last canning jar in my grasp is full of fruit. ( Sadly, my sister in law gave me about five thousand pint jars so this could take awhile.)

And next week? I was horrified to see Emily’s Facebook post of a photo of ripening plums. I hadn’t allowed myself to glance over to that part of the orchard and therefore had not begun to fixate on the plum season. I was strictly focused on finishing off the pears before the apples begin.

Now I have to slip in a five tree plum season before an eight apple tree season.

If I could go back in time, what would I say to thirty year old Molly as she planted the first fruit trees here? If you ask me in the morning when I am feeling rested from Fruit Glut late nights, I would say “Get ready darling, your orchard dreams are going to be everything you imagined and more.”

If you caught me at midnight, the message I’d send back might be, “That’s enough already. STOP PLANTING RIGHT NOW!”


Note to William

Yes, I know she is arriving home from Spain today. Yes, I know you think I need to greet my beloved wearing a Spanish soccer jersey.


But this is ridiculous. I have taken my Flower Essences. I have done the inner work. I know I am enough.



So now, I am going to take a nap and dream of our reunion.



As a community of Flowers, Angels, Nature Spirits, Dogs, Cats and even some People, Green Hope Farm can be a funny place……and I love telling you all about it!