Here’s to a Confident Crossing!

The Angels of Green Hope Farm remarked this morning,

“This time is not a crossroads but a crossing. Humanity and the entire planet are on a journey from one reality to another. You cross from the old to the new on a bridge that feels a bit shaky, but it is not. When you feel uncertain, vulnerable or literally shaken up as you cross this bridge, remember you can and will get to the other side. The collective spiritual momentum will take you across, so do it fearlessly with confidence and conviction. The new territory is in sight. It is worth this crossing. Keep going.”

Confidence is a topic that has come up a lot recently in conversations with the Angels. To support us in confidence the Angels chose a number of new Essences this fall holding information about confidence. Gorse, Harebell from Scotland, Heather, and the Way Forward all support us to manifest this quality. Gorse helps us never lose hope by anchoring us in confidence that there always IS hope. Harebell helps us find the confidence and courage to act fearlessly and with decisiveness even when our choices set us apart from those around us. Heather helps us be confident that we matter. It helps us be confident of our place in the world. The Way Forward helps us confidently choose our direction even when the trail ahead is hard to discern. The Way Forward is a particularly good Essence for everyone right now. We are all crossing the bridge to a new reality that will remain unknowable until we get there.

Here are other Flower Essence suggestions for confidence. These suggestions come from our Flower Essence Suggestions for Common Concerns List which can be found on the website on the resources page.

Confidence: Showcats
Confidence when doing something difficult to do: Alex Mackenzie Rose
Confidence about emotions: Cucumber, Water Hyacinth
Confidence you can handle the emotions you are feeling: Cucumber
Confident self expression when speaking your heart’s truths: Cosmos
Confidence self expression when feeling exposed: Pink Yarrow from the Cliffs of Moher
Confidence when you take the road less traveled: Blueberry, Blue Eyed Grass
Confidence for gentle, quiet people: Bog Pimpernel, White Sweet Clover
Confidence that the rebirth process is a good thing: Star of Bethlehem
Confidence about what was learned in past romantic relationships: Seaside Mahoe
You can do it moral support: Yellow Mullein, Coralita, Scarlet Pimpernel from La Rocca
Confidence about being able to follow through on your most pressing spiritual tasks: White Orchid from the Burren
Confidence you can be a beacon of light and leadership: Alika Rose
Confidence for healers: Henry Hudson Rose, Agrippina Rose, Lime
Confidence during spiritual awakenings: Scarlet Pimpernel
Confidence we can change as the times and our spiritual path dictate: Mutabilis Rose
Confidence that healing will prevail: Desert Chicory, Love Prevails
Confidence for children that their time will come: Baby Blue Eyes, Lavender
Confidence for adults that our time will come: Lavender
Confidence we can survive bumps in the road: Eyes of Mary
Confidence everything is unfolding as it is meant to unfold: White Water Lily, Coral Pink Rose, Colorado Native Rose
Moving forward through change confident in your course: Fodder Vetch
Confidence that humanity is evolving in a matrix of eternal love: Climbing New Dawn Rose

The Angels encouraged me to mention once again why Flower Essences are so helpful right now.

This year has seen many waves of energy sweep the planet. As our planet shifts gears, the changes on the planet begin as energetic ones then translate into physical manifestations of change. This is also true for the microcosm of our individual energy systems. As we assimilate the incoming higher energies, our energy systems change and then our physical systems reflect these changes.

The change process has brought some wonderful things and will continue to bring wonderful things. It has also brought temporary energy glitches that result in physical symptoms. For example, many of you have mentioned that as the higher vibrations pour through your individual energy systems, you experience strange burning, buzzing and itching sensations in your hands and feet as the energies seek to move through your systems completely. Flower Essences such as Flow Free, Grounding or The Alignment Garden can help this energy move. This in turn alleviates the physical symptoms.

There is no stopping these symptoms with a chemical remedy as the situation is not caused by a chemical difficulty but by an energetic concern. That is one reason why Flower Essences are so helpful right now.

With such a big energy shift underway, much of what we are experiencing is first and foremost an energetic reaction to the energetic shifts followed by physical symptoms. These physical symptoms often disappear once we resolve our energetic difficulties with the support of Flower Essences or some other energetic tool.

I want to pause here to say that while I describe the higher energies as coming from outside ourselves, this is not really accurate. Since we are one with all creation this spiritual transformation truly arises from within us.

Speaking of energetic tools, yes, we do have A LOT of them! Having grown up in a world where Prell was often the only shampoo on the shelves and jeans meant Levis, I hear you on the sometimes bewildering diversity of Flower Essences we have. The Angels are in charge of expanding our collection of Flower Essences, and they feel strongly about offering a vast choice of Essences. Here they explain why,

“As each of you make this crossing, a lifetime of specific energy system patterns must be upgraded for the higher energies to flow easily in your systems. We want you to have every available tool to unravel any specific glitch your energy system may face during this time of transition.

Our job is to make sure that all the tools you need are there for you. We have been collecting these tools at Green Hope Farm for almost thirty years to be able to offer the most effective energetic information for you RIGHT NOW no matter how you are wired.

