Flower Essences from Patagonia

Green Hope Farm staffer Molly Sanders brought these Flower Essences back to us from the Torres del Paines region of Patagonia in the fall of 2014. We welcome these Flower Essences from Patagonia and delight in this opportunity to share them with you!


One special thing about these Patagonian Flower Essences is that they come from a very different Floral Kingdom than our own. Flowering plants originate from six distinct geographic regions known as Floral Kingdoms. Each Floral Kingdom contains endemic plants found only in that Floral Kingdom as well as plants transplanted there from other Kingdoms.

These Patagonian Flower Essences come from the Antarctic Floral Kingdom of Antarctica, Patagonia and New Zealand, three landmasses south of 40 degrees south latitude. The Antarctic Floral Kingdom includes these geographically distant places because of their shared origins hundreds of million of years ago as part of the supercontinent landmass of Gondwana.

When Gondwana broke up, Patagonia experienced a further 10 million years as a geographical island drifting in isolation from other landmasses. This isolation resulted in a high number of Flowers endemic only to Patagonia. Not surprisingly, these Flowers hold a unique wisdom to a very high degree.

The Flowers of Patagonia have a wisdom that is very heart centered. Their geological history translates into practical wisdom for us to find a similar heart centered experience of life. They handled their experience of separation from a greater whole by translating loss into detachment. From a place of detachment, they went inward to anchor in the eternal reality of the Divinity within them, recognizing this Divinity within as their essential and only eternal self-identity.

Experiences of loss call all of us to detachment. We have to let go because what we were holding onto is gone. Because the Patagonian Flowers have navigated the evolutionary journey of loss, detachment and a blossoming of divine self-identity in the wake of this detachment, these Flowers help us better grasp the gifts of this detachment. They also help us find our own divine self identity as they did.

From outward focus to detachment to an anchoring in our hearts where we know and experience our inner relationship with Divinity: this is the journey the Patagonian Flower Essences support us to take. They literally flip us on our heads and pour us into the depths of our hearts. For that, I thank them and Molly Sanders too who went a very long way to bring us back these healing gems.

These Patagonian Flowers hold a deep desire to share their Flower Essences with you. Their definitions were dictated to me in one crystal clear session. I typed as fast as I could and still their love bubbled faster! Thank you Patagonian friends!

flower 7A

This Flower Essence creates the foundation from which our relationship with the Flowers of the Antarctic Floral Kingdom, the Elementals of these Flowers and their Flower Essences proceeds. This is the Flower Essence to help you fully anchor in your electrical system the wisdom of all Patagonian Flower Essences.

Foxglove Flower Essence acts as an electrical relay for the electrical wisdom of Flower Essences to transfer from the Elementals holding it in form to us. This is a unique collection of Essences requiring the Foxglove relay because the electrical patterns of these Flowers are very different than those of our Floral Kingdom, and they present us with very different vibrational materials than we have experienced.

If you decide to work with any of these Flower Essences from Patagonia, your electrical receptivity to their wisdom will be greatly enhanced by working with this Flower Essence.

I AM the full assimilation of the Flower wisdom of Patagonia.

Please note that in the photo above, an Elemental has shown itself to the right of the Foxglove Flower.

 flower 1

With its beautiful clear red tubular bell shaped blossoms, this Flower and its Flower Essence offer a template for a new way to live in the body. The wisdom of this Patagonian Flower helps us reframe our experience of life in a physical body especially if we have had a mental focus in which we have seen our body as a tool, a vehicle, a bother or a mechanism that breaks down. Ourisia supports us to more fully inhabit our physical bodies with an increased vitality, a deepening love for our bodies and an expanded but extremely grounded experience of being spirit incarnate.

I AM the temple of Divinity incarnate.

flower 2

CHILEAN FIREBUSH Embrothium coccineum
Chilean Firebush helps us release mental loops and pockets of mind ideas that no longer serve us. It brings a very thorough cleansing while keeping us anchored in the verities of infinite intelligence. This results in an experience of a vibration of self that is both grounded and greatly expanded. In being fully present to the particular we are released into something greater than ourselves.

As a plant, Chilean Firebush exudes a substance that transmutes otherwise inaccessible forms of nutrients into forms that can be utilized. In a similar way, this Essence helps us transmute mental agitation into channels of useful universal mind ideas for a fuller experience of spiritual nourishment and self-identity.

