A Window on my World

I knew I was in trouble when the Angels told me I needed to spend last weekend AT THE COMPUTER. Usually they are so low key about their nudges. This time they all but lit a fire under me- before gluing me to my desk chair.

Yup, the web rebuild has now become a consuming focus here, even for the Angels!

The issue is that we have the deadline of our code writer, Ben, going back to his other job as teacher in September. This leaves Katie, Ben and me burning the proverbial midnight oil.

Each morning when Ben goes to his cell-like office area to write code and have three or four cats watch him, we call it, “Ben going to the Ukraine.” This is a reference to our neighbor who shopped out the code work on his web business to some folks in Kiev.

When Katie goes out to her airy room in the upstairs of the barn we call it going to the “Room of Requirement.” We chose the name as a shout out to Harry Potter but also as a delicate way to prepare Katie that other people would be eating, sleeping and playing in the room, sometimes at the same time she is trying to work there.

Sorry about that Katie!

When I settle down at my desk, I think they call it Molly going into the strange place that is her brain. The strange and quite messy place. This is what my space looks like right now as I close shop for a few hours.


All those things on the dock? Those are documents for each Flower Essence collection. Ben and Katie gave me a new format for rewriting each Flower Essence description that requires me to be more succinct.

No wonder this project is taking so long. I do rather get carried away with my definitions!

PS Thought I would add this sample of me trying to rein in my verbosity- For those of you as attached to my long definitions as me ( all five of you), they will still be available on the website but the shorter definitions will be front and center

NEW VERSION ( This is longer than my people want it to be- I was more successful shortening most other definitions but I wanted to share this contrast because it speaks to my present challenge )

The Honeybees join the Flowers to encourage our happiness

This Essence was created by the Angels and Honeybees to bring happiness and illuminate the grace of our lives. They explain, “This Essence supports an unburdening, an unraveling and a letting go of the mind ideas of worthiness, duality, rules, shoulds and judgment. It supports a return to spontaneous happiness and a state of being in which you joyously know your immutable divinity in an ocean of divinity. Yes, in every moment you are love in an ocean of divine love. There is nothing to worry about. You are safe and loved and perfection just as you are. No proof necessary. No action necessary. Being who you are, living the life divinity created just for you and enjoying this life is not just enough, it is what is meant to be.”

This Essence is a gift to you if
- Worry fills your life.
- You feel the weight of the world’s suffering is yours to heal.
- You are a person who does too much.
- You have a hard time accepting your essential goodness.
- You find yourself awash in guilt as you let go of things that are not on your path.
- You feel anxiety or guilt about struggles with forgiveness.
- The phrase “Don’t Worry- Bee Happy” pushes your buttons or calls to your heart!

OLD VERSION (wherein I go on forever per usual)

Is it ethical to not worry and be happy? What binds us to worry and unhappiness? Illusion or truth? Can we unravel this dynamic and find a freedom to love ourselves just the way we are, accept the world just as it is and know that happiness is a moral as well as joyful choice?

This is the arena and offering of the 2006 Venus Garden Essence. After a growing season of work and play in this garden, it was time to make the Essence. With the Flowers plucked and in the water, I lay back surrounded by Flowers humming with bees. It was the Autumn Equinox. A beautiful soft day. For many months I’d puzzled over the theme of this garden. Not once had I guessed its name: Don’t Worry- Bee Happy. The Flowers, the bees and our beloved Creator pulled back the curtain to reveal the divine order in all things. Let Go? Why Not! Let God! Of course. Don’t Worry- Bee Happy!

If the weight of the world’s suffering feels yours to heal, if you are a person who does too much or if you know your life calling but find yourself awash in guilt as you let go of things that are not on your path, this Essence may hold helpful information for you. If it is hard for you to accept your own essential goodness without a marathon of proof, if the very phrase “Don’t Worry- Be Happy” pushes your buttons or if worry is the bread and butter of your days, not happiness, this Essence may bring gifts to your weary self. It supports an unburdening, an unraveling and a letting go of the mind ideas of worthiness, duality, rules, shoulds and judgment. It supports a return to spontaneous happiness and a state of being in which you joyously know your immutable divinity in an ocean of divinity.