Yes, we know it can feel overwhelming when you look at the offerings, but we are part of you, guiding you to the very Flower Essences you need for your specific concerns. If you look at the photos of the Flowers or read the Essence descriptions in a quiet moment, we promise to be with you clarifying and simplifying the process so that you will have a clear sense of which Flower Essence would be helpful. Trust yourself now and always. We journey with you and will not let you down as you take this great leap.”

New Green Hope Farm Flower Essences from the 2015 season

The time of great planetary transformation is upon us! The intention for this year’s new Flower Essence introductions is to help light our way and steady us on our path forward into a new life on a reborn planet. We collectively head for new territory. No one can say exactly what this territory will be like, but Flower Essences can help us manifest this new world both within ourselves and without.

No one owns the place we are going. We go together as co-creators and equals to this new world. The Flower Essences the Angels have chosen for us this year are to help us lay down limitations that hinder our expansion into this boundless new life. These new Flower Essences help us jettison old self definitions, find confidence in our way forward and offer us vibrational tools that will work in this new terrain.

Stone age people did not immediately grasp the full ramifications of the wheel. When given any tool, it takes time to understand how it expands the possibilities of life. This is true of Flower Essences. Even as they bring their gifts to our electrical systems, we cannot know the full extent of these gifts. How relevant they are to this transition on our planet will only be seen in retrospect. This means the descriptions of these new Essences are incomplete. The terrain ahead cannot be fully described nor can we fully know the way Flower Essences will help us in this new terrain. But the Angels have said again and again that Flower Essences and our reborn planet are a match made in heaven, unrivaled in the way they will help us become all that we can be.


Release of all limitation to experience our infinite Self

This year’s Venus Garden began as a garden of low growing purple Flowers with two waves of white Flowers flowing through it. Over the course of the growing season, Boundless seized its own destiny to become boundless, transforming itself into a garden overflowing with brilliant Flowers in a vast array of colors and sizes, None of these Flowers were planted by the human caretakers! The Angels explain this wonder and its Flower Essence,

“On this boundless planet at this boundless time, the task for you is to open and receive. You must throw out any doubts about your worthiness and ignore any voice that would say no to this YES moment. Take the spiritual gifts on offer. In fact, grab for them as you grabbed for the golden ring on the merry-go-rounds of childhood. Open your arms and your hearts and let us give you everything we want to give you- everything Divinity wants to give you.

This Flower creation, Boundless is a gift from us to help you embrace the light and your boundless Self. It supports you to release all limits about who you think you are or can be to realize ALL you truly are which is, in truth, boundless.

Boundless helps you avail yourself to all the immeasurable spiritual gifts on offer. Boundless helps you abandon anything that stands in the way of you opening to receive these gifts. It helps you break down the walls of resistance and self imposed limitation to make the most of this unique moment in creation, this time in which so much Love and Light is here for the taking because of Divine Grace.”

A much more complete description of Boundless and the Boundless Garden can be found on the previous blog.

False Dragonhead

False Dragonhead Physostegia virginiana
Expressing our core experience of self no matter the circumstances

The signature of this Flower conveys its gifts. Growing in the most exposed locations False Dragonhead will swivel its blossoms to accommodate gale force winds while steadfastly expressing each fine articulation of its pink blossoms. Its Essence helps us both accommodate challenging circumstances while also being completely true to ourselves. It is a great support for big-hearted souls, giving them the strength to fearlessly be love, even if their love appears to be pushed aside. This Flower knows love is the only thing and an act of love is never lost in the wind.

I AM an invaluable force of love.

Harmony with All Kingdoms

Harmony With All Kingdoms
Helps each of us inhabit the vibration of oneness with all creation. By holding this vibration, we help everyone tune up to this frequency.

Individual human consciousness began with the illusionary idea of separation. This illusion organized our experience into divisions of better or worse, valuable and not valuable. While this illusion initially helped us to experience a conscious sense of being, it no longer serves us. It is time to dissolve this mind filter to experience the truth that all is one. Harmony With All Kingdoms speeds the release of this illusion of separation so that co-creation between all kingdoms can begin in earnest, and we can live from a realized state of oneness.

What we are talking about is a release of the illusionary idea of self as separate and an end of all selfish actions stemming from this idea of a separate self. The age upon us is beyond selfishness. It is a time in which we know completely that selfish behavior is as insane as the left hand cutting off the right.

This Essence was created at the request of a marvelous woman working to raise consciousness beyond animal cruelty. Thank you Erika for inspiring this mix.

Alex Mackenzie Rose, The Alignment Garden, All Ego Contracts Null & Void, Belerephon of the Open Door, Calendula, Cape Hyacinth, Carry Less, Cat’s Claw, French Marigold, Heritage Rose, Hontanas, Larkspur, Lobelia spicata, Maple, Mutabilis Rose, Phoenix Rising, Rabanal, South African Foxglove, The Thread of Change, Yellow Water Lily

Henri Martin Rose

Henri Martin Rose Rosa Henri Martin
Bear Medicine

Like bears in the slumber of hibernation, we have incubated a new way of being. Now it is time to awaken. The birth is upon us. The Bear medicine that helped us dream now helps us transform the dream into form.