I AM infinite intelligence.

flower 3
flower 3A

ADESMIA LOTOIDES Adesmia lotoides
This lovely pale purple Flower in the legume family is endemic to Patagonia. It once bore the name Patagonium before it was assigned a new Latin name. Adesmia’s sprawling and abundant beds of soft purple Flowers invite us to sink down and savor its sweet enveloping beauty and kindness. Its Flower Essence invites a softening of our sharp edges and sharp thoughts. It softens our grudges against self by unlatching us from the thoughts of judgment and division that have long held us captive. It gives us a palpable experience of the grace of our circumstances in which there is infinite opportunity to find our way, nothing real has been lost and all else can and will be dissolved in love and forgiveness.

I AM a wellspring of love and forgiveness.

flower 4B

ANGEL ORCHID- Codonorchis lessonii
This Orchid Flower Essence awakens us into an experience of Divinity in each now. It ripens us to ask for Divine support then rest in a quieted mind until we absorb the response of love. It helps us create a back and forth exchange that deepens until all lines of demarcation are gone, and we realize we are the love coming out to greet ourselves. In creating a space of quiet receptivity within us, it helps us dissolve the temporary mindset of disconnection that would have us believe ourselves separate from Divinity.

It is time for us to know and live from a place of knowing and accepting our oneness with Divinity, and this Orchid friend wants to help us.

I AM awake to my one true self.

flower 5

This beauty has a puffy yellow pouch marked with speckles of brown inside its lip. Its Flower Essence helps us tap into the great reservoir of inner knowing within all of us. Calceolaria helps us anchor in this reservoir so that when painful events occur, we move forward confident we will transform the painful experiences into wisdom by simply returning to this inner reservoir. It is another Patagonian gem intent on dissolving pain by returning us to the great reservoir within us of pure knowing, pure compassion and love with detachment. Calceolaria tells us, “Your sorrows and difficulties really ARE grist for the mill, helping you find the reality of your inner Divinity. I help you experience this.”

I AM pure knowing.

flower 6

This Flower glows in shades of pink with its flowering wands rising to the sky. It describes itself as adept at marshalling our sweet inner reserves in response to difficulties. It bolsters us in our efforts at loving kindness in response to whatever has happened. It helps us find the balance of self-love and engaging in the world with confident loving action. In any circumstance in which others have treated us from a mindset of self interest and selfishness, this Flower Essence affirms our belief that love not self interest is the transformative way forward and helps us ground this in every action, small and large.

I AM steady in my choice of loving kindness.

flower 8A

Gratefulness for the journey. This precious Flower Essence helps us experience gratitude even when the journey has been arduous beyond measure. It helps us know that nothing real was lost and everything valuable and eternal lies within us.

I AM and all is well.

Each of these beloved new Flower Essence friends are bottled and ready for you. A 1/2 oz. bottle is $7.35 and a 2 oz. bottle is $25. Email us at green.hope.farm@valley.net to order and please share with us your experiences with these new lovelies!

Winter Buttercup from the Austrian Alps

The ski coach frantically texted Vicki, “Where are you? You’re going to miss the plane!”

Vicki ignored the texts and kept running higher and higher into the Tyrolean Alps. She WOULD find that Flower calling to her before catching the plane back to America.

As she ran, Vicki felt the Flower itself was giving her the perseverance to come find it. Up the mountain she went, her cell phone buzzing in her back pocket.

The higher Vicki climbed the smaller the village of Juns appeared below her and the more panoramic the view of the Hintertux glacier, but Vicki was not there to take in the view. She was on a mission. She would not rest until she found the Flower. She had seen it on an earlier trek, blooming in the snow, but she worried that a snowstorm the night before might have finally put an end to its brave display in a winter landscape.

At long last, there it was. The Buttercup lifted its face from the snow, its brilliant yellow defying the odds, its sweet strong voice calling to Vicki loudly that it wanted to be made into a Flower Essence. Vicki crouched down beside the Flower and began.

