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Spritzing with Flower Essences and the Sisterhood of Custom Mixes

Thirty years into a daily life with Flower Essences in the middle of my everything and two things are mainstays: Spritzing and Custom Mixes.

It’s Monday morning.  Soon the office will be packed with Staff Goddesses.  The first thing we will do is have someone make an office Custom Mix for the day and put it in a spritzer bottle.  The second thing that will happen is we will all spritz ourselves.  We will use this mix all day. Tomorrow we will need a new mix.

In my kitchen where I begin my day a couple hours before the office opens, I always have a spritz bottle or two or three of a Custom Mix ready to share with  the people, animals and greenhouse plants of the household . They all know that  a spritz of Flower Essences will begin their days (and close their days at bedtime too).

One wonderful thing that happens to me is that when I am making a custom mix for one of you, I often fall in love with the recipe and make a custom mix bottle of the mix to share here too.  The latest mix I fell in love with was for a GHF friend named Carol. Thank you Carol!  Today I put some of your mix in the household spritz bottle. I also added another custom mix, “Rise above Rage”.  Thank you Barbara! And “Soul Retrieval” and “Forgiveness”. Thank you Tricia! (Tricia worked in the perfume industry for her life work and she now uses her talents  to make the most amazing custom mixes which I happily copy!) Another mix I am using right now was one for Maria. Thank you Maria! (Yes, I often put all of these mixes and more in the household and office custom mixes.)

The sisterhood of women and Flower Essences is a wonderful thing.  I thank you all for your insights into what is going on here on our precious planet and what Flower Essences will help us at this time.

Back to that breakfast scene, all these animals, plants and people graciously welcome the spritz treatment in the morning before they head off to work, school or ( if they are furry cats) a nap before the fire.

Once I am done spritzing everyone, I fill a quart jar with lemon water and add more Flower Essences from a shelf in the kitchen that holds a stash of Flower Essences. You’ll see Mix for Carol right in there in this slice of a long row of Flower Essence friends. Also you can just see the top of the current household spritz mix bottle poking up with its white top.

When the staff Goddesses make the mixes, they use this wall of Flower love shown below.  I will use this wall  later in the day when I am refilling my water jar during work.

These bottles are alphabetical thank goodness! Sometimes though, when picking from these shelves, I close my eyes and just “randomly” pick bottles- I love the surprise and perfection of this method.

Seven year old Grace works from this collection too, proud to be reading the labels for herself.   2 year old Henry prefers the intuitive method. He usually goes deep into the office to the shipping inventory and grabs a full bottle.  His choices are always spot on. So, for that matter, are Grace’s.  I love how much children know about Flower Essences and energy medicine.

Here is Will who is now a grown up.. He taught me a lot about Flower Essences as well as how our boxes were great for forts. ( He had the best hair.)

So why spritzing?  I do not think there is a better way to get the information of Flower Essences into our electrical system than spritzing.   Our electrical system extends out from our bodies  as do our subtle bodies. When we spritz over and around our physical body all of these energetic systems get the information of the Essence simultaneously which makes it that much easier to learn the wisdom that the Flower Essences hold.

Any of our Flower Essences, be they custom mixes or individual Flower Essences, can go in a spritz.  When I make a spritz bottle, I  put drops of Flower Essences in an empty spritz bottle then add water.  You can also use a stabilizer like our Red Shiso if you want the spritz bottle to last more than a couple days.  Once stabilized in Red Shiso, your mix should last for months!

No matter how you decide to stabilize your spritz bottle, it is a great way to stretch your Essences as only a dropperful or two is necessary in one of our 2 ounce spritzer bottles.  Flower Essences don’t dilute down in the same way as chemical remedies so a little Flower Essence carries the same electrical charge as a lot.

I hope this was helpful and that your Monday goes well!  Sending Love from all of us here!

From 3D to 5D and a New Earth


On the road to this new and unknown place called New Earth, a lot of our baggage is intent on falling from our shoulders.  Meanwhile, we  try to decipher what to let fall and what to keep in our backpacks.  What do we need for the journey, and what energies will we find where we are going?

With the new Flower Essences for the year ahead, the Angels indicate what we might need for the transition and new beginnings of 2020.   The Angels offer these tools as helpful in the unknowns of this new territory.  Their suggestions also indicate what we might expect ahead.

Why would the Angels have this clarity? The Angels have an overview of our affairs and a clearer vision of possibilities ahead. They have a better idea than we do of what we will need as we leave home, that old 3D world we’ve loved and hated, and take the journey to a new unknown place of 5D energies in a 5D world. They know 5D in a way we don’t.

When I first began Green Hope Farm with the Angels and Elementals as partners, they spoke often about grounding the Fifth Dimension and 5D vibrations here in the gardens.  At the close of this blog, I have posted the Angels’ description of 5D from our Guidebook.  I went back and read this when the Angels started talking again about 3D versus 5D, and it may be helpful for you too.