Bear medicine helps us with timing, revealing when we need to wait and when we need to act. Bear medicine helps us pare out the unnecessary so we can manifest only what needs to be. Bear medicine helps us understand both our oneness AND good boundaries. The opportunities are vast for spiritual growth, but we have to show up. Bear medicine reminds us to show up. Bear medicine reminds us we must do our own work. Mama bears will do anything to protect their cubs, but when their cubs are grown, they free them to live their own lives with the understanding that they must make their own way. Bear medicine helps us do likewise both with people we have cared for and projects we have birthed. There is much support to let go in bear medicine.

We had a bear summer here at the farm. A bear travelled through the farm frequently even during daylight hours. With each visit we felt a wise friend had returned to check in about how things were going. The bear would come through at a fast pace, without lingering. Bear had its business, and we had ours, but the visits uplifted and encouraged. Our interest in bears and bear medicine took an unexpected turn when the Angels told us we had bear medicine to offer in our Henri Martin Rose Flower Essence. I had never linked bears with Roses, but we found that once we acknowledged this link, this Rose called out to both bears and people seeking bear medicine. One beloved working with rescue bears in the Appalachians gave it to bears in her care. If you feel bear medicine is calling to you or would support you, this Rose helps you deepen your connection to bears and bear medicine.

I AM the manifest wisdom of bear medicine.

Little Frog Mix

Little Frog Mix

At the behest of a healer named Little Frog, we set to work to create a mix that would be supportive to souls living the experience of autism. Feedback on this mix has been wonderful, especially when the mix is used as a spritz over the child or adult or in their space.

Some of the intentions for the mix are to support:
-greater connectivity to others with less reactivity and stress
-learning to be at ease in physical reality even when higher vibration nonphysical realms feel more comfortable
-being present as well as fully grounded in physical life
-clarity and expansion of purpose to include the idea of helping others
-courage to engage in and even enjoy the unpredictableness of human connection
-appreciation and gratitude even for the challenges of earth life

Alex Mackenzie Rose, Alignment Garden, Calendula, Chilean Firebush, Corn, Effort & Grace, The Eight Garden, Escallonia from Patagonia, Foxglove from Patagonia, Galicia, Golden Armor, Gratitude, Grounding, Jewelweed, La Rioja, Loving What Is, Maple, Ourisia Poeppigli, Pink Wands from Patagonia, Psychillis Macconnelliae, Rabanal, Rosemary, Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean, Trillium, The Venus Garden, Woad


Revitalizes and cleanses energy meridians, improves function of energy pathways

Mango Flower Essences is a powerhouse. During this time when we must move so much more light through our electrical system, Mango dramatically improves our ability to move this light. Mango cleanses and revitalizes energy meridians which helps us move the electrical energy coming through us in a more coordinated and balanced way. Those who find they are having a particularly challenging time in their top three chakras will find this one to be particularly helpful.

I AM the full assimilation of all Light energy.

Sow Thistle

Sow Thistle Sonchus oleraceus
Support to clear the heart of old hates and bitterness, moves us away from lives of extreme drama

Lying flat like a golden disk, this Wildflower is composed of a multitude of yellow petals radiating symmetrically outwards. Echoing this outward movement, Sow Thistle helps us houseclean our hearts of old hatreds and bitterness. For the person who has been through many arduous personal dramas, it also helps calm the waters not only by cleansing the heart but by balancing it.

I AM pure of heart.

The Way Forward

The Way Forward
Shows us the way forward no matter where we are on our spiritual journeys or how lost we feel

So much is in flux that it can be hard to get a bead on the way forward. We must ground so much more light energy than ever before while also shedding umpteen illusions revealed as unnecessary and unreal in the light of this energy. Move forward we must AND unburdened at that. How do we do this with the clarity and confidence?

Elizabeth Sheehan walked the 500 mile pilgrimage route across northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela three times. Her first pilgrimage brought us the Camino Collection of Flower Essences. Her second journey gave us the Healer’s Toolbox. On her third Camino, Elizabeth made Flower Essences, but at the time the Angels indicated that these Essences needed to wait for release. Here is what the Angels have to say about this now,

“NOW is the time for this combination remedy, The Way Forward, made by Elizabeth from many Flowers down the entire length of the Camino. Just as on the Camino there is a yellow arrow pointing the way forward at every turn, this Essence contains the vibrational arrows pointing your way forward no matter where you are on your spiritual path. The Camino is a place that embodies the spiritual journey to conscious oneness and reunion with Divinity. When we guided Elizabeth in the creation of this mix, our intention was to imbed the Essence with wayshowers at each place of confusion, unknown and paradigm shift along the spiritual seeker’s path. We are delighted it is time to release this gem of an Essence.”

Wound Healing
Healing our wounds completely and for good

This combination remedy works in the emotional, mental, physical and etheric/memory bodies to close wounds that may appear healed but still magnetize to us the same kinds of problems, accidents, incidents, illnesses, interpersonal dramas and other wound re-opening events over and over again. Isn’t it time to be done with the same old story? This Essence helps us get the job done.

