Early Fall Wildflower Flower Essences

The early fall Wildflowers are such dynamos. They are among the most powerful of all our Flower Essences, and they always feel so perfectly helpful.

Today on a walk I encountered old friends including Bottle Gentian, Silver-rod, Goldenrod, Jewelweed, Self Heal, Niella and Joe Pye Weed.

Bottle Gentian has been one of my favorite Essences for decades Nothing rivals its incredible wisdom about seeing clearly and holding our own in complex and chaotic situations.

Silver-rod brings much support to the pituitary gland which regulates growth, metabolism and body composition. Its Flower Essence offers also wisdom about keeping our electrical field clear of dissonance as well as finding radiant good health. Echoing its vibrational strengths, Silver-rod shoots its flower stalks straight up into the autumn blue skies with such clarity and confidence.  It wonderful I AM affirmation speaks so well to its strengths; ” I AM aligned with the electromagnetic field of my Creator and thus can ride out disturbances in the field with ease and grace.”

Goldenrod, Goldenrod, Goldenrod!

I know for certain this is the first Flower Essence I ever made because I started to make this one regularly when I was about six.  Without telling any grown-ups, I would go out to this fort I had made in the scrubby lilac bushes behind our barn, hauling my dolls and a battered tin tea set. I would soak Goldenrod Flowers in water then drink up this “tea” with the dolls sharing in the brew.  I can taste this glorious concoction still.  No doubt it helped me stand in my truth in a family that never really got my passion for wild plants or pretty much any of my passions.

Goldenrod is a good one to be blooming right now as children go back to school since school is such an enormous arena in which we learn how to be true to ourselves and be a goldenrod of our own wisdom and not a follower of other people’s ideas.

Viva Goldenrod!

My first serious connection to Jewelweed came when I got poison ivy and read in Euell Gibbon’s Stalking the Wild Herbs that Jewelweed was an excellent antidote to poison ivy.  I followed his directions to make a topical potion from Jewelweed and used it whenever I got a rash from poison ivy.  This was an all too frequently as we had a neighbor who would frequently burn poison ivy leaves in his brush piles.  I was meticulous about avoiding contact with this plant on my own forays into fields and woods, but still needed my Jewelweed potion which I would freeze in ice cube trays then rub on the rash.

How delighted I was to find, decades later, that Jewelweed also made a fabulous Flower Essence and for, of all things, IRRITATIONS. I love how plant medicine is so consistent!

When summer staffer Rex got poison ivy this summer when he made new pasture for his sheep, alpacas and chickens, we led him right to the Jewelweed Flower Essence and also went over and over this plant’s anatomy with him so he would steer clear of it in the future.  When I took care of his animals for a short stretch this summer I was surprised his poison ivy wasn’t worse!  The area where the chickens had their run was about 98% poison ivy!!!!  Yikes!

Self Heal is another old friend and one I am always so happy to meet in the woods.  What could be more important than each of us coming into clarity about our own healing gifts and our right to be well.

I am always on the look out for Niella because the two places where I originally found it growing in luxurious abundance are no longer places I can visit. It was a joy to discover a very lush patch on this morning’s walk.  This one is a Flower Essence of mysterious depths and powers.  Niella  is one of those Flower Essences that people write us about in long fascinating letters.  It is one of those Essences that people have had such profound experiences with.  I was so glad to find it today.

Joe Pye Weed is such a good one for Labor Day weekend. a holiday in which we are encouraged to rest from our labors, lay down our burdens and rest. Joe Pye Weed reminds us ACTUALLY DO THIS and reminds us that Divinity is always there to carry our burdens for us.  Thank you Joe Pye Weed!

Love and Labor Day Blessings to all of you!  May you have a peaceful weekend!


Words of Encouragement

Dear Ones,

For decades the Angels have been speaking of the Great Leap forward humanity would take from a vibrational matrix of selfishness to a vibrational matrix of SELFLESSNESS.

For decades, the  Angels and Elementals have warmed us to our tasks of supporting these changes internally as well as externally.   Along with the beloved Elementals, they have prepared us with Flower Essences and with love and support.

They have helped us negotiate early  vibrational hurdles and shown us all we could learn from these experiences to help us continue.   They have been steadfast in their support and will remain ever so,

This summer it is hard to miss that this vibrational shift, this Great Leap, is upon us!

From conversations with you, we know it feel pretty intense to just about all of us.  It can get hard to keep a bead on the life affirming changes happening underneath the turmoil.

So I was glad that today the Angels wanted to share some quick thoughts for how we can all continue on during this great time of upheaval and planetary transformation,

Expect the Unexpected. Yup.  Plans are going to change radically and unexpectedly,  Don’t assume it means you are doing anything wrong if your plans go haywire.  Know that it means mighty forces have come to your aid and shifted things to a way forward that actually serves you better.

Ask for help from Divinity however you define Divinity.  There is so much help available right now, and we need it. We can’t make this leap alone but we aren’t expected to.  Asking for help really matters.