Don’t Worry- Bee Happy will be an excellent Essence to use in combination with two earlier Venus Garden Essences; Love Prevails and The Alignment Garden. Love Prevails helps us know that love is the only abiding reality. Love Prevails helps us know that we are divinity safe in the arms of divinity no matter what the surface appearance. Love Prevails helps us know that everything else but love is a passing illusion, necessary for our learning but not real. The Alignment Garden helps us know our precise work in world. It helps us align with our divinity so that we can live this purpose. It is not about mind ideas of life purpose but soul truth. It sorts this wheat from this chaff so that we are clear about what is and isn’t our life work and who we are. Don’t Worry- Bee Happy supports us to let go of that which is not our work. It helps us let go of the self-judgment and guilt that would make us feel responsible for most of the planet’s woes. It helps us to know that being who we are, living the life divinity created just for us and enjoying this life is not just enough, it is what is meant to be. The concept of judgment is left behind in an experience of grace. And happiness. Did I mention happiness? We can know happiness, at long last, as a guilt free experience.

From winter planning to spring planting to a fall harvest, this garden rested easily and joyfully in the green arms of the farm. The Essence from this garden took seven days to make, beginning on the Autumn Equinox, a day of balance.

Once, while flipping through a compendium about Flower Essences, I noted that the author put forth his theory that I lived through the healing dynamic of each Green Hope Farm Flower Essence on my way to making the Essence. It was a funny moment because until then, I hadn’t seen this pattern that way. How I might have explained it was that I am attracted to the Flowers that hold helpful information about something I am struggling to resolve, be it an emotional tangle, a physical issue or a spiritual thirst.

For example, when I first began making Flower Essences, I was intent on resolving lung problems and the grief at the bottom of my physically weak lungs. This meant that many of the early Essences I felt called to make offer helpful information about issues of grief, the courage to speak your truth, find your path, stand fearlessly in your truth and know your right to breathe deeply and take in as much air as the next person.

This was an unconscious process. I just made Flower Essences from the Flowers that called to me. Because of the laws of attraction, these were the Flowers with the healing vibrational information I needed. My process first built a collection that would provide for such Essences as Breathe and Grief & Loss. Then, as I moved through this particular healing dynamic, other issues surfaced to be resolved. When they surfaced, helpful Flowers came into my ken. It has been a joyful and efficient way to heal.

In any case, what this author said in his book was true. I think about this truth before each growing season, because when I receive the plan for the gardens from the Angels in January, I know I am getting an overview of my learning lessons for the growing season. For example, if there are a lot of Zinnias, Borage and Calendulas in one of the gardens, I know I’ll be working on containing a dynamic of sturdy joy, courage and faith even as events in my personal life challenge my abilities to do this. In living through my lessons while the Flowers grow, I help contain the Essence being born and make it strong in the face of difficulties. Often, others here help to hold the dynamic as well, especially in the case of the Venus Garden, the highest vibrational space at the farm and the spot where many of our most helpful Essences have been created.

Sometimes, the Angels tell me the name of the Venus Garden when they give me its design plan in January. This clues me in further as to the theme of our project. During the season, I see how the Angels manifest this idea in form. I try to focus on what I am learning about this issue in my life, in and out of the garden. Usually the strands pull together after the Essence is created.

This year, I had no name for the garden, but I was given the hint that it concerned the issue of forgiveness. When in the depths of last winter the Angels offered that this year’s Venus Garden and Essence would hold a vibration related to forgiveness, I both relished the project and felt unsure that I could contain the dynamic of the Essence. I have felt so confused and humbled by various notions and expectations of forgiveness that I sometimes refer to forgiveness as the f word. I wasn’t sure I had a single idea about forgiveness that was helpful, and I certainly felt shamed by many ideas I have heard about forgiveness. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t admire other people’s experiences of forgiveness, but that my own process seemed so much messier. In my own personal family of origin drama, I felt like a pinball bouncing from one emotional response to another. Yes, there had been moments my mind defined as forgiveness, but there was a heck of a lot of other stuff going on as well. All in all, it seemed an unlikely project for me to undertake but also a hopeful one. I felt that to grow this garden was to have my limited mind ideas of forgiveness washed from me in the face of a more complicated, but ultimately more loving understanding.

The Angels gave me the design, indicated the plants to grow and got things rolling in a very matter of fact way. No hand wringing. No suggestion they doubted my capacity to contain the garden. This was very reassuring. The design for the garden was a five pointed star outlined in Yellow Marigolds. The star was filled with many purple Flowers including Heliotrope, Aster, Chinese Forget me Not, Ageratum, Alyssum and Nicotiana. The center of the star was a spiral of violet Cleome surrounding a spiral of Mehera White Marigolds. The tips of each star point also featured Mehera White Marigolds as well as White Osteospermum. The entire star was encircled in a thick band of white Sweet Alyssum.