If you attract the same kind of interpersonal dramas, re-injure the same place in your body or feel you have a magnet attracting the same problems, this Essence if for you! We have waited a long time for the Angels to tell us we had all the Flower Essences we needed to make this mix. We are so happy to offer it to you!

Abandonment & Abuse, Angelica, Artichoke, Beach Pea, Brown Eyed Evening Primrose, Christmas Bush, Comfrey, Dainty Bess Rose, Desert Chicory, Desert Forget-Me-Not, Epimedium, Ethereal Fluidium Super Glue, Fireweed, Fremont Pincushion, Narrative of Release, Phoenix Rising, Queen Anne’s Lace, Queen of the Night, Red Flower from Santorini, Re-Union, The Sacred Feminine, The Sacred Masculine, Sweet Olive, Swamp Candles, The Three Phacelia Sisters


Flower Essences from SCOTLAND
Jim Sheehan travelled to Scotland, north and east of Inverness this summer, returning with Flower Essences primarily from coastal dunes. These Scottish Flower Essences are surprisingly different than their Flower Essences cousins from the west of Ireland. Though growing geographically close, they have unique vibrational gifts distinct from the same Flowers growing in Ireland. These Essences are particularly relevant right now. They go deep into any part of us that feels unprepared for change, reluctant to change or simply overwhelmed by change and help us know we are ready, we can do it, and it is time to do it! These Essences support us to think and act with optimism, conviction, clarity and a determination of purpose.

One last thing! Please forgive the blurry photos! Scotland is a windy place and the Flowers were difficult to photograph!

Bramble from Scotland

Bramble from Scotland Rubus fruiticosus
Lightening even the darkest of situations

Bramble from Scotland supports us to lighten up and find a bead on the positive no matter how heavy our current circumstances. It restores sunshine and positivity in places where darkness has lingered. It gently pries open even the darkest inner locked box within us to flood it with light. Just as someone might pull back the curtains in a darkened room to wake us up, this one helps us arise from a dark place and move towards a place of greater light.

I AM the blossoming of Light.


Gorse Ulex europaeus
Imperturbable optimism and hope

Gorse is a Flower Essence that floods us with uplifting light and hope. It is particularly supportive in situations of transition and challenges such as illness, despair or heartbreak. Gorse helps us have a steadiness of hope and optimism within ourselves even in situations in which we are being battered by the winds of change or find ourselves in an environment of pessimism. It is an excellent ally when a feeling of all is lost is prevalent because Gorse knows all is never lost.

On the high seas of life, I AM hope.

Harebell from Scotland

Harebell from Scotland Campanula rotundifolia
Unwavering courage and clear purpose in thought, word and deed

Harebell from Scotland helps us know our truth in a composed, focused and calm manner. When we must translate our convictions into actions, it helps us find the courage to act decisively and without fear even if it means rising above and standing apart from the crowd.

I AM the courage to act from my convictions with unwavering calm, clarity and decisiveness.

Heather from Scotland

Heather Calluna vulgaris
Confidence and contentment with our place in the cosmos

Heather supports us to have complete faith in our place in the unity of all things. It brings us confidence and joy that each of us matters. Heather helps us understand that every voice rings out a unique note that enhances and lifts up all other voices. This vibrational wisdom translates into self-expression that reflects a sense of connection not illusions of lack or disconnection.

I AM sure of my place in the world and rest easy in knowing I matter.

Purple Orchid from Scotland

Purple Orchid from Scotland
Get up and go energy

This orchid started explaining its Flower Essence the moment the Essence was in my hands, “ I AM a get started, lace up your boots and get going energy. I help you find the energy from within to do what you must without fail and without qualm.”

I AM the swift and steady accomplishment of my goals.

Sweet Briar Rose

Sweet Briar Rose Rosa rubiginosa
Balm for ancestral wounds

Part of redefining ourselves in this new terrain is closing the chapters of our family of origin lineage so ideas of lineage no longer limit or define us. This Rose helps us put a wrap on the stories of our ancestors and brings relief to those who have been burdened by their lineage for any reason be it fame, infamy or anything in-between. It is time to be free of all cages, even golden ones.

I AM spirit unblemished.


Boundless is Born

The Angels named this year’s Venus Garden Boundless. What kind of Flower Essence did it create?

Today, we begin to find out. It’s the Autumnal Equinox here at long last, on the unusually late date of September 23. At Green Hope Farm, the Autumnal Equinox has been the traditional day for the new Venus Garden combination Flower Essence to be ready to share, and this year is no exception.

Boundless is ready.

As many of you know, the Venus Garden is a very high vibration place at the farm. Each January the Angels give me a completely new design for the Venus Garden, interweaving Flowers, Herbs and Vegetables in a unique mandala. At the close of each summer, we make a Flower Essence combination mix from all the Flowers growing in the garden. The Venus Garden Essences hold more than the vibration of individual Flowers. They hold the vibration of the garden mandala and the spiritual intention of each unique garden as set by Divinity. These Combination Essences usher us to new vibrational places. From this garden have come many of our most beloved combination Flower Essences including the Alignment Garden, Phoenix Rising and Don’t Worry-Bee Happy.