In the 1980’s when we began this work to anchor 5D here, it felt like pulling down and pinning a small portion of 5D into the earth. The place the Angels chose to pin the energies was the Venus Garden.  In those early days when the fifth dimension was only anchored in this garden, we noticed that some visitors literally did not see the garden.  It was here but only just here.

Then came three decades where we continued to work to ground 5D into more of the Green Hope Farm grid, but it wasn’t a topic that the Angels discussed all that much. Us humans just dug, planted, energetically cleared the grid and asked Divinity to pour down the incoming high vibrations and ground this light here.

I was surprised when recently the Angels began to frame a lot of what they shared in terms of 3D and 5D reality again.  From what I gather, 5D is here for one and all, and we can begin to co-create a new world in it.  5D is no longer something we are working to access, but the territory we can stand in anywhere on Earth.  Yes, 3D is still there, but simultaneously so is 5D.  We have passed a threshold, and what lies ahead for dear Earth is all 5D.

3D is going, going, gone.

We participate in the speed of 3D’s passage.  It is something we can hold onto or let go of completely.  This may be a moment of mourning for us, because we all know 3D, and now we must let it go.  We may hate how it is all about power and inequality and contrasts of light and dark, but we are comfortable with it.  We know the game even as we sometimes are on the losing team.

5D calls us to transcend the game and begin again in a whole new way.  Not everyone wants to leave 3D, and that in itself is a bit of a complexity for us.  How do we go full tilt into 5D when so many we know and love don’t want to come along?  We have to move into 5D to even understand how to hold this split in choices.  There is so much we don’t know about 5D that we don’t even know what we don’t know.  And yet, the leap to 5D is not approaching but is upon us.

The old paradigms liquify in front of us and new paradigms are sometimes out of sight around the curve in the road, but Flower Essences and so many other tools are here to help us bridge the gap and also cross the bridge fully into 5D.

Since my work is to illuminate the timely gift of Flower Essences, I am going to discuss this new group again, this “Toolbox for a New Earth” and leave it to others to share the other marvelous tools also available to support us right now. I am going to repost the photos of these Flowers too, but the commentary is all new.

 Bear’s Breeches

Look at this plant and remember how it inspired the Corinthian columns of the Greco-Roman world.  This Flower Essence doesn’t tell us we have to hold up the globe like Atlas or take no responsibility for where we are.  This Essence tells us it will help us be one of many, one pillar among like minded souls who want to co-create this New Earth in cooperation, love and harmony.

I like the way Bear’s Breeches both offers us a template for being a structural support partner and also encourages us that we are capable of embodying our share of the light structures of this new 5D world we walk towards.

Bear’s Breeches notes, “Fear not! You are strong enough to do your part to co-create the new structures of the New Earth and you will get support from Divinity and others to do so.”


Support comes from near and far.  In the case of Celery, it comes from the stars.  Our work is to open to receive the energetic support of the stars that love us so much, and Celery and other tools will help us do this.

Celery notes, “This is a big moment for Earth and its inhabitants, and the cosmic light of the stars has come to your aid. Let me help you welcome in this support.”


Our energy system is involved in a complete rewiring as more light of a higher voltage comes into the world for us to integrate and become one with.  Cleome is one of many tools to help us adapt our light system so that we can reboot and handle the upgrade.

Yep, you heard this computer terminology coming from a would be luddite.  We are getting a free upgrade, and the world is offering us many tools to handle the upgrade with grace.

Cleome note, “Your upgrade can be a smooth sailing process. Let me help.”

Corona del Inca

What we have called civilization for the last 10,000 years is, in fact, a 3D structure completely out of balance.  Gaia seeks a new balance and we must join her, for we are the ones who threw her out of balance in the first place.  This journey from 3D to 5D life is a journey this Flower knows how to make.  It helps us ignore those that would trip us up and delay us on our journey.  It offers both a road map and a protective energy to get us where we want to go, to a new place of balance.

Corona del Inca notes, ” This is a journey from the mind to the heart. I know the way.”

The elephants come from the Elemental kingdom as do all animals. The Elemental kingdom offers us so many tools to find harmony as a planetary tribe.  Here the Elephants offer this gift of the vibration of herd harmony.

Thank you Elephants for continuing to believe in us.

Elephant Trunk Loosestrife notes, “It’s time to take your place in the planetary tribe as light bearers.”

From this humble plant comes radiant and helpful light to help us find the humility to end, for all time, our ridiculous feuds with one another.  However we do it, its time to give peace a chance.

Garbanzo Bean notes, “Give peace a chance.”



Like patient parents, the Elementals long gave humanity a chance to learn through destructive choices and behaviors. But now we’ve grown up, and its time to  join them in a cooperative co-creation of equals.  Goldenseal is both the Elementals’ promise to keep helping us and a piece of their radiant light vibration once more offered to us as a sacred gift so we can manifest the Divinity they see within us.

Toddlers no more, we now rise up to  be the co-creators of a radiant and Light filled New Earth.

