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Skunk Medicine

Two days ago during a brief burst of lunchtime sunshine, I was high in an apple tree pruning to my heart’s content when the scent of skunk wafted through the orchard.  Vicki was also outside and remarked, “I really don’t mind the smell of skunk? Do you?”  I nodded in agreement before noticing Sheba, our beloved resident terrier mutt, tear across the yard like a bat out of hell.

Vicki’s comment about Eau de Skunk was just about to be put to a major test as Sheba had taken a direct hit from a skunk from close range.  Her coat had an actual substance on it, and the smell was so potent that when I picked her up my eyes watered.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to pick her up before she shared the experience with all of us. The doors of house and office had been open when the skunk sprayed. It was a balmy 35 degrees and that felt warm enough for some fresh air.  This open door meant Sheba tore across the yard straight into the house and office then raced through every room rubbing herself on every last rug.

A number of vinegar baths later, Sheba was free from the worst of the spray but not so much the house and office.  I think we’ll all be smelling skunk in here for quite awhile.

After accepting that we’d all smell of skunk for the indefinite future, I spent the next several days thinking about skunk medicine.  This was partly prompted by one of you suggesting I try and see the spray job as “good luck” and partly because the animals continue to be the professors of this Green Hope Farm school without walls.

Skunk is the Algonquin word for this North American native and one of the few Algonquin words in the common vernacular.  This time of year female skunks are getting set to move from their winter dens where they semi hibernate to their birthing dens. The male skunks are getting ready to take a long walkabout after they have done their business with the ladies.

This time of year there is often a bit of a skunk smell on the wind.  This is because during mating season,  female skunks are happy to give ardent suitors a blast of their perfume to get the fellows to back off until they are good and ready.

Skunks sometimes scurry across our gardens at dawn, but mostly they navigate the gardens with a regal insouciance.  No creature with an ounce of sense ( besides sweet Sheba) would tangle with a skunk.  And their insouciance suggests they know this to be true.

Skunk medicine is not only the self esteem of knowing one can handle just about any threat, but it’s a deeper self knowledge.  Skunks know the truth and the truth is they are bad asses- quite literally as their rears are where their spray glands are.

As I embrace skunk medicine, I will seek to embrace what I truly know to be true about myself. I will honor my genuine gifts and forgive my failings.  I will try to carry myself with confidence, even insouciance.  I will refrain from spraying unless I have stamped my feet like skunks do to give fair warning.  But I will spray to protect what needs to be protected if necessary.  Mostly I will remember that knowing who I am carries its own power.

Uranus, the Great Awakener, Moves Signs

I’m grateful to be in a loving community of sharing with you all.  Right now, it’s heartening to hear from a number of you about the auspicious astrological changes sweeping us towards a new reality.  You share the good news that the planets and the stars offer big support to wake up, trust our inner guidance and shift gears.

Uranus moved this week from Aries where it has been for seven years to Taurus. Uranus in Aries brought us Fukushima on its very first day.  I would like to hope that we can wake up during Uranus’ time in Taurus without this kind of firestorm.

Uranus in Taurus can bring Taurus’ steadying, grounded and persistent energy to solve the problems we face- an energy we sorely need.   But all of you have mentioned that Uranus is very unpredictable, so who knows.  In any case, I am wholeheartedly glad that this shift will bring the unconventional and disrupting energy of Uranus to bear on the Taurian concerns of resource misuse on our dear planet.  It’s time to take care of the only home we have.

Not only did Uranus move into Taurus yesterday for a seven year stay, but we had a new moon in Pisces. This new moon encouraged us to release old stuck ideas and behaviors as well as release the old untruths we’ve chosen to tell ourselves. The cup can’t be refilled if it is already full, and old soul Pisces at the end of the zodiac says, “Dump it all and let’s start fresh.”

One thing I’ve been asking myself is, are these stories I’ve filled my cup with really my stories or are they someone else’s? Why do we so easily cede the territory of stories we tell ourselves to someone else’s story?

I think particularly of how many parents work to shape their children’s narrative about themselves. True freedom is letting go of whatever inherited ideas we were fed about who we are in favor of acknowledging what we know FROM THE INSIDE to be true about our own selves.