This past January when I received the design particulars from the Angels, they told me the name of the garden was Boundless. I found that thrilling, but I didn’t know exactly why.


In early June the garden itself was planted in purple Flowers with two waves of white Flowers rolling through the sea of purple. I had a lot of mishaps growing the required plants in the greenhouse, because two of our cats kept sneaking into the greenhouse to sit on the baby plants. While there was an entire greenhouse of plants to choose from, they never sat on anything BUT the plants for Boundless! I was not sure I would have enough plants for the garden because of this cat discernment.


When it came time to plant all the young plants, I had an ample amount- a boundless amount! In the dictionary boundless is described as not limited in any way. Not even the naughty cats could limit this garden!


To begin with Boundless looked a lot like its design. The waves of white Flowers could be seen flowing through the carpet of purple Flower gems. Then the garden took off in unexpected directions. Flowers I had not planted in the Venus Garden in many years appeared and grew swiftly to gorgeous maturity. Many tall plants rose up in a bevy of Flowers. In a garden I expected to be only purple and white, there were suddenly many vibrant colors. Pink hued Flowers were particularly abundant.


From the first weeks of planting, the Flowers extended themselves out from the garden into the encircling grass. The Snapdragons in particular launched themselves into the lawn. I mulched about two feet more around the entire perimeter to keep all the plants tucked into the garden and not in the path of the lawnmower. Many Flowers immediately reached out beyond this new edge. This garden declared itself boundless.

I savored this exuberant, unexpected garden, but I still didn’t know what it or the Boundless Essence were about. The Angels explained that as Boundless gives us a vibration that we seek but do not know, the sense of unknown and mystery was natural. Furthermore they wanted to explain this garden and its Essence’s gifts to all of us,

“We shower you with blessings night and day and at every moment. We love you beyond imagining. We are also so happy for you that you are here on this blessed planet at this blessed moment. We want you to look up and open your arms wide and receive the shower of blessings flooding in. We want you to let go of your worry thoughts about not deserving. We want you to accept the most personal of loving gifts from your Creator who loves you more than you can imagine.

The task for you is to open and receive. To throw out the doubts about your worthiness and simply ignore any voice that would say no to this YES moment. Take the gifts on offer. In fact, grab for them as you grabbed for the golden ring on the merry go rounds of childhood. Open your arms and your hearts and let us give you everything we want to give you and everything Divinity wants to give you.

This Flower creation, Boundless, is one gift on offer. It is roadmap of the movement of embracing the light and your boundless Self. It supports you to release all limits about who you think you are or can be. It helps you realize ALL you truly are which is, in truth, boundless. It helps you dissolve any self-definition that contains you to release you into self-expression that is beyond your wildest imagining.”

Question: In opening our arms and hearts wide, what is it we are opening to receive?

Angels: Your Self. Your Divine Self. This is not about manifesting a Maserati or having an unlimited amount of bubble gum. This is about letting illusionary limits be washed away by the incoming light so that you realize your Self with a capital S.

Question: This garden feels very beyond words to me. With all the unexpected Flowers arising through the ones I planted, someone might call this garden a hot mess, yet I love it and feel like it has nothing to do with anything I can see or grasp.

Angels: Your true Self is beyond language. Soon language that seemed to defined you will be understood as a limitation from an eternity ago. Your true Self is beyond your ability to conceive or contain with words. That is where Grace comes in, because you are heading towards an experience of Self that is not based on anything you know. What you now consider the reality of Self or the reality of the world will feel as limited and as false as the view through a kaleidoscope. Yes, looking through this tube is absorbing for awhile, but it’s not real.

This garden is not about its appearance either. It has nothing to do with its appearance. The physicality of the garden and the physical drops of its Flower Essence are strictly links to a vibrational experience of expansion and boundlessness. Consider Boundless like a key in the door. You can’t look at the key or the door and have any idea what lies on the other side, yet the key gets you through the door.

Question: Is there anything else you would like to share about this new Essence, Boundless?

Answer: Your work is to avail yourself to the spiritual gifts on offer. Boundless helps you abandon anything that stands in the way of you opening to receive these gifts. It helps you break down the walls of resistance and self imposed limitation to make the most of this unique moment in creation, this time in which so much Love and Light is here for the taking because of Divine Grace.


Flower Essences and the Rising Vibrations this Summer


This summer, like waves on a beach, higher energies have been washing over creation in a series of enormous waves.

It takes a lot for most of us over the age of about ten to assimilate these energies, and assimiliate these energies we must.

Today I am going to share the guidance I have been given about these waves, how to assimilate this energy and some of the Flower Essences that have been and continue to be particularly helpful for you and your animals right now.

No sooner do we seem to get our sea legs under us, having accommodated a wave of higher vibrational energy, than another wave of light comes in and we must begin anew to hold even more expansive light.

And this particular round of energy shifts is not yet finished. We are going to have quite a busy September.

Some years we have not even one spike like the many we have had in so many successive waves this summer. In asking the Angels why there needed to be so many energy spikes in just this one season, they simply say, “It’s time.”

For many years the Angels have reminded me that everyone here on the planet has been fully informed about this immense vibrational uptick underway. Yes, some of us are more conscious of the changes, but all of us are aware even if only on an unconscious level.