Goldenseal notes, “We welcome you as co-creators of a New Earth.”

Honey Locust

If you have been one of the legion of souls who has been trying so hard to live a 5D life in a 3D world, if love has been your answer no matter what has come at you, then Divinity knows you are tired and that your grief may have worn your body and your health down.

All Flower Essences are here to restore us, but this one in particular supports us if our grief has negatively impacted out health.  Lungs are a particular place you may feel this.

Honey Locust offers, “Thank you for living a 5D life even as others around you want to react with 3D values and behaviors. Your maturity has been noted.”

Sanctuary, encouragement, restoration, solace, wisdom, love and your very self all await you in your heart.

Rose of Sharon offers, “Come home and dive deep.  Pearls await.”

Snake’s Head Fritillary

Many of us have felt it was our job to take care of everyone no matter their choices.  It’s time to let go, with loving detachment, of those who insist on living the 3D way. It is time to stop pouring all our energies into their useless dramas. It’s time.

Being Florence Nightingale 2.0 means sourcing the Divine wisdom of our hearts before we embark on trying to heal anyone or any situation. The Divinity within us knows what our jobs are and knows when we need to say “No”.

Snake’s Head Fritillary notes, “Saying no is not only okay but necessary.”

Tree Lilac

In the fray, it can be hard to avoid some of this 3D drama so Tree Lilac is here, as are so many other tools,  Angels and healers to give us respite.

If you cannot break away completely from 3D chaos, at least take a well deserved time out in the vibration of this sheltering Flower vibration or other healing vibrations.

Tree Lilac offers, “Rest in me.”

Upwards and Onwards

The topic of my last blog was this radiant Flower Essence friend. What I would like to add here is yes, its really okay to rise up and go on even if others do not want to follow.  Everyone on this planet knows they need to open to the incoming light. You are not responsible if they don’t want to do this work at this time.  Everyone will continue on as a soul no matter what happens. It is time for you to feel free to do what you need and want to do to embrace the New Earth and your New Life.


I have heard the Angels talk about 5D since the first shovelful of soil was turned here. In the many editions of the printed Guidebook, the Angels always included a section about the Fifth dimension. In the last printed edition this was what the Angels said:

“The fifth dimension is both your destiny and already totally present in your lives.  The fifth dimension feels both familiar and more real than everyday reality.  It may remind you a bit of experiences in your childhood.  You experienced the fifth dimension as a child more easily because it was the dimension from whence you had just come. The fifth dimension is the dimension in which Heaven exists. It is the dimension where you coexist with us, the Angels, Elementals and spiritual teachers, and you know this, because you experience us clearly.  It is the dimension where you will reunite with the unlimited part of yourself that knows both oneness with all creation and the unconditional divine love, divine wisdom and divine power that is your birthright.  In this dimension you feel totally present to the NOW and with that, all eternity.  It is a place where your decisions are not reactions to friction but spring from deep felt inner truths.  It is a place where quirky, marvelous miracles slip into your lives with ease. When Emily Sheehan was seven and first stepped into the season’s Venus Garden, she said, “Here is a place where I feel all light and floaty, where I have no worries.” We say, but of course.” 

Upwards and Onwards to a New Earth

In the weeks since launching the New Flower Essences for 2019, I have learned so much about these new beloveds from working with them more intensively and from email conversations with you..

In particular, the new Venus Garden combination from this season, Upwards & Onwards, has stepped forward to support us in  many unexpected (at least to me) circumstances.

One particular way I learn a new Flower Essence’s strength is when you ask for  Flower Essence suggestions for a certain situation or concern and then the Angels suggest this new Essence.

And so it has been that as  many of you ask for Essences for “unlearning”, “decluttering” “trusting my own voice” “solving the same old problems in a different way” “dealing with rage” “taking back my personal power” “letting go of shame”, “taking charge during a crisis” “finding the hope to go on” “dealing with the intensity on the planet” and more, the Angels keep suggesting Upwards and Onwards.  Yes, many other Flower Essences are suggested too, but so often the Angels include, in any group of suggestions, Upwards and Onwards.

As mentioned when we introduced Upwards and Onwards, the actual garden that birthed this Essence was pared down to the essentials. It had intense clarity and focus, somehow managing to be both simple and mesmerizing.  The garden got to the point when nothing else did. It  knew what it was and what it was there for.  It was everything we could hope to be in these murky and chaotic times.

All the Venus Garden Essences born from the Venus Garden support the spiritual evolution we are undergoing.  Each year’s specific garden mandala builds on all the gardens that have gone before and address the particulars of the evolving spiritual dynamic on Earth.  Many of the older Venus Gardens remain very relevant, and I reach from them often.  They have a timeless wisdom.  However, the newest Venus Garden, in this instance Upwards & Onwards,  is always the Angels and Elementals freshest offering of healing vibrations to serve our evolution at the particular juncture in time.

And what a juncture it is!