Meanwhile down in the valley, the ski coach was flipping his lid. Green Hope Farm farm staff goddess Vicki had come of the ski trip as a math and science tutor for a collection of high school skiers. It was a break from her life in a dorm of fifty teenage boys and a chance to visit the Austrian Alps. Each dark December night she had held her scholar athletes’ noses to their computers. But each day, while her charges skied the Hintertux glacier, she hiked the mountains to her heart’s content. All had gone smoothly until now, for in this particular moment there was not a lot of harmony between her and the ski coach. Over and over again the coach texted, “WHERE ARE YOU?”

For goodness sake! She was BUSY! She had important work to do. The ski team and the plane would just have to wait!!!!

And so we received this lovely Flower Essence kindness of Vicki- and yes they made the plane!

Vicki found this Buttercup blooming in snowy Alps in the middle of December. It is significant that the Flower is a Buttercup. They are a Flower of Midsummer Night’s Eve. Buttercup’s affirmation is, I AM the eternal light of summer. And this Buttercup expressed this truth in a profound way, shining its light way beyond the season of a summer wildflower. It was still blooming just days before the Winter Solstice!

Since this Buttercup Flower Essence’s safe arrival back to Green Hope Farm, it has been supporting us to persevere through our long winter. It has helped us hold our light in dark times. Already the Angels have suggested it for many of you when circumstances in your life press in and you need support to be hold your light and feel the light of summer within you even as wintry events flood your life.

Today, Winter Buttercup from the Austrian Alps joins our collections ready for one and all. Thank’s to its clear strong voice and Vicki’s inner listening, perseverance AND willingness to put a Flower above a plane schedule, we have this Flower Essence ready for you all!


Finding New Lows During this Endless Winter

As you may know, I take care of Grace four mornings a week while Lizzie works in the office. During the green months of the year all two of them, Grace and I have no problems frolicking away the morning hours. She likes dirt as much as I do, and I return her to her mother each day covered with the stuff.

This winter its been more challenging for both of us. The deep snows mean we can only walk on the road, and the deep chill means a long walk for us is about twenty minutes. That’s about when frostbite danger gets real. We all know the weather channel likes to be apocalyptic dramatic but they haven’t exaggerated about the AMOUNT of snow or the SEVERITY of the cold we have had in the NE. One morning it felt “warm” to me, and I took Grace on a brisk stroll only to look at the thermometer on our return. It was 8 degrees below zero. We had 27 degrees below zero just two nights ago. It has gotten above freezing only once in the last two months, and on that day we felt like beach bunnies in Boca (and looked as pale as creatures who had never seen the light of day).

This weather means Grace and I have had to find out entertainment indoors, and I have had to dig deep into my grandmother’s bag of tricks to make things fun for us.

Any errand is done at a snail’s pace. This delights 2 1/2 year old Grace who wants to dawdle anyways. A trip to the grocery store can take the whole morning. We start off with a snack of sushi in the store’s cafe then we visit each aisle at least once for a chat with everyone we encounter. We now know every stocker, butcher, produce person, bagger and check out goddess in the place, and all of them know about Grace’s dog friends Sheba and Reina.

But how many trips to the grocery store are necessary each week? (The very question Jim has been asking me as he looks in our overstuffed refrigerator). Sadly, only one (or two during a realllllly slow week).

This means we have time to fill at the farm. Water has played a key part in our sanity daily routine. Grace has spent a thousand hours at the sink. I don’t care what she washes or how much water is on the floor. I don’t care how much soap she uses or if something gets broken. When the sink activity pales, I set her free in the greenhouse with the watering wand. It’s meant to be a tropical rainforest out there and with Grace in charge it will stay that way.

Way back at the beginning of this long long long winter, we read a lot of books together. But we are antsy now, both of us. Right about now with a small eternity of winter under our belt, she and I would both rather be AT the dog party than reading about it in Go Dog Go.

We crayon a lot, sometimes on the walls. Thank goodness for toothpaste which gets the crayon off.

We prepare a lot of snacks. Probably too many, but at least the prep time means a few minutes when we have an activity.

We go upstairs every day and visit the old bedrooms of Grace’s aunt and uncles. We bounce on their beds, play with their stuff and toss around their precious mementos which they care about so much that they have abandoned them here. Sheba is ever at our side chewing on the precious mementos.

Sinking to a new low- perhaps it was the day I let Grace dance on the coffee table all morning- I trawled Amazon for books that might help me fill our morning hours with some creative projects. I purchased a book by a grandmother whom I will call “Granny B” . She had written a slim volume on activities to do with one’s grandchildren. The book received about a zillion positive reviews perhaps from the same people who brought us the phrase “Vote early and vote often.”