For most all of us, this is why we are here. The very planet where we are manifest is taking us forward in our spiritual evolution without us having to do nearly the work required for this kind of spiritual evolution in other eras. It is an incredible gift of GRACE from Divinity but also somewhat of a project for many of us to handle.

For a number of years I have been talking about how different aged people respond to these shifts differently. Why is this?

Technology gives me a vocabulary to discuss this.


When those of us born before 1979 incarnated, we had electrical circuit boards that were wired to plug into the existing circuit board of our planetary home. The vibration of Earth was a lot slower so our electrical circuit boards were wired for this slower vibration. However, we came into incarnation knowing the vibration would radically increase in our lifetime. And again, this was the very reason most of us came into incarnation at this time.

For many of us pre 1979ers, we have been upgrading our electrical systems most of our lives in preparation for these energy waves. We knew that if we wanted to accommodate this energy in our personal energy systems, we would need to continually upgrade our electrical system. We have done this in so many ways with so much help from Divinity. But this summer’s shifts have been particularly demanding for our electrical systems even if we did the work all along.

Why is this? It’s a lot of rewiring in a short time, and we have no choice but move and ground the energy in ourselves even as we work to rewire.

This is one reason Flower Essences are so useful for us. They show us the way. They help us reboot! They help us do the necessary rewiring swiftly and more easily. They are electrical information and electrical problem solvers, and they give our electrical system road maps for making the changes.

The younger you are, the more the electrical circuit board you were born with is in sync with the current vibration on the planet. Because children came from spirit so recently, they come in with the most accurately wired circuit boards for what is now happening. They have much less rewiring to do.

Yes, the children coming in really are wired differently than us. It’s the reason some people will choose to step out of their current earth bodies and come back in again soon in a new body. It is a lot easier to assimilate these energy shifts with one of the new operating systems than an old one!

Children will have their own issues with the energy shifts, but they can handle the light energy much more easily than most of us older folks. Like the rest of us, they came into incarnation right now because of these shifts and because of the spiritual opportunities these shifts are going to give them. They will need the steady presence of an older generation for many reasons but assimilating the light is not one of them. THEY WERE MADE FOR THIS LIGHT!

I am not discouraged for those of us who are older. We can make all these changes, but we need to do it with more intention and clarity.

As we work to accommodate these waves, we need to be very attentive to our inner guidance and follow this heartfelt guidance to the letter. We can’t just do whatever we feel like right now and get around to our spiritual work later. Our spiritual work is the electrical work of accommodating this new energy. We have to do this now, and only our heartfelt guidance knows exactly how to get this done. I can’t say this too strongly: the moment we are in requires us to pay attention and follow our guidance exactly.

This is unprecedented territory for earth and all humanity. Not even the Angels know exactly how this is all going to go down. It is a Planetary Improv!!!!

That’s why we need to stay in the now of our current guidance and follow it precisely. The electrical changes are happening swiftly. Our electrical systems are accommodating the shifts in unique ways with both moments of sailing along in bliss and hitting inevitable glitches. We need to listen to the still small voice in the heart and follow its guidance because this guidance is fine tuned to the exact situation occurring and exactly how we are responding to it.


One afternoon recently I was guided to sit under a tree and not move for four hours. I was asked to not even get up at any point. In general my guidance has been to slow down or even stop to give my electrical system a chance to catch up. I sat there for four hours, glad I happened to have a book within arm’s reach! I have noticed that if I try to circumvent my guidance by not asking what I should do, events run interference so that what I wanted to do doesn’t happen. I am grateful for the intervention of our “upstairs” beloveds, but it sure is easier for our energy systems and the Angels guiding us if we just follow our guidance from the get go!

It is that important that we give up all ideas about what we want to do in favor of what needs to be done.

Its time to surrender to both the guidance and also the amazing grace of this moment!

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What Essences have been flying out of here in a flood to support us?

GROUNDING- This is true even for the animals whom I think of as usually pillars of groundedness. So many of us have needed the wisdom of our Grounding mix to help us ground this incoming electrical data and keep our bodies grounded to Earth at the same time. This is the expertise of Flower Essences- to help us be Divinity in grounded physical form- and yes, this is where the energies are taking us: towards a greater experience of our Divinity.

Dizziness has been a symptom of needing Grounding Essence and needing to get more grounded. If you do a meditation to ground yourself, it is important to ground to the heart of the Earth not to Earth in general. This helps us anchor in the highest vibration of the Earth, not the places where Earth too is having challenges accommodating the energies.

BREATHE- For many, me included, I feel these incoming energy waves most intensely in my head. The upper chakras are where the energy comes into our systems first, so it is not surprising that we feel it there first with strange headaches and other symptoms in our heads. Check out the listings on the website for the fifth, sixth and seventh chakras to see what is calling to you. Your system will know what it needs so trust what you feel attracted to working with. We have send out an enormous amount of Breathe which serves the fifth and sixth chakra. The animals have also needed this one a lot.

TO HEAR THE ANGELS SING- This one helps us hear our guidance better. There is nothing more important than this except maybe following the guidance!