We are being called to dump the very foundation of our way of life  built from patterns of 5,000 years of ingrained patriarchy and move forward in a whole new way with a  freedom to make new choices  unencumbered by what was.

Speaking for myself, sometimes it is very hard to not feel  shame as I realize how I bought in to things that were just not true.  I’ll spare you another of my food rants and share instead an example that hopefully isn’t so polarizing  This would be my recent realization/ feeling of shame that anything I told myself about ancient Greece as the birthplace of democracy was just an uninformed story I bought into.  In Judy Chicago’s book about her exhibit, The Dinner Party, she notes that the women of ancient Greece were rarely allowed to leave their homes and were viewed as the property of the men who “owned” them. This, of course, is not such a different tale that the history told about the founding of America’s “democracy’ versus the truth.

1776 and only 144 years to wait until women get to vote! No wonder the cast of the musical is ALL MEN!

My younger office cohorts are incredulous at my stories of having to wear dresses to school, not being allowed to play sports and all the other things about a childhood in the 60’s that seemed normal at the time, but do I really see it all that clearly myself? Even now?

When I feel shame, the Angels encourage me to be gentle with myself, take my Essences ( Thank you Konigin von Danemark Rose) and embrace beginner mind in which it is not important to go over and over my  failures to see clearly during patriarchy, but to use my energy to embrace the letting go of the whole construct.


I can see that there isn’t any point or even any extra energy available for this kind of beating ourselves or anyone else up for what we didn’t know or understand   We just need to move on and let it all go.

As the Angels keep reminding me,  the rising vibration will push all of us to shift our energetic bodies from first gear to fifth then on to a kind of cruise control where the Divinity within us will drive the show.  It is very hard work to go through the gears so fast and  requires all the energy we can bring to the change process.

Remorse, blame, judgment, shame have a limited use.  If they help us shift gears, so be it . Otherwise we need to dump them along with the patriarchal constructs that shamed us in the first place.

Things are moving very fast.  Structures we thought were here to stay are falling away.  It’s time to go deep and anchor in Divinity. It’s time to let everything go without picking through the remains. There just isn’t time or energy to waste on this. Plus the Angels are adamant that we cannot afford to look back and lower our vibration by dwelling on the mistakes made.  We need to look forward, prepared to abandon everything we thought we knew or thought we needed or thought was right and be open to understanding everything and to creating actions from a whole different place.

One of the lovely things about reading your emails is getting a glimpse of  bigger forces at work moving us all along and opening us up to experience life differently.

Birth is  painful, and we all need community that will contain us in the birth pains and validate the intense suffering we are going through.  We are grateful to be in the trenches with you as we all experiences these birth contractions.

We are also so grateful for the amazing glimpses you share of the New Earth we are birthing.  Each day brings stories of such love, such wonder, such closeness with Divinity, such synchronicity and beauty.

You lift up our hearts up and inspire us. You help us in our own efforts to move Upwards & Onwards. You help  us to let go of all that needs to go as best we can.You help us to be gentle with ourselves amidst this messy time of challenges. So thank you! And may this blog help lift you up too.

May we also be open to the  Divine Midwives at our side and and take to heart their messages of hope and encouragement: “You are getting there.  Keep going, The birth is coming soon. You are going to make it.  The New Earth is coming and it is worth it.”


Toolbox for a New Earth- New Flower Essences for 2019

Dear Friends! That time we’ve been waiting for is here!  The Great Leap to a New Earth! At long last, humanity awakens to its evolving role on this precious planet.

Yes, I know that before I throw confetti I have to remember that this moment requires radical shifts in the lives of everyone.  It’s not a done deal. But we can do it. We are doing it. And the Angels and Elementals of Green Hope Farm want to make it just that much easier for us to shift our vibrations and our choices upwards and onwards.  This new collection of Flower Essences is a toolbox for navigating the inner and outer shifts.

We come to this moment from different places with different experiences under our belts.  Yet the next step for all of us is the same: a felt experience that our individual decisions affect everyone and everything on the planet because we are all one and the follow-up to this which is a commitment to live true to this realization.

Fully integrating our Oneness into a new way to live and interact must happen swiftly if we are to take care of the Earth and all life upon it. This is where Flower Essences come in.

One of the gifts of Flower Essences is that they offer us templates for raising our vibrations.  Equally important, they help us hold these high vibrations while remaining grounded in our physical bodies. This is helpful because it is easy to get ungrounded as we integrate the incoming higher vibrations. Fortunately Flower Essences help us expand and ground simultaneously. They know how to be their Divinity in form, and they show us how to do this too. Flower Essences help us to blossom right where we have been planted, live our soul purpose and embody our unique expression of Oneness.


As planetary vibrations rise and us with them, inner truths wake us to new understandings of ourselves.  These inner truths are powerful. What we know from within us is unassailable to forces outside ourselves.  Branding, marketing, smear campaigns, double talk, fake news, social pressures, habits, traditions and cultural assumptions all fall away in the face of inner knowing.