Here are some of Granny B’s suggestions- the comments in bold are mine!

Take your grandchildren to a farm- Done! Frankly Granny B, we are trying to get off the farm right about now!

Buy your grandchildren a set of enclyclopedias- Well it would provide a medium other than walls for Grace’s art.

Plant a small garden together- We plan to plant a big one if the glacier ever retreats.

Give your grandchild a bath- Every day is filled with baths Granny B, and we also wash Sheba, every dish in the house and the walls of the kitchen.

Take them to see the mountains- It is hard to imagine a grandchild getting too excited about mountains unless perhaps Himalayan peaks, however I show the ones outside our window to Grace every day, and she has shown exactly no interest.

Always have their favorite food available when they visit- Granny B, my larder is stocked with every cheese, cracker, squeeze bag of fruits and vegetables, yogurt, berry and chip her little heart desires. She eats 15% of each snack and drops the rest on the floor. No wonder Sheba needs to diet.

Make snowballs and put them in the freezer. Really Granny B? My entire world is already filled with snow- you think I want to share my freezer with SNOWBALLS????

Always have popsicles- Granny B, we live in a popsicle.

Give your granddaughter a corsage for special events- Does a day when we see the sun count as a special event?

Always have flashlights that work and teach your grandchildren how to change the batteries- Granny B, Grace is the only one of the two of us who can turn on and off the flashlight on my iphone so that ship- the one with the battery operated flashlights on it- sailed a long long time ago.

Always have an answer to the question “Why?”- My question for you Granny B is, “Why Granny B? Why?”

Show your grandchildren how to use a computer- Granny B, this would be the blind leading the blind. Personally I try to have Grace explain to me the tricks she knows about ipad, computers and cell phones.

Cut meat in itsy bitsy pieces- Well Granny B, this would give us an activity.

Be calm- even when your grandchildren spill grape juice on your new carpet- Granny B, I definitely have this one down cold. I relish the spills- Cleaning up gives us something to do.

Make real cookies using a rolling pin- Yup, me and my waistline show that this has been a constant part of our winter fun.

On one side of a page Granny B says, “Encourage and help your grandchildren save money.” and on the other side of the page she says, “Give them money to blow!- Clearly Granny B’s winter also lasted too long and she lost the bead on her message.

Oh Granny B, thank you for your ideas. They gave me a laugh. Now it is back to the living room to watch Grace dance on the coffee table.


Grace working over the sushi at the beginning of a grocery mission- Sheba would have been better on clean up than the plastic horse Grace insisted we bring.

A GHF Friend Shares the Story of her Beloved Cat’s Death


Over the last three decades, you have shared many stories of the deaths of your animal friends. Not a day passes when those of us in the office aren’t moved by what you share.

Your stories remind me again and again to be open to the unique choices each of our beloveds make as they face this transition. Your stories have helped me bear witness to the deaths of beloveds with an open heart and faith in my own sense of how to proceed, knowing that each animal has a different plan and needs our help in different ways. Any ideas of right or wrong have been washed away by the vast diversity of sacred deaths you have shared with us. Thank you for this.

Yesterday’s mail brought a tale I want to share with all of you. Before I do, I want to say a little bit about our Transition remedy mentioned in the email and used by so many beloved animals and people since its creation in the mid-nineties.

We get many questions about our Transition remedy most notably, “Will Transition make an animal (or person) die sooner or in a certain way?”

The Transition remedy is an offering of Flower support no matter what path the death takes. It helps a beloved finish up any life business they wish to take care of. It helps them with the sometimes arduous process of dying. It helps ease them out of their bodies. It neither speeds up the process or controls it in any way. The moment a beloved dies is ever between the beloved and divinity.

Transition is a remedy that defies definition offering assistance from wise beings in an often mysterious and hard to pin down way. Transition helps with the passage through death but doesn’t suggest what this passage should be. In all deaths there is grace, and thanks to the Angels and Elementals who created and hold this remedy in form for all of us, Transition adds to this grace.

As I reflect on the many cats, dogs, friends and other beloveds I have been privileged to support as they die, I am grateful to both this remedy and to your stories. So here is one from yesterday, shared with permission.