ALIGNMENT GARDEN, CORALITA, LARKSPUR, FLOW FREE and WATCH YOUR BACK- We are all going to run into some glitches and places in our system where we have difficulty moving the energies- This is just a sample of the Essences that help us keep things moving while untangling the electrical knots and smoothing the flow. As most of you know because I say it ad nauseum, the Angels have me use Flow Free every day.

VITALITY, PRECIOUS BLOOD, BALANCE IN A BLUE MOON, REDWOOD- We are birthing the new. A new planet and new selves! It’s not always comfortable. In fact sometimes it is downright exhausting. These help us summon the energy to do the work we need to do.

GOLDEN ARMOR, EYES OF MARY, ALL EGO CONTRACTS NULL & VOID, ALIGNMENT GARDEN- If our old habits take us into the territory of saying YES when we feel like saying NO it’s time to follow through on the NO’s. We need to take care of those we are called to take care of from our hearts and souls not because of habits, societal rules, personality bindings or anything of the ego. Then we need to give anything we are not to carry anymore back to Divinity which can handle this transfer of responsibility with ease. It is no longer enough to discern what is and isn’t our business. We need to save our energy for what is in Divine alignment with our purpose, not what others expect or we were programmed to do. This is why these Essences that clarify purpose moment to moment and help us break free of old habits are so important.

Again, listening to our guidance AND FOLLOWING IT is so vital. If you were climbing in the Himalayas you would need to follow the lead of your sherpa guide. We are in the Himalayas and our sherpa guide resides in our hearts!

One last thing- My guidance has encouraged me to drink a lot of water with Essences in it. As we raise up our vibrations we flush a lot of old stuff out. The more we hydrate the more easily the flush goes!

We are on email Monday through Thursday to help you find specific Flower Essences to serve your specific situation. It remains a heart felt priority for us to be there for you on email. Please email us if you are called to!

Lots of Love and Joy! Molly


From the eMail Bag!

Here are some recent stories and questions from the email and mail bag. I have quoted each anonymously and included my answers. I also added some thoughts today as I organized this post.

A GHF friend writes, “I just wanted to share- I was at the Fairy and Human Congress in eastern WA last week. The kids were amazing. One family camping near us had 2 girls, one 5 yrs and another 2. They both sat contentedly in Mom & Dad’s lap for 2 hours while we were all in a workshop!!!

Later that day, the 2 year old started a melt down… and it proceeded to be a full blast meltdown, screaming at the top of her lungs, exploding and yelling I WWWANTTT TO GO HOME NOW!!!! Mom didn’t know what to do and was visibly distraught and beyond, beyond herself!

I had brought my bottle of Fairy Rose Essence with me. I took it to the Mom, suggested she not try to get her daughter to ‘take’ it, but I put a few drops in Mom’s hand, and suggested she quietly rub it onto the toddler.

2 min later, the screaming suddenly stopped, the toddler was playing happily!!! She made it happily through the rest of the congress.”

Molly– It’s a pretty great that there IS a Fairy Congress! So happy about that! Also so happy that the Fairy Rose was the one you had to share! Such a perfect one for this situation! Children love it, and it helps all of us find our joy again. Thank you so very much for sharing this story!
The Fairy Rose
Another GHF friend shares, “My 10 year old rescue cat, Daphne, has been with us for 5 years.  She almost never used the litter box from day 1, preferring the carpeting in the living room instead.  She has always been nice to have around, but not really lovable.  In the most recent 6 months, she had become hostile to our 5 year old tabby, Abbey, not playing with her or allowing her in close proximity.  

Two months ago I started adding Flow Free and Spraying to the communal drinking water, and the change in attitude was immediate.  Daphne started playing with Abbey again and they were back to sleeping on the same bed together.  After 6 weeks of using the drops, Daphne started using the litter box and has been using it every day since.  Daphne loves the flower essences.  Every morning she waits for her fresh water bowl with the flower essences. Once we set the bowl down, she immediately hovers over it for about 30 seconds and then starts drinking.  Thank you for saving her life… she has been transformed, and so have I.”

Molly– I thanked this friend for sharing Daphne and Abbey’s story. Flower Essences speak the language of the animals in a profound way. They often help an animal when nothing else has. I feel lucky every day to be part of sharing Flower Essences with the world. I feel lucky to read our mail too!

PS Staffer Pippa also glad to hear this story

Another from a GHF friend writes, “I’m so excited about this order.    I even dreamed of it last night.  :)   Can’t wait to get them and start learning from them!  My last order knocked my socks off.  There’s been so much learning and transformation in the past few months.  Especially working with Wintergreen, Fremont Pincushion and Box Briar.   I think I each order gets more powerful as I continue to clear away the old and open up to the new.  I’m so grateful for these teachers in my life!”

Molly– I LOVE dreams about Flower Essences and Flowers! Some of the pivotal dreams in my life concerned Flowers!  I love that dreams are one way Flowers talk to us!  Thanks for sharing that with us!  You have me smiling ear to ear! I also love hearing about the trio you were working with- Such an interesting trio! Three very different worlds coming together to serve us with this trio when you think about the fact one is from the desert, one from St John and the sea and one from the mountain slopes of the northeast.