These inner truths awaken us to a new way to live together and care for our planetary home. The truths of what we must do wash through us with conviction and determination but without fear. We know this is our Divine appointment.  This is why we are here.  We were always meant to get to this moment and choose to welcome the truth of our Oneness.  Once awakened, our choices become clear.  The grace of this is that living from our truths helps all Oneness. The hundredth monkey is no joke.

When I asked the Angels, “But what about the outer mess?” they noted that if we remain in our hearts where truth, peace and Divinity live, we can more easily find equilibrium and right action than if we go outside ourselves to falsely identify with the mess that is the end of patriarchy.

The Angels explain, “We do not mean to minimize your suffering at the hands of patriarchy. We know so many of you are deep in the trenches of intolerable situations of pain. We ask you to trust this disequilibrium is coming to an end. We ask you to open your hearts to the truth that love, an immense love, is with you as humanity finds its way, a new way.  The very stars are sending you support. We offer these new Flower Essences as another tool of support during this transition to a New Earth.

Furthermore, we wish to reassure you that patriarchal structures are crumbling because they need to fall away. Not only that, but nothing can stop patriarchal structures from their dissolution. Humanity is on a wonderful evolutionary curve upwards and onwards. These structures are already in the rear view mirror, even as they try to revive themselves and cause mayhem on their way out.

You need not buy into patriarchy’s view of its end. Join us to view the changes through the lens of Divinity.  Stay in the truth that these endings serve all Oneness and must come before wonderful new beginnings.”

Brief Description of the New Essences

with longer descriptions to follow

Bears’s Breeches– Stability in the void between the collapse of old structures and the birth of the new, support as we create new structures for a New Earth

Celery– An electrical router bringing the support of specific stars to help us birth the new

Cleome– Helps each of our chakras expand and welcome in the higher vibrations while also staying in harmony and balance with our whole electrical system

Corona del Inca– Southern hemisphere wisdom about neutralizing northern hemisphere illusions & negativity. A needed counterweight to the destructive mind ideas of the northern hemisphere

Elephant Trunk Loosestrife– Support to be a harmonious part of the planetary herd

Garbanzo Bean– Help to dissolve tribal enmity

Goldenseal– Deepening support from the Elementals at this critical junction for humanity and the Earth

Honey Locust– Support to move through grief without our physical bodies suffering ill health

Rose of Sharon– Help to anchor in our hearts

Snake’s Head Fritillary– Help to work energetically clean and rise above irrelevant dramas that drain us of energy better spent on the work of spiritual transformation

Tree Lilac– Shelter for the vulnerable who suffer at the hands of those who work for small self interest instead of big self Oneness, a gift of love for those who persevere in living from their truth

Upwards and Onwards– This year’s Venus Garden combination Flower Essence brings vibrational encouragement to dump our small self baggage so our life choices serve all Divinity & all life

Bear’s Breeches Acanthus mollis

New structures of a new consciousness are coming even as we may not yet see their shape or form.  Right now the way forward may seem obscured by the collapse of the old.

Bear’s Breeches blossoms in an elegant and sturdy column of Flowers.  Its form was the inspiration for the Corinthian columns of ancient Greece.  Now Bear’s Breeches helps us feel supported in the void between what was and what will be.  It helps us usher in the new paradigms for a New Earth. It adds stability to our efforts to try new ways of being and imagine a new world into being.  When we feel wobbly or uncertain in our new ideas or new way of living, Bear’s Breeches is there to back us up and encourage us onwards.

I AM a pillar of strength in the creation of a New Earth.

Celery Apium graveolens

Birthing in any form is an arduous business. Celery Essence helps us access specific light energy for any birth process. Celery is supportive at the birth of a child, but it is also supports us to birth a new consciousness and a new way to live.

As a Flower, Celery is composed of panicles of tiny sparkling blossoms resembling a canopy of stars in the night sky.  Celery connects each of us to the light of the specific stars that hold helpful energies for our specific evolutionary process. No two people will get the same gifts from Celery Essence.

Think of Celery as an electrical router relaying light energy to our systems from exactly the stars that will illuminate our energy systems best. One additional thing to know is that Celery works best at night.  It also loves when we take its Essence then go out into the starry night to visit with the stars in person.

I AM the illumination of the stars. I AM the birth of a reborn humanity.

Cleome Cleome hassleriana

Much light is pouring into Earth to uplift and help us evolve. Whether we consciously welcome these energies or not, these higher vibrations are something that we must integrate into our electrical systems in order to stay vibrating at the same rate of vibration as our evolving planet.

As these higher vibrations enter our electrical system, each chakra must adapt to and find a way to welcome in the higher energies while also staying coordinated with the whole electrical system.