In honor of this new moon I pledge to once and for all stop concerning myself with my parents’ stories about me. For example, let me heave ho once and for all my father’s remarks about me working for the devil. This was his problem of perception, not some truth about my earnest work to love the world with Flowers.

Grappling with family of origin myths is one thing.  Grappling with cultural mythology is another.  Who is controlling the stories right now? By what criteria do we believe them? Is this reliable information or do we need to source confirmation elsewhere?

I really like the way platforms like you tube give us a chance to hear lots of different stories and different perspectives so we can sort out and dismiss erroneous information in the face of more data and many points of view.  In addition to listening to many perspectives before we believe what we’re told, we ALWAYS have the discerning tools of our own inner guidance and the way our physical body feels to help us sort out these many different narratives.

We really need these discernment tools in a world where self interest still drives people to control the information or when that fails, lie to everyone.

For example, in our own little town there is a big fight going on about the fate of our public library. In an effort to stop an upgrade and close the library,  an anonymous group has mailed multiple flyers to everyone in town full of misinformation about the library and the town budget in general.

Town meeting is next week and this is where the fate of the library will be decided. In New Hampshire, the voters in each town make most decisions about running their town during this all day meeting. I wish I enjoyed the meeting more.  If I were more detached, I would probably find them fascinating, but mostly these meetings give me a headache. Democracy is messy with lots of points of view and some of these opinions are painful to contain. So it’s the thing that gives me a headache that also makes the meetings good.  Like you tube, town meeting is a place where anyone can speak and everyone can choose who they want to believe. Unlike you tube, when I am tired of listening to someone, I can’t turn the person off, but really, that’s my problem.

It will be interesting to see who has bought into this misinformation campaign intent on closing the library and who has asked around for actual facts.  Will these anonymous flyer writers come forward to be held accountable for their misinformation? How have their lies impacted everyone’s understanding of the situation?

In full disclosure, Vicki, GHF staff goddess and president of the Friends of the Meriden Library, is a leader in the fight to save the library and Jen, GHF staff goddess, is trying to join her by running for a place on the library trustees. In full disclosure I am with them!

I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out.  I’ll try to be as factual as possible, but not to worry, the anonymous flyer makers will offer a different point of view on every media platform in existence, so you will be able to source their campaign to puzzle out what the heck is going on in a town where the library is the big flash point of controversy.

At first I wondered how this blog about Uranus and inner truths ended up on the topic of our Meriden Library, but it makes sense to me when I consider this; Libraries are a place where different points of view about what has happened and what is unfolding are gathered. Libraries share many different stories and points of view.  They offer so many ways for people to seek a diversity of opinions and clarify what is true for them.  And in our town, they are also the place where meetings of people with diverse points of view happen. Maybe that is why this anonymous group wants this one shut down.

PS One Flower Essence for discernment is Spiderwort and one Flower Essence for understanding your body’s wisdom is Amaryllis.

Moral Support

It’s been my experience that Divinity is very adept at sending outer confirmation of our inner listening.

Here’s a story one of you shared last week.  For many months, this dear person had been earnestly listening to her heart’s wisdom about taking a  family business forward towards new paradigms of healing and wellness. Her inner guidance was very different than the prevailing ethos of the business,  and she was feeling very vulnerable as she began to share her ideas.

In the midst of this she bought a car.  It was only when she got the car home that she noticed the license plate frame.

Flower Essences for Inner Listening

In following up on the previous blog, the Angels wanted me to suggest some Flower Essences that help us with our inner listening, and they also clarified what inner listening is and isn’t with this remark:

“Give your inner listening more weight than your outer listening.  This is key in the world right now.  By inner listening we are not talking about listening to the mind- that is outer listening.  we are talking about listening to the voice of the heart, the still small voice of the God within.”

Flower Essences for Inner Listening

To Hear the Angels Sing– We created this combination remedy to support listening to the God within as well as the Angelic kingdom who are best heard when we are grounded in our hearts in a place of oneness.

Daffodil– This beloved Flower Essence has an I AM affirmation that says it all: I AM attuned to the voice of the God within.

Allamanda– If there was a lot of yelling, criticism and angry words spoken during your childhood and as a consequence you tend to believe harsh critical feedback over loving kind feedback, Allamanda helps to dissolve this erroneous filter so you can be more objective about criticism directed at you and see  it for what it is-the ideas of other personalities, not absolute truth. This paves the way for you to hear and take more seriously the loving words of the God within.

