Each year a different mandala of Flowers is planted in the Venus Garden, the most magical high vibration spot at Green Hope Farm.  Flower Essences made from this garden are the cutting edge Essences of our entire collection.  They take us on an advanced course of spiritual study, setting us free to heal and evolve in unexpected, dynamic and surprisingly joyful ways.

In 1993, we planted out first garden in the place we call the Venus Garden.  It was the year when the Angels asked us to open the farm to visitors.   While there were people interested in every garden at the farm, this garden was packed from morning until night.   The garden had such a palpable healing vibration that people could not get enough of it.  They would settle down in the pine needle paths and stay all day.  Sometimes we would look out the windows of our farmhouse in the middle of the night and find people still sitting in the garden.  Often, we had no idea how that busload of folks from Ohio had heard about the garden.  It was a wonderful, wild mystery.   
During the winter of 1994, the Angels told me that the farm was at a crossroads.  We could keep the gardens open and serve those who visited by giving them an opportunity to be in the healing vibration of the gardens or we could center our energies on the Flower Essences.  The Angels explained that we could not do both things well because as a natural part of visiting the gardens, visitors tapped and drained the energies of the gardens.  This meant that the Essences we would make if the gardens were open would not be as high in healing vibration as those we would make if we kept the gardens closed.  I asked the Angels which direction would serve more people.  They said closing the gardens and making Flower Essences from the gardens in sanctuary would serve many more people.  This is why we closed the gardens
Each year since 1993, we have been given a new design for the Venus Garden.  Each year the garden is given a specific name and theme by the Angels.  During the growing season, the work in all the gardens and for those of us who live and work here revolves around this theme as if the whole farm is taking a specific course of study.  At the close of most growing seasons, the garden becomes an amazing combination remedy based on the course curriculum of the summer.  Very often this remedy is born near or at the autumn equinox. 
Each incarnation of the Venus Garden has been a wonder.  It never ceases to amaze me how different each design is and how perfectly the season’s learning lessons dovetail with the garden and its theme.  With the design come very specific instructions from the Angels and Elementals.   Guidance includes information about plant choice, the number of plants to be planted, plant placement and method of planting.  Throughout the growing season, we are guided about our ongoing involvement in the garden for such tasks as weeding, watering and dead heading.  All movement in and around the garden is carefully orchestrated.  Some years, for example, we cannot go in the garden at all.  Other years we can deadhead and otherwise tend the Flowers.
This garden exists differently in time and space than any other place I know.  When we did have visitors, people often would not see the garden even as they walked right by it. Nowadays, it’s the vibration of the Essences that the Venus Garden gives us and the feeling of the garden that suggests it exists in another dimension.  We have come to call this the fifth dimension.

I can’t speak to the physics of this or offer a learned discussion of string theory or anything else.  I can say that the Angels have told us that the Venus Garden is the place at the farm where the fifth dimension is anchored and that being in the Venus Garden is a fifth dimensional experience.  Pressed for more details, they note that, “The fifth dimension is both your destiny and already totally present in your lives.  The fifth dimension feels both familiar and more real than everyday reality.  It may remind you a bit of experiences in your childhood.  You experienced the fifth dimension as a child more easily because it was the dimension from whence you had just come. The fifth dimension is the dimension in which Heaven exists. It is the dimension where you coexist with us, the Angels, Elementals and spiritual teachers, and you know this, because you experience us clearly.  It is the dimension where you will reunite with the unlimited part of yourself that knows both oneness with all creation and the unconditional divine love, divine wisdom and divine power that is your birthright.  In this dimension you feel totally present to the NOW and with that, all eternity.  It is a place where your decisions are not reactions to friction but spring from deep felt inner truths.  It is a place where quirky, marvelous miracles slip into your lives with ease.  When Emily was seven and first stepped into the season’s Venus Garden, she said, “Here is a place where I feel all light and floaty, where I have no worries.” We say, but of course.”

Below you will find a chronological list of the Venus Garden combination Essences.  Because they often build thematically from one year to the next, I thought you would be interested in this chronology. Gaps reflect either gardens taking more than one season to create or an Essence being sold out.  That is the thing about these mixes: when they are gone, they are gone!

Phoenix Rising (2000)
The Sunflower Spiral (2001)
Love Prevails (2003 & 2004)
The Alignment Garden (2005)
Don’t Worry-Bee Happy (2006)
Loving What Is (2007)
Gratitude (2009)
The Eight Garden (2010)



Our Venus Garden Collection is composed of some combination remedies and some single-flower Essences. Combination Essences are denoted below with "(combination)" following the short definition, and are available in 2 sizes: a 1/2 ounce size bottle for $9.00 each and a 2-ounce size bottle for $30.00. Single-flower Essences are $7.35 for the 1/2 ounce bottle and $25.00 for the 2-ounce bottle.

Click on the name of the flower essence for an expanded definition:

THE ALIGNMENT GARDEN- All issues of alignment including physical alignment and alignment with purpose (combination)

BELEREPHON OF THE OPEN DOOR- Powerful support to open the door to the next stage of our spiritual journey

DON’T WORRY-BEE HAPPY- Support from the honeybees and the Flowers to be happy (combination)

THE EIGHT GARDEN- Enormously transformative remedy in terms of letting go of what we don’t need and manifesting what we do (combination)

GRATITUDE - The alchemy of gratitude is that it lifts us out of our mind ideas of less than into an experience of life as an immeasurable blessing, this Essence helps us on that journey (combination)

LOVE PREVAILS- In difficult times when love does not seem to be much in evidence, this combination remedy supports us to know, feel and be able to surrender to the great truth that love does prevail (combination)

LOVING WHAT IS- Release from mind judgments and conflicting opinions to live from our hearts in centered peace, appreciation and delight with what is (combination)

MEHERA- Help to deepen our love and devotion to God

NUUPHRETIA LAVARISSA- Promotes courage, comfort, and fearlessness by revealing the place beyond opposites

OSTEOSPERMUM- Spiritual spine, faith in our inner light, support during experiences of betrayal, a very empowering Flower Essence ally

PHOENIX RISING- Support to move through firestorms and arrive at a new life built from the ashes (combination)

RUBY MOON HYACINTH BEAN- Spiritual freedom

SUNFLOWER SPIRAL- Helps us feel grounded in our divine light, helps us know who is there to support us and know whom we are there to support, renews and encourages us when the going gets tough (combination)

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