Cleome Flower Essence helps individual chakras pull out and expand as necessary to welcome in the light in a very balanced and orderly manner.  I love how Cleome Flowers reflect its vibrational strengths. It blossoms steadily from the beginning of the growing season to the end always spiraling out with blossoms in a whirl of symmetrical beauty. Its seed pods also reflect this balanced, stabilized expansive energy as they resemble outriggers, the lateral support floats found on certain kinds of seagoing boats. In every way, Cleome Flower Essence helps coordinate our chakra system to expand, spin and flow with these higher energies in a beauty, order and harmony of electrical patterning and form.

I AM the radiant health of my evolving light system.

Corona del Inca Euphorbia pulcherrima

This Flower Essence was made in Vicuna, Chile from an ancient Corona del Inca tree.  For many years we offered Corona del Inca on our Additional Flower Essence list where it described itself this way, “In this play of creation, there are many opportunities to rebalance and restore.  The planetary news may appear grim, but with each event a door opens for rebirth and renewal. Let me help you sow a different crop. I hold a wisdom born from a different template than the values of the predominating northern hemisphere.  These present values hold the globe in an apparent vice grip of mistaken notions of purpose and truth. Yet, do not fear.  This is no stranglehold. In bringing my energies and wisdom to the northern hemisphere, seeds of rebalance are sown.  Work with my Essence. Keep a bottle of my Essence in your home.  You need not understand exactly what my seeds are or what they will sow.  You need only feel into my vibration to know that I offer a new way to move, a chance for rebalance, a view from, as you say, “down under.”

Recently Corona del Inca asked to come onto the main line up with these new Flower Essences. Here is what it had to say, “I help to stabilize your electrical systems and your physical bodies when the vibrational changes leave you exhausted or disoriented.  I stabilize your systems when you feel drained by those who do not want change to prevail.  I act to neutralize even repel this negative energy so that your electrical systems and physical bodies can remain serene and unaffected by these low vibrations much like a mosquito net protects from mosquitos.  I also have considerable gifts to help you access the life force energy to keep going through all the change processes you are undergoing.

As I come from the southern hemisphere, I am a counterweight to the excessive mental activity and disorganized vibrations of the northern hemisphere. Think of me as like an anchor, grounded and steady in your physical bodies. While I have pressing business with those in the northern hemisphere, I will help anyone from anywhere on Earth to re-collect themselves and find integration and physical stability when the necessary vibrational changes leave you feeling scattered and uneasy.”

I AM the sanctity of my body, inviolate and strong. 

Elephant Trunk Loosestrife Lysmachia clethroides

Introduced by the Angels earlier in the summer in an earlier blog, this Essence comes on officially into the New for 2019 Flower Essences group today!

Elephant Trunk Loosestrife was created for the elephants of the Global Elephant Sanctuary in Brazil to help newly rescued elephants at the sanctuary become part of the herd, feel a part of something bigger than their individual selves, have consideration for other’s needs and find their place- all issues that are key for the many elephants who have spent their lives alone in captivity and who, when rescued, need support to find a new, more expansive experience of self as well as identity in their community.

The elephant’s call to make this remedy was really a call for all of us. Issues of belonging, finding harmony in a herd, living with respect for each other and in acknowledgment of our shared Oneness are issues that humankind faces with great immediacy and import. We were led to this Flower Essence by the elephants and in gratitude we offer it to the rest of creation that we may use it to help us tune up our vibrations so we, at long last, sing a song of harmony as a planetary herd.

I AM a harmonious member of our planetary herd.

Garbanzo Bean Cicer arietinum

Garbanzo Bean says, “The paradigm of patriarchy is dismantling at lightning speed. In aid of this dissolution, I help dissolve tribal enmity. I would be an excellent Essence to spritz at any gathering of tribes even if they are not so much family tribes but tribes of differing opinion. It would also help to put drops of me on the earth, in water or anywhere enmity and conflict have prevailed.  I will help all to heal from any belief that enmity and conflict are the only way problems can be resolved.  I know this is not the case, and I will happily show the way to a higher truth and a release of this illusion.”

This is one of the most ethereal, pure Flowers I have ever encountered. When I first met it in the garden, Garbanzo Bean Flower announced, “I AM the end of tribal enmity” and then a wave of pure white light washed over me like a palpable blessing and healing balm. It stands ready to share this light with you.

I AM the end of tribal enmity.

Goldenseal Hydrastis canadensis

“We, the Elementals made a promise in ancient times to stand by humankind in its evolutionary journey from mistaken ideas of individuated self identity to an identity of integrated Oneness and indivisibility with all Light.  Who are we, the Elementals?

We, the Elementals, are the builders of all form, the manifestors of creation.  Without us, all form would dissolve as a hologram with the light removed.  In each of your lives we help you manifest that which you desire.  As the light energy rises within you and what you want aligns more and more with Divine will, we can step forward into a more active partnership with you to make manifest your dreams.

If you are having throat issues right now, it is most likely the clearing of old ideas of what you thought you wanted.  We know it is unpleasant to clear these old stuck energies, so take Flower Essences like Flow Free and those from the Green Hope Farm Fifth chakra list. Also call us in to expedite the cleansing of this chakra so that, at long last, your will and divine will can be ONE, and you can express the unique note of creation that you are.