When I planted the Alignment Garden the year before, the directions had been as precise as anything I have ever done with the Angels. Everything was orchestrated with one directional movement around the garden. If I needed a trowel three feet counter clockwise from where I was digging, I had to walk all the way around the circle to retrieve the trowel. No volunteer plants or weeds were left in the garden or allowed to grow up during the season. The focus was on alignment and with EXACTLY what was meant to be.

This Venus Garden had a different ethos. From the get go there was something relaxed, even forgiving, about the creation of the garden. As I prepared the garden for planting, I was asked to leave several rogue Flowers including a gorgeous orange annual poppy and a patch of white Love in a Mist. This would be a gorgeous garden but a quirky one too. Elizabeth planted the garden with me. It was a happy occasion of silliness, laughter and fun.

My first stumbling block of personal forgiveness came when I didn’t notice the slugs decimating half the plants in the garden. I was so focused on protecting the Red Shiso garden from the slugs that my slug patrol did not include the Venus Garden. By the time I noticed the slug damage there, many of the greenhouse transplants, especially the Mehera White Marigolds, had been completely eaten. Many plants were dead. There were gaps everywhere. I felt badly about my forgetfulness and couldn’t imagine that this garden would recover from this slugfest.

But it did, and this recovery was a gentle reminder that I am not responsible for everything, even in my own backyard. This was so much the thrust of the summer, the last year, the last six years, make that most of my life. When I get clear guidance from the divinity within me, I need to stop the second guessing myself when things go awry. In fact, I need to stop second-guessing myself no matter the quality of my guidance or what happens. I need to remember I am doing the best that I can. Doing the best I can is the best I can do.

As I planted this garden I was in my ongoing struggle with mind ideas like the notion that I was not doing enough, that a good person would not let unresolved situations and relationships go or that you work until the work is done even if that is never. The emotions? Guilt, worry, doubt, a lack of kindness to self. Frankly, even with clear guidance, such as the Angels giving me one word directions like REST, I could lose my way in my variation on humanity’s grab bag of mind rules and emotional reactions to my mind rules. The time was ripe for “Don’t Worry-Bee Happy.”

This brings me to the bees. In many languages, bees share the same word as the verb to be. In my timeless time with the bees this summer and in my skirmishes with literature about bees, I came to sense that they move in time differently than most of us, that they experience doing and being with more unity than most of us, that even as we described them as busy worker bees, it’s not so much a doing as a being with each Flower they visit.

As this summer unfolded, I found myself with the bees more and more. I asked them to be part of this Essence. They gently told me that this was really already a done deal. They already were one with the Flowers and with all of Green Hope Farm before I asked and therefore are part and parcel of all Essences here, this one included. It’s typical of all the loving parts of creation here that the bees were so gracious when I belabored the obvious. I also laughed out loud when I heard the name for this garden for the first time.

Before I finished this description, I decided to go sit with the bees to see if they wanted to say anything about Don’t Worry- Bee Happy. I went down to sit six inches from one of the hives with my notepad. I felt a bit of trepidation. The last time I sat so close, the bees were explaining about a bee sting acupuncture point called “the reveal” and when the short lecture was complete, a bee came over and stung me right on “the reveal.” Anyways, no stings today. Just this lovely bee song, all puns intended.

To our human brothers and sisters

Honey, bee
Honey, please, bee
Just bee.
The Happiness of Flowers, the Song of Flowers. We sing it.
We breathe it. We bee it. We be it.
This is our song, our hum, our buzz, our golden honey.
To bee is to be.
Not worlds apart. No difference. To bee is to be.
So Full. So Everything. So Sunshine. So Cloud bank.
So Warm. So True.
The Everything and the Nothing.
Don’t Worry, Bee Happy.
This being
Your beeing
is a Honeycomb
No more. No Less.
Honey, bee.

“It’s been helpful to Molly for her to refer to forgiveness as the f word because it has lightened her energy around this misunderstood topic. There are few words in your culture more loaded. May our words lighten your load as well.

We want you to understand the intent of this Essence. We did not call it. “Do This, That, and the Other Thing and Then “Don’t Worry, Bee Happy”. We called it “Don’t Worry- Bee Happy”, a play on Meher Baba’s exhortation.