Allamanda from Taiwan– If you have internalized negative verbal patterns of abuse and are constantly saying mean things to yourself, this Allamanda helps you let go of this pattern.  It helps you stop kowtowing to the fear that all this critical inner dialog is true and therefore is something you need to keep telling yourself.

French Marigold– French Marigold takes on the job of healing any sort of hearing glitch that interferes with us hearing what is actually being said.  It helps us handle radical change, energetically rebuff inharmonious mutations and in an era in which we are being bombarded by new untested technologies, French Marigold helps us protect our hearing.

Spider Lily– This one helps us sort audible data so that we screen out lower vibration information and hear more clearly high vibration wisdom including the voice of the heart.

Fireweed– This Flower Essence helps us breakthrough any blockages we have about accessing spiritual wisdom.  Fireweed grows particularly well on recently burned land. This reflects how it can support us after our lives have been burnt to the ground and help us find our way and access the inner truths we need to move forward to a new life.

The last one I am going to mention is such a wise friend.

West Indian Sage– Dear grandfatherly West Indian Sage explains, ‘Many of the Sage Essences that you have at Green Hope Farm give clarity about direction while also encouraging right action. They move you along on your outward journey in the world when you need to get moving, helping you set off in the right direction like a good compass and a map. I AM a different kettle of fish. I AM about stillness. I AM about encouraging you inward. You are everything already. Sometimes the solution is not external but an inner turning towards your eternal inner identity. On the map of your life, I hold my finger on this still place within. This helps you find the trail inward, the spiral towards your center.”

The Angels thoughts on Listening

When I asked the Angels what they wanted me to write a blog about this morning, they promptly said, Listening.  So I settled in to listen to what they had to say about Listening.

“You are connected to all that is in every conceivable way, but it is through listening that you can appreciate the connection most deeply.  By this we mean not so much attention to sounds made or voices raised or external noise but the kind of listening that happens deep within you.

This kind of listening requires considerable determination.

Yes, you can hear the voice of God within in the most noisy and crowded circumstances, but that takes a lot of practice.  It is much easier to carve out quiet and solitude then build a trail to your heart in this peace and stillness.

Why does this stillness matter?

You exist in a most complicated structure of infinite possibility, yet few paths lead where you truly want to go. By seeking stillness you eliminate a lot of choices that would clutter your life. When you disentangle from the world’s broadcast, you peels back layers obscuring truth.

People often find there is grace in circumstances that takes them into a time of enforced stillness. For Molly, the time of breaking her arms forced her into a time of stillness.  In a recent blog she mentioned that during her recovery from these injuries she felt whole even when literally broken.  This was because more time in stillness had swept her into deep communion with her soul.

Constraints of illness or injury often bear fruit, because an external focus is no longer possible.  The only road open at such a time is the road within and the practice of listening to what is going on “in there”.

Not only is stillness important but time for stillness matters too.  Some things cannot be rushed.

Inner listening takes you deep into knowing what truly matters to your soul.  As you return to this sacred well of inner Divinity time and time again, the messages get refined and repeated.  That “off the wall” guidance you got the first couple of times you listened, keeps coming back to you again and again.  This can build your confidence in intuitions that seem unexpected or peculiar.

So much of who you truly are and what you are meant to do is against the grain of the cultures you exist in so, yes, we stand by the word peculiar and remind you that peculiar is not wrong. Peculiar is just distinct from the prevailing behaviors of your culture.

Messages repeated in the quiet space of attentive listening bolsters your own determination to follow this inner guidance.  Let yourself blossom in the stillness.  Let yourself blossom in the listening.  Give yourself time to unfurl and drink deeply of your eternal and timeless self.

Don’t feel that you need to share your inner knowing until you have given it time to  settled within you in stillness. How often have you shared a precious realization with someone not ripe for this wisdom only to feel defeated by skepticism or disinterest?  Let yourself drink fully from your inner listening.  Let yourself rest in all you know in this quiet still pool of inner oneness.

This is where we meet you, but more importantly, this is where you meet yourself, your infinite, beautiful, wise, loving and most precious true self.”