We had Molly make Goldenseal Flower Essence, a very ancient medicinal plant. The name reflects the significance of this Flower. Goldenseal is OUR energetic chalice representing in form the golden promise that we made to the human kingdom to help humankind in its evolution.

In working with Goldenseal Flower Essence, you work with a vibrational treasure we gift to you.  Goldenseal is not an offer to take care of your problems because in truth that would get you and the planet nowhere.  No, Goldenseal is our promise to partner with you in an evolved, co-creative way to make manifest a new consciousness within and without.  Goldenseal reveals and IGNITES the support you can receive from us, the Elemental kingdom.

Goldenseal’s energy clears, cleanses and releases the old at the same time it lifts you up and empowers you in a deepening partnership with us, your co-creators of a New Earth. We have waited a very long time for you to be ready for this Flower Essence, and we are deeply glad it is time.

If your personal situation feels dire despite your best efforts to heal, if you are feeling despair about the situation on Earth, if you want to make manifest a New Earth and new consciousness of Oneness, Goldenseal will release you into an experience of the mighty forces of US at your side.
This Essence turns on the tap to more LIGHT in your life. By working with Goldenseal you open to RECEIVE more support from us, the Elementals and we open to GIVE you more support.

I AM co-creator of a New Earth

Honey Locust Gleditsia triacanthos

Introduced by the Angels earlier in the summer in an earlier blog, this Essence comes on officially into the New for 2019 Flower Essences group today!

Created first for a beloved elephant at the Global Sanctuary for Elephants in Brazil, this Flower Essence helps us when grief has taken our feet out from under us and our health has suffered in consequence. This tree Flower Essence helps us stabilize and find an elemental, clear and productive way to process our grief.  It helps us work through our grief in a way that does not compromise our health. This is a timeless Essence that will help lift the physical damage grief has done no matter when the damage was done.

No matter the grief I must bear, I AM steady on my feet and grounded in my eternal identity as a timeless being.

Rose of Sharon Hibiscus syriacus

The only place of complete calm where we can access the infinitely loving perspective and reality of our Divine self is our hearts.  This Flower helps us find this place.

 I AM the heart of God.


Snake’s Head Fritillary Fritillaria meleagris

This is an ancient English Wildflower that rises a foot above meadow grasses with its dramatic bell shaped blossoms of finely articulate maroon and white checks. As a Flower Essence it helps us rise out of other people’s dramas with discernment and clarity about what is and isn’t our business and what is and isn’t our responsibility. It helps us work clean and stay out of the fray in situations that have formerly bogged us down. It brings dramatic clarity about what is truly in Divine order for us to participate in and what is not. It is particularly adept at helping us either shift relationships to a different course or let them go with confidence in our decision.

This letting go is vitally important right now because we must save our energy for the vibrational work that matters which is raising our vibrations to keep pace with the planet. Many dramas fritter away our energies and lower our vibrations with distractions that do not matter.

I AM clear and impeccable boundaries in alignment with Divine will.

Tree Lilac Syringa reticulata

Tree Lilac explains, “I AM the Tree of Life. I shelter the vulnerable, the disempowered, mothers and children and those who have suffered and continue to suffer at the hands of those who work for small self interest instead of big self Oneness. I AM there for you with the sweet love of my abundant blossoms and the sheltering strength of my many limbs.

Please remember that the incoming light is there for all creation. All have been given an equal opportunity to use this light to evolve. This does not mean everyone has embraced the light. I will help you feel buffered from those who resist the light and lash out because of their own frustrations with the rise in vibration.  Patriarchal individuals and social groups often find people who live by their moral compass annoying or even dangerous to their sense of entitlement.  Nonetheless, Earth needs you to live by your moral compass right now, and the truth within you calls you to live this way as well.  I help you feel sheltered and strong enough to keep fearlessly doing what you need to do. I help you access an immense reservoir of love and determination for persevering in your truth.”

As I stand in my truth, I AM safe and sustained by the light of creation.

Upwards and Onwards

In the dream the Beloved said, “ Pack only the essentials.”

What, I wondered, are the essentials? Our love for Divinity. Our love for the Divine in everyone. Our integrity. Our generosity. Our kindness. Our selflessness. Our eternal identity as one with Divinity. In a word, LOVE.

Nothing of the small selfish self can go with us now.  None of the trappings of “me”.  It’s all one now. We are in this together as we have always been, but now we know it.

This year’s Venus Garden was pure and simple. Radiantly beautiful but not complicated.  Nothing extra. The heart of the garden was Mehera Marigolds for Love of Divinity. There were Bells of Ireland to help us anchor within us the highest vibration possible, Cosmos so we can live and speak from the heart and Sweet Alyssum so we can be our most evolved self in physical form. Sacred Tobacco and other Nicotianas were there to help us purify and let go of the things we thought were our real identity but which tied us to the illusions of small self and stopped us from knowing our true self in Oneness.