In every moment you are love in an ocean of divine love. There is nothing to worry about. You are safe and loved and perfection just as you are. No proof necessary. No action necessary. So much of human mind ideas about forgiveness veer off into ideas of proving something through a big gesture, a dramatic moment or an avowal that all is forgiven. In truth there need be nothing done and no words spoken. This is the nature of Grace. Yes, it is Grace we speak of here. We created this Essence to help you cut through the illusions that keep you from knowing this Grace. For so many of you it is earnest notions of being impossibly good that spin you away from ever experiencing your essential goodness. The Bees and all beings of Green Hope Farm invite you to rest in this vibration of “Don’t Worry- Bee Happy” so that you feel the happy joyful truth of being you. We love you so very much. Ainsi Soit-il. So bee it.

Today is Reina’s Fifth Birthday

It’s Reina’s birthday today! She is five years old! Here is what she looked like when she first became a part of our pack!
Right off the bat, she reminded us how to embrace winter.

She learned how to be a member of the pack from the best- Riley and MayMay.

At work she has always taken a hands on approach to every task.

She has always been game for hamming it up.

Sometimes quite literally.
When she comes calling, she always brings Flowers.

Flowers are also her favorite accessory.

During her lunch break, she knows how to relax

and then relax more deeply.

She never says no to a nap

or a passing snuzzle.

She knows how to entertain herself on the weekends and is very well informed especially about Hollywood gossip.
She keeps an open mind about most things including her main person’s strange fascination with the Camino.
She remains unconvinced about the necessity of ever walking across a hot dry country let alone walking across this country three times,
but she is happy to be at the end of Lizzy’s dusty journeys.


She loves a good outdoor lecture. I mean, who doesn’t?

She is patient when we treat her like a baby still.
She even plays her part in events like Lizzy and Miguel’s wedding. Only Reina could rock this hat with dignity intact.

She welcomed Miguel and then Grace to her pack with enthusiasm and always sends cards to those in her pack who are off in the world.

There is nothing she likes MORE than taking the wheel for a drive around town.

And there is nothing she likes LESS than a mouth full of quills!

Happy Birthday Reina! We love you!

Early July around the Farm

It’s been a glorious summer in the gardens so far.

Even after a perilously cold winter in which the Roses died back hard, they have been lavish in their blossoms.


Our lovely Alba Maxima Rose had a particularly terrible winter. We were all so relieved to see her come back so strong.


This season is the first time this Charles de Mills Rose has bloomed for us as we just planted in April of 2013. It is mesmerizing in its beauty.


John Davis Rose covers itself in a zillion blossoms in its position right next to the door into the office.


This is a sweet old friend named Blush Damask Rose


This is a new very lovely Rose named Goldfinch.

On Facebook, I have had a hard time not putting up a daily (if not hourly) photo of Pink Pillar Rose which is so extraordinary in the beauty of its many moods.



The Clematis have also been happy this season.


This is a new one called Clematis Guernsey Cream.


Here is Madame St Germaine Rose in amongst a very old and robust Clematis friend.


This is Clematis Nelly Moser.


Our Clematis Jackamani seems to enjoy mingling with the climbing Roses.

July is annual Poppy (papaver somnifermum) time which I love. As do the bees.



As the perennials and annuals mix together, there are always some great combinations that happen unexpectedly. It is one of my favorite things about gardening- the surprises.


Here Maltese Cross sits cheek by jowl with Bee Balm, a color combination I would never have planned but one that works surprisingly well.

It is not too much of a surprise that the Bee Balm is part of this duo. It has gone a bit nuts in the perennial beds and is EVERYWHERE. After it blooms I am going to have to move 90% of it somewhere else.

Note to Bee Balm- You are SUPPOSED to be one of MANY in a perennial bed of many Flowers not the HOG of the whole bed! Yes, I know the hummingbirds will be happy but all those other plants you overtook, not so much….


Besides making many, many Flower Essences, we have been drying plants for herbal teas. Our dream is to make an organic blend we could someday share with you all as a way for you to take your Flower Essences!

This year we are saving a little bit of a lot of different things to experiment with what things taste like when blended together. Our hope would be to settle on a recipe this season then grow what we need for you next season.


Chamomile is one of the things we are drying for the teas!

Another project has been making an Elderberry Flower syrup to add to sparkling water or wine. Katie Carpenter made our first batch which was gone in flash. With crowds clamoring for more, Sarah Porter (she who now knows a frightening amount about World Cup Soccer) and I made another batch this weekend.