The Divine Plan for us is not going to look like a Holiday in Paradise.  Things may be rocky with very challenging plot twists- some bordering on the surreal.  This does not mean you are doing it wrong.  It means that the plot has to change suddenly in order to support you as best you can be supported during a very improvisational  time on this planet.

Avoid Side Skirmishes. Big and Little.  If you know that contacting someone is likely going to cause drama, save your energy and don’t do it.  We need all the energy we have right now for making this vibrational shift.  If the side skirmish is not mandatory, avoid it,  And let’s face it, most side skirmishes are avoidable.   We really need our energy for the vibrational shift.  Refusing to engage in negativity with another leaves our light free to help others and ourselves in other ways.

Listen to the Still Small Voice within about what to do and not do.  Consider listening about everything you do.  “Do I really need to go down to the grocery store for that bottle of vanilla extract right now? Would it be better just to center myself and be still?”  We  need to conserve our strength right now. Sometimes this means little things like not loading our plates with tasks we do not have to do right now.  We need a lot of calm and quiet and stillness to assimilate the incoming energies.  When in doubt about how to proceed, wait until clarity comes.  Some of our habits to keep moving  take a lot out of us, and we would be better served to stop and wait for clarity about what to do and what not to do.

Seek EQUANIMITY! There is a reason why the Angels made Equanimity our central new Flower Essence introduction last year.  We need to stay calm. In the office everyone wants to use the “Keep Calm and Carry On” mug we have, and we are all filling our mugs and water glasses with Essences like Equanimity, Grounding, Indian Pipe and Arbor Garden.  We do not have enough energy to make this vibrational shift and also process all the news or other worldly events that can adrenaline us so completely,  We need to save our strength for the task at hand- helping ourselves make the vibrational shift we need to make and helping the beloveds in our life to do so as well. Being selective about what gets our attention  is not about being uncompassionate,. It is about using the resources we have appropriately and not squandering our energy on situations we can do nothing about.

Ask for Help It seems worth saying again that mighty forces are with us to help us with this shift.  To be more specific, Divinity is with us and supporting us,  but more support can be given if we ask for more support.  Consider making this request for help a continuous one.  Divinity never expected us to make this leap without help.  Divinity is there for us completely and wants to help us in every way possible.

Thinking of all of you and sending much love and encouragement!


A Meet Cute

How do new Flower Essences come to be made here?

Often it is a bit of a “Meet Cute.”

This is phrase I learned in the wonderful Holiday movie called, The Holiday with Kate Winslet.  At one point, a dear elderly Hollywood producer is telling Kate’s character that in a story or a film there always has to be a funny and charming way that the love interests meet.  I feel that way about Flowers.  I always feel meeting a Flower is a big deal and seeing an old Flower friend after a long winter a very special reunion.  This makes every day in the garden such a gift to me as you can imagine how many reunions I have!

So anyways, for me the “Meet Cute” is when I bump into the Flower- maybe one I have known, maybe one I have been looking for or maybe one that is new to me.  And the Flower calls out to me in some way or another. Usually in a way that makes it hard for me to miss!  Thank you Flowers.

It helps with the Meet Cute when some of you have been asking for this Flower to be made into a Flower Essence.  Its like I have gotten a bit of an introduction before we actually meet and I am looking for the moment we meet- So Thank YOU for all your suggestions!

This weekend’s “Meet Cute” was with a new friend possibly in the Horehound family.

During a sparkly clear dawn, I was standing in a field down the road from here watching another activity when I glanced down and saw a patch of Flowers all lit up and glowing.  Within moments, a Flower Essence was underway.

And here she is, a new friend as yet to be identified with the Flower Essence joining the ranks this morning.

After the Fourth

One thing which keeps me busy in the days surrounding the Fourth of July is working with the air Elementals, aka the Sylphs, to repair the damage done to the air element by fireworks.

Yes, its not just your dogs that don’t like fireworks- The Elementals loathe them!

New Hampshire has the most complicated regulations for say getting septic tank approval to build a new home but pretty much a five year old can walk into a store and pick up a truck load of fireworks.  This means that on the days before the Fourth and even after, there are fireworks everywhere. Firework season has become Memorial Day to Labor Day! And this has been very hard on the Air Element and the hear working Air Elementals who are already swamped dealing with our pollution.

If you would like to work with the Sylphs to repair the damage done on land near you, ask the Sylphs over the property where the fireworks took place to cleanse, clear illuminate and rebalance the air of this place.  Our request is necessary due to humanity’s free will. The Elementals will assume we want the air Element looking like swiss cheese if we don’t ask for this repair.

If you would like to work the whole piece of land, call in Pan (head of all Elementals), and all the Elementals (which includes Sylphs for the air element, Undines for the water element, Salamanders for the fire element, Gnomes for the earth Elemental and Ether Elementals for the Ether element. and ask that all the Elements of the property be cleansed, cleared, illuminated and rebalanced.  There is a much longer description of land clearing on our website’s resources page in the section under Angels & Elementals.

ANY land clearing work you do right now matters so much to Earth!  Consider making this a part of your daily routine! BLESS YOU!