The expression is usually “onwards and upwards” so when the Angels told me the name of the garden and its Essence, it was an aha moment. Onwards and upwards is the old process of the small self deciding what it wants and going for it, intent to move itself forward even if this negatively impacts others.  Now it’s upwards and onwards. Topsy turvy. We have to go upward into higher vibrations and anchor in our hearts. From this place of Oneness we can make decisions that serve all Oneness and take everyone onwards.

This does not need to be complicated.  It’s a letting go of a lot that simply must go.  Every one of us has things we need to leave behind. Our petty animosities. Our need to be right. Our ideas that since this is the way we have always done things, we need to keep doing it that way. Our backbiting. Our illusions that we own anything or have dominion over anything or anyone. It all needs to go.

Onwards and Upwards helps us dump what needs to be dumped, leaving only the Love to pack up and carry on. Preparations are over.  We’re in this now. It’s time to let go and let Oneness prevail.


And We Knit the World Together

Each week at the farm has its own themes.  On any given day we see waves of orders for certain Flower Essences. Sometimes the waves are Flower Essences that always flood out of here, but sometimes it’s ones that sit more quietly on our shelves.  Since we are all interconnected in indivisible oneness, this shouldn’t exactly surprise all of us in the office, but somehow it always gives us a thrill.  We relish these waves so much and often ponder what they mean.

This past week the Essence flying off the shelves in record numbers was Vision.  I love this Flower Essence combination mix, and I love how we made it.  To create this Essence we dedicated an entire garden season to growing a 50′ diameter mandala of Red Shiso in the shape of an eye. When the Red Shiso bloomed, we made an Essence from its blossoms in the pupil of the eye.

Much as it might seem Vision Essence would be straightforward in its strengths, it has mysterious depths and offers its gifts in a vast number of ways.  When people ask for specifics, I often mention the Hollywood cinematographer who, until his retirement, always took Vision before and during his film shoots. However, Vision has been used in so many ways by so many, sometimes for eyesight issues and sometimes for more abstract reasons.

One purpose that crops up a lot is using Vision to support us in seeing the big picture or seeing each other as part of a seamless whole. Even though Vision is for eyesight, we were not asked to make a mandala of two eyes but one.

My six year old granddaughter, Grace, now refers to Greta Thunberg as “our Greta” because she and I have spent so much time tracking Greta’s progress sailing across the Atlantic to our shores.  She arrived in NYC a few days ago.  With legs still wobbly from the transition to land from the high seas, Greta was asked by reporters the usual divisive questions.  Greta considered all of the questions then always answered in a framework of working together and not dividing us from each other.  She appears to experience the world not as an “us versus them” situation but through the lens of oneness with all of us needed to solve the climate crisis collectively.  I am grateful for her ability to articulate her mission and live it outside the box of the world culture’s divisive way of looking at each other.

The Angels note that many souls born recently will not have the same veil of forgetfulness about who they are and why they are here that we adults often have. Instead of a many decades search for meaning or purpose, they will quite simply know their missions right from the get go.  The example of this that the Angels gave was, yes, Greta.

At this press conference on the docks,  someone asked her when she became focused on the climate crisis.  She said she was 7 or 8 when she started to think about the climate crisis and what she could do about it.  I am heartened to think there are other young souls out there who are awake to their missions and ready to act.  What a gift this clarity and energy will bring us all.

The Angels often use the analogy of each of us as like an appliance that only works when it is plugged into the electric current of the household.  They note how ridiculous we would find it if we tried to plug the vacuum cleaner into another vacuum cleaner to get it to run.  The analogy gently reminds me to go to source for my energy.

Today I heard a podcast in which Marianne Williamson used a similar analogy of each of us being lamps that only work when we we are plugged into the electricity/ Divine source/ natural intelligence behind all creation. I liked how she took this electricity analogy a step further than me with my vacuum cleaners. We are all different kinds of lamps illuminated by the same light source.

How fortunate I am to experience so many different  kind of lamps each day.  In a time in which people can get bogged down in divisive rhetoric and imaginary ideas of separateness, I feel lucky that my week involves connecting with so many people from so many places in a space that acknowledges our commonality and connection.  I get to send out love with the love of the Flowers and I get to receive so much love back.  It never ceases to amaze me that each day  I chat and write notes to interesting people in Okmulgee, OK, Fuquay Varina, NC, Springs, NM, and dozens of other interesting places where our lamps may be different heights and different colors and needed to illuminate different things, but what illuminates all of us is a common source of love and light.

I started this blog thinking I was going to begin with writing about the other wave of the week- that was all the grandmothers we connected with who are hard at work helping to raise their grandchildren.  These grandmothers shine on and keep lighting up their worlds, knitting them back together after suffering and loss. I salute all the grandmothers- so steadfast and steady in their love. I feel lucky to be in your numbers, doing my best to knit the world back together at your side and taking strength from the example you all set.