Of course there is always lots of weeding, watering and mulching along with savoring the Flowers.

This weekend I mulched around the blueberries. I used a surprisingly large number of cardboard boxes for this- thank goodness we had them waiting after a long winter of saving them for just this sort of project!






Taking progress shots of this was what got me through hauling all this mulch ( Where were you Molly Sanders- Queen of mulch hauling?)


Now the blueberries are all ready for their netting!

I hope you all weathered Hurricane Arthur well, and that you are finding lovely moments with the Flowers of your world! We send much love and blessings to you all!

Handling World Cup Fever

This is a post for Will’s girlfriend Sarah and all the other souls about to be deeply affected by their loved ones’ Futbol Madness aka World Cup Fever.

Tomorrow, Thursday will begin your exposure to the Sheehan men in the grips of the madness. Here are my final thoughts for you during your last day before the madness descends.


Prepare yourself.

For the next thirty days the Sheehan men will eat, sleep and dream World Cup. They will have glazed eyes whenever they look up from the TV, but that won’t be often. The rest of the time will be even worse. Their eyes, quite literally glued to the screen, will also have an alarming rolling quality matched only by their wild hair and manic pacing.

They will suffer from serious couch potato syndrome, growing pasty from slumping in front of the TV from noon ’til nine pm each day. Only their adrenaline infused leaps to their feet when a good or bad play is made will keep their hearts pumping. They will not care at all about being inside day after beautiful summer day. Instead, they will be happy, because each couch potato day will mean they have watched three of the beautiful games IN A ROW.

Their dress will be casual to say the least. They will care little about what they have pulled on for their day in front of the TV. If you notice Will is wearing a futbol jersey he has worn six days straight, consider yourself lucky it is not day seven.

They will give up all interest in any other topics than soccer. This includes all discussions of life, death and immortality. If you are experiencing a dark night of the soul during the World Cup, they will not notice or worse, they will think you, too, are upset about the same bad call that sent them into a frenzy of teeth gnashing.

When they refuel between games, they will graze in the refrigerator little noticing what they are consuming. Often reheating their food will be just too much of an effort, and they will just eat cold glop. The only consideration when it comes to food will be: Will this stuff keep us going for another ninety minutes plus or minus of glory?

You will understand not a single sentence that falls from their lips either shouted or hissed.

To sum up: They will bore us all to tears.

To prepare for this fevered time, I have encouraged you to watch pre-World Cup sports shows to get some dexterity with the language of their obsession. A hopeless task but a valiant one. I myself have watched all seven of ESPN’s “US Soccer: March to Brazil”. I now know way too much about Mix Diskerud, but when I tried to wedge myself into the conversation about the US game against Ghana, William scoffed at my level of insight. Maybe tonight I can watch the shows over again. After all, I need to be ready to fluff my way through the upcoming 63 games and so do you.

Yes Sarah, you read that right.

63 games.


Here are some tips for you for navigating the next futbol filled month- May the force be with you!

1. There is no getting around this: You need to become a futbol fan. OVERNIGHT because your time frame for becoming a fan is 22 hours and counting. Yup, its five pm on Wednesday right now, and there is no way that World Cup Fever is not going to fell them by tomorrow at 3 pm when Brazil faces Croatia in the opening game. So EMBRACE this journey into uncharted waters. ASAP. I can promise you it will be an adventure….. of some sort.

2. Consider your sudden conversion to soccer as scientific research. One thing is for certain- After the next four weeks, you will either understand a lot more about the Y chromosome specifically as it affects Sheehan men, OR you will feel that there is something so inscrutable about the Y chromosome that studying string theory would be a piece of cake.

3. Pick a horse, any horse. There are 32 teams to choose from. Just one caveat- Don’t tell Will or any other Sheehan man that you picked your horse based on the color of the team jersey.

For example, if you pick Ivory Coast as your team because their logo is a gorgeous green elephant against an orange background, do NOT tell anyone but me this fun fact. Make up a more soccer-ish reason like you heard that the brilliant but aged Didier Drogba has great legs this season like back in 2012 and is expected to help his team blow through the group stage.

That should awe them ( and frankly Sarah, they are such zombies while they have World Cup Fever that they are not going to notice if you say Drogba’s name wrong or deliver this remark with a peculiar expression of disbelief on your face).