Now I am off to the potato patch to check in on a Potato Flower Essence I am making with the dozen gorgeous potato varieties we are growing right now- I have never had such a radiant group of potato plants here, much as we grow them every year- I credit my son in law, Charlie who is in charge of the potatoes this year.  He has a real touch with potatoes!

O Alika!

This spring, like every spring, the weather was odd.  It was way too cold with snow lingering well into the season.  It was also very, very wet.

Did I mention how wet it was?

Somehow with all this dreary weather, the month of April in which I usually weed like crazy, saw me inside observing the rain from a comfortable chair by the fire.  All chores that I thought could be pushed back, got pushed back.  This is why I am now weeding with enormous ratchet pruners instead of regular sized clippers. This is why I need one of the resident chain saw gentlemen to cut down something that was formerly a shrub but now would best be described as an impenetrable thicket.  This is why April’s polite little whispers of weeds became scratchy behemoths. This is why I am writing a blog about Alika Rose.

Oh Alika!

Yes, you ARE beautiful and I love you BUT…….The arrival of June sunshine meant that my moment of reckoning  with you had come after my long, cold, wet April by the fire with a lot of good books.

YOU were my last hurdle this garden season.  Well frankly, you are STILL my last hurdle even though we have now tangled with each other.

To back up a bit……Missing the month of April and all those April tasks put me behind the garden eight ball, so in May, even when it continued cold and wet,  I went out in the rain and tried to catch up.   All the many flats of annuals from the greenhouse and cold frames got planted in cold and wet May.  Along with the baby plants, the vegetable seeds got planted in cold and wet May in the cold and wet ground.  Some of them are complaining about this still.   The Red Shiso went in the ground at the tail end of cold and wet May and rolled with the punches to germinate in the last few days. When everything was planted, I grabbed my clippers and tackled the weeds in the perennial beds in cold and wet May.  I was a whirling dervish of soggy gardening.  Except I just couldn’t bring myself to tackle the Rose Garden ESPECIALLY ALIKA-  It’s the very first garden I always work in during April and well, it had been looking more and more unkempt ESPECIALLY ALIKA.

June arrived.  I could delay no more.  It was time to weed this garden AND DEAL WITH ALIKA.

Weeds are often well loved plants surfacing in the wrong places. This is never more true than in the Rose garden where Rose suckers are often just another name for Rose weeds.  And a well loved plant in the wrong place is still a weed even when it is gorgeous Alika Rose.  It’s the truth. SORRY ALIKA!

It’s not like the Roses (ESPECIALLY ALIKA)  were quaking at the thought of me finally weeding their territory.  It’s not like I put my money where my mouth is and cut back all these Rose weeds. Especially if they are in bud, I walk away and let them bloom before I cut them down.  To sum up,  I am a notorious wimp when it comes to weeding out Rose suckers.  I am sure the Roses know it (ESPECIALLY ALIKA), and so do I.

Things went particularly poorly this year as I battled in the Rose garden. Enough that I will weed the Rose garden IN APRIL NOT JUNE even if I have to shovel snow off the ground to do it.

My struggles with the Alika Rose were classic examples of me wimping out on benevolent ruthlessness in the garden. ( I BET YOU ARE NOT SURPRISED TO HAVE ME WRITE THIS).

The problem with Alika Rose is that she sends out suckers in all directions. Hundreds of them. Maybe thousands.  I would not be surprised if there was a sucker from our Alika Rose in your garden. And every one of these suckers is determined to throw an immense spray of blossoms. FAST! And I am sure Alika does this so I don’t cut any of these suckers back but feel compelled to wait until they have blossomed AND TAKEN A FOOT OR SIX MORE FEET OF GROUND IN THE GARDEN.

Why can’t some of the other Roses behave like this and give Alika a bit of a run for her money? I don’t know.  Other Roses seem to fade away when Alika steamrolls over their turf.  Other Roses need me to wield my clippers for them- And I try.  I really do.

Alika Rose suckers that I missed clipping or wimped out on dealing with forcefully in seasons past have turned an entire stretch of the Rose garden into ALIKA ROSE VILLAGE.  As a Flower Essence, its I AM affirmation is, “I AM the beacon that knows no limit. I AM one with my source.”  Alika certainly DOESN’T know any limits OR MANNERS!

When I went to tackle Alika this weekend, I cleaned out under the Alika giants pictured above, but then I began to waffle.  There were just so many buds in so many places.  After a Sunday afternoon hemming and hawing about cutting these buds back, surprise surprise, Monday dawned and every last bud had become a blaze of blossoming glory.

Now, even though Alika has infiltrated the Chives, the Comfrey, the Rhubarb, the Therese Bugnet Roses, the Asparagus AND the Echinacea-  I feel like I HAVE to let her blossom before I hack her back.

Alika Rose in the Chives

Alika Rose in the Therese Bugnet Roses

Oh Alika! You remind me how much I still have to learn about gardening! and pruning! and life!

As a community of Flowers, Angels, Nature Spirits, Dogs, Cats and even some People, Green Hope Farm can be a funny place……and I love telling you all about it!