I would add here as I write this blog that the opportunity to work with Flower Essences from different places around the globe is a profound gift. Each micro-climate presents the Flower with different challenges which it must overcome in order to be its full and radiant self. As it overcomes these challenges to blossom fully, its electrical wisdom holds all it has learned. This is the wisdom we can learn from when we work with the Flower Essence.

One of the focuses of Green Hope Farm has been to make Flower Essences in lots of different places on Earth and then offer them all here. We now have Flower Essences from Patagonia and other parts of Chile, Costa Rica, the Caribbean, the deserts of the SW, Colorado, the Appalachians, the Adirondacks, New England, Bermuda, Ireland, Scotland, Spain and Japan. Flowers growing in each of these places offer such different gifts and strengths.

Sometimes this is true even when its the same Flower!

For example, my husband Jim has just come back from Scotland with Flower Essences for us. I was very interested to learn from the Angels and Elementals that the Heather Flower Essence he made has different strengths than the Irish Heath from Ireland. Same family of plants but even this relatively small difference in geographical location made for a Flower Essence with different strengths than its Irish sister plant.

Back to why we all might find ourselves served by Flowers from different places on earth- Each of us is becoming a more evolved energy system yet also more whole and integrated. Working with Flower Essences from all over our planet helps us with these paradigm shifts. Working with Flower Essences from all over our planet also helps us remember out wholeness.
Scottish Heather

Another GHF friend asks this question, “I have started using my essences since last week, and I can say that I truly feel their support in many areas. However, I have a question for you…is there ever a time when an essence may exacerbate a condition? As I told you before I was having a skin issue with my left foot and last week i began to get a rash up my left leg, within 2 days i now have a rash on my right leg as well. It is prickly and intensely itchy and I get a little bit of anxiety when it is itching. I kept taking my essences for I don’t think they have anything to do…what do you think?

Molly-Excellent question and I hope my answer will be helpful and clarifying!  

Essences can only offer information to heal a situation- Your electrical system then takes the information from the Flower Essences into account when making decisions about how to heal issues in your system. 

As your electrical system is run by your Divinity, your electrical system is not going to make the situation worse for you but only works to heal you- i.e. there is nothing in Flower Essences that would encourage a situation to get worse, and your own electrical system wants to get better too-  So I agree with you that this is not to do with the Essences- 

I went back to look at your earlier emails and all that was going on in your life situation to figure out why you might have this rash- I wonder if you know that legs have to do with the root chakra which have to do with our tribe of origin- It has been my experience that when we are working on issues with our tribe of origin, often this shows up in our legs or lower body in general- I could give you specific stories from my life….but maybe I will spare you that :-)  

So I think you have wonderful Essences to support you clear up and complete all you have been learning vis a vis your family of origin and I think your system may just be releasing stuff from all you have been through as part of doing this work- I always feel like it is good if uncomfortable when things have come to the surface with skin issues as it means they have surfaced and can be released- i.e. it is a good sign when the issue has surfaced versus remaining deep within, unknown and unaddressed.

Another question from a GHF friend, “I have a question about using essences topically. I’m an acupuncturist and I am currently experimenting with using the essences topically. Right now I am using Flow Free, Christmas Bush & Rain of Gold mixed into the coconut oil I use during cupping. 

I’m thinking about using the essences directly on the points. I have a couple questions:
1. Do I just put essences directly on the points or must they be in a carrier oil or shea butter so they will “stick” to the points? 
2. Can I combine them with essential oils without altering their properties? 
3. I’m considering using Flow Free for pain and depression, Christmas Bush for chronic wounds, Rattlesnake for balance and protection, and Anxiety for anxiety. Do you have better suggestions? 

Molly– I love the idea of using the Essences in this way- My guidance is that they will work as well applied directly as mixed with a carrier oil. You can definitely mix them with essential oils without altering their properties. Flow Free is wonderful for pain, depressions, stuck energy- It is a miracle worker! I love the four you have chosen- These feel very strong as a group- I learned something from your choices! Thank you!

Grounding is coming up a lot right now- There is something about the energy shifts that has left people and animals feeling not very grounded- Grounding presents itself to be considered.”

This was my answer, but I want to elaborate about my comment about the incoming energies and Grounding. There are waves of wonderful energy coming into the planet to help us raise our vibrations and continue our evolution.

This summer the waves have been coming in very fast and very frequently. As these waves roll in, we must let go and ride these waves- letting them wash away what needs to go and flood us with higher vibrations. This can be quite a challenge!

The reasons Flower Essences are such a great support during a time like now are many. One piece of their vibrational knowledge is that they know how to evolve spiritually while also staying fully in form. I mentioned the Grounding because it has many tree Flower Essences in it. Tree Flowers offer particularly good information about being their wisest self incarnate, sturdy, rooted and solid yet open and embracing of change and expansion.
Black Cohosh in the early morning- another great one for being rooted and expansive at the same time.

As a community of Flowers, Angels, Nature Spirits, Dogs, Cats and even some People, Green Hope Farm can be a funny place……and I love telling you all about it!