“I can’t believe I am just getting around to sending this letter of gratitude. I just really wanted you to know how helpful the Transition and Grief & Loss essences were while my sweet sweet heart-cat was doing her dance with death last November. She was very insistent from the moment that her health started to decline that she wanted no extreme measures and that she knew “how to die,” so wished for me to release any worries about medical interventions and decisions that my heart would have never been able to make. When I knew the end was getting near (3 or 4 days before she took her last breath) I made up a little dropper bottle with both Transition and Grief & Loss in some water. She stopped drinking water on her own but would gladly take sips from the dropper bottle with these sweet essences. We would take them together as we both did the work of letting go, in our same but different ways. Her passing was graceful, easy and heart-breakingly beautiful. I continued to take the essences from the bottle I made for both of us for a few days after she passed. And have since placed the bottle with the small amount that was left with her Urn in memorial. The essences made this experience possible, bearable, and special for both of us.

About 45 minutes after she took that last breath, it was about 10 pm, and my partner and I collapsed in bed, exhausted from the work of the day. As we took a few deep breaths ourselves, 3 owls showed up at our bedroom window. This had never happened before and hasn’t happened since. They weren’t calling out with their great loud voices, they were conversing with each other and the spirit of our sweet Nami. They stayed about 60 seconds, we could hear their wings rustling the leaves as they sat in the tree right outside our window, making the sweetest little owl noises that only we could hear—our neighbors had no recollection of hearing owls that night. Then they all took off together. When you say that the Transition essence combo helps a pet connect to the spirits necessary for crossing over, I didn’t fully understand what that meant, until that moment. When I witnessed my sweet girl call in her guardian angels/helpers/guides for a joy ride to the other side.”


February Vacation- An Oxymoron


School teacher Jim had February vacation this last week. After the last ten days, the return to a classroom of twelve year olds has serious appeal. I am sure he will sprint to work tomorrow- if there isn’t another snow day!

During Jim’s vaction, snow fell in volume every few hours, ever adding to a base of two or three feet of the white stuff already there. This meant Jim had many wonderful jobs to fill his idle vacation hours.

He was lucky enough to get lots of practice in the art of shovelling. Due to the non-stop precipitation, he needed to shovel new paths to the house, office, barn, woodpile, compost heap and cars every day. Sometimes he was fortunate enough to need to shovel these paths two or three times in the same day.

For extra fun, he frollicked on the roofs for hours on end shovelling off the mountains of snow that threatened to damage the buildings below.

Jim was also blessed with the opportunity to clean snow off cars and trucks every few hours. His visiting children left him with extra vehicles to practice on. They even let him take broken cars to the nearby garage for repairs and annual inspections!

As a special treat, whenever the plow guy appeared Jim got to move all the cars off the driveway into slots he had dug out on the lawn so the plow guy could shove the maximum amount of new snow out of the way.

When he took a break from shovelling there were other exhilarating projects to while away the time.

In the mudroom of the farm is a floor to ceiling space for wood for our woodstove. If it is sunny, we don’t need to use the stove. Our solar home does all the work. However when the sun is not shining, we need to run our woodstove.

Lucky Jim!

We haven’t really seen the sun since Columbus Day so we have needed to run the woodstove 24/7 FOR MONTHS ON END.

This means instead of bring in wood for the stove once every two weeks, we need to do it every four or five days. I like to help bring in wood, but with Jim on vacation, he did this job solo. Over and over again. Why even as I type this- look who is at the back door?


More wood burnt means more ash to remove from the stove and sprinkle in the gardens. It’s been a particular joy for Jim to wade through thigh high snow to spread the ash.

In addition, traffic at the bird feeders has gone through the roof this season. Instead of filling the feeders once a day, we need to refill the feeders two or three times a day. Jim relishes getting to shovel a path to the bird feeders as part of the refilling process.

Here in this action shot, Jim is telling me that three years ago we made two gallons of maple syrup on this day. WOW!

This year we haven’t even tapped our trees yet. And the spot where we boil our syrup? Let’s just say its a good thing Jim has his shovelling skills honed!

Here is the spot where the evaporator goes!


As a community of Flowers, Angels, Nature Spirits, Dogs, Cats and even some People, Green Hope Farm can be a funny place……and I love telling you all about it!