4. Get a craft activity that can be easily done game after game while Sheehan men rant, stomp, pull their hair, scream at the ref and spill chips all around you. I am thinking a knit activity with washable wool so you can remove all grease stains from spilled chips after the craft project is complete. I plan to knit a couple sweaters for Grace. In acrylic. Machine washable.

5. Get some key phrases to shout. For example, when someone misses a goal, consider yelling, “He missed a sitter.” This suggests you think it was an easy shot missed AND know how to deliver a real put down about it. Perhaps both of us should not use the same phrase or it will look suspicious, so I give that phrase into your care.

6. During refuelings when Will or any other Sheehan leaves the TV, you’ll want to ask insightful things. These rare moments will be your only chance to talk to Will for the next month so don’t blow it with off topic remarks like “Are we still dating?”. Stick to the beautiful game. Stick to arcane questions like, “Will the titans of Germany be force to play Thomas Muller as a false nine?” or “Will Edin Dzeko lead debutants Bosnia & Herzegovina to glory?” You’ll want each moment to count. These kind of high caliber questions are sure to at least hold Will’s attention for 5-10 seconds even if his answer makes no sense to you. And it won’t.

7. Watching your boyfriend obsess over the beautiful game for thirty days straight may make you want to have an argument with him. One sure fire way to start an inferno of an argument is to bring up the topic of Landon Donovan not making the US team.

8. Remember it’s only thirty days, and you will have at least an hour or two after the World Cup trophy is awarded before another sporting event takes center stage and you lose Will to his second favorite viewing experience- that little bike ride around France we like to call the Tour de France.

9. Consider the up side. You’ll go off to college next year with a whole new wardrobe of strange acrylic garments with each bobble remembered as the moment when Jose Altidore proved Jurgen Klinsmann’s judgment correct and each dropped stitch bringing a sigh as you remember the many moments Will went to the mattresses, beating a pillow on the couch to try and bring America (then later Argentina) through.

10. Final thoughts. It will make you strong. It will make you a world citizen. It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. And I will be there to wipe your brow when the going gets rough. We will be each other’s support group. I promise to share my knitting patterns. I promise to feed you good lines and not laugh when we both miss that flagrant flop someone made without getting a yellow card. Our faux World Cup Fever will be a beautiful thing. The Sheehan men may not need us because they have 3 billion others who understand them. But we won’t care because we will have each other and a lot of ugly hand knit acrylic clothing.

Re-imagining our Website


As the gardens continue to flood with June Flowers, other projects also flourish.

Today’s the big day here in which Ben Sheehan and Katie Carpenter officially begin to rebuild the website.

All Spring, Katie has been working away on a new design while Ben finished up his academic year as a history and English teacher. Today, his first day of his summer vacation, he’ll spend the morning beginning to plan the rebuild with Katie.

I expect assignments to start flowing my way shortly. There will be many sections to bring up to date and many to rewrite for greater clarity. One thing we plan is to make the common concerns list ( a hefty document we share of our Flower Essence suggestions for common concerns) a lot more user friendly and manageable. Right now it is a rather DRY and LONG document! After the web rebuild, we will still have this original version on offer but plan to create pages sharing the information in a way that is a lot more punchy and visual.

With all the gardens planted, the Red Shiso babies up (there they are right above this sentence along with a lone ranger crab grass seedling) and “most” everything weeded, I look forward to pitching in and helping Katie and Ben with the overhaul. We hope to have the big reveal around the time of the fall equinox. Until then, our current website will stay as is.

If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll have noticed that Katie is also posting there. I have really loved having another person’s view of the farm on our Facebook posts. To me, it makes this window into life here more dimensional. Just as looking at the world through two eyes gives us depth of field, looking through two different sets of eyes at the gardens has meant Facebook posts that bring a similar depth of field.

I feel this way about the website rebuild as well. Somehow my way of thinking about the website has often been very two dimensional. I have thought of the website as somewhat like a book i.e. a place to put up pages of information. As Katie has shown me her ideas for the site and also begun to share her vision of the garden on Instagram and Facebook, I have begun to understand that websites can be more multidimensional than I understood.

As we head into the thick of summer Flowers, it will be so fun to see what unfolds in the gardens as well as in the creative hands of all these young people at the farm! While they dream the new dreams, Grace and I will wander with Sheba, examine the Buttercups and sample the berries- and I will remain very happy to leave the creative rethinking of the website in other hands than mine!


As a community of Flowers, Angels, Nature Spirits, Dogs, Cats and even some People, Green Hope Farm can be a funny place……and I love telling you all about it!