While the four subtle bodies are a sort of library or storehouse for each human body, the chakras are the vehicle by which light or life force energy from our Creator gets distributed throughout our whole energy systems. When light from God pours into each of us, it moves through seven main chakras or energy transformers into our energy systems.  The chakras are not physical in nature, but are part of our energy body.

Each chakra resonates to certain spiritual issues. The degree to which we have worked through the issues of a chakra is the degree to which the chakra is open and spins in health and balance, allowing for the smooth flow of energy through our system. If we are working on spiritual learning lessons related to the issues of a chakra, this chakra may be partially closed, wobbly, and weak, with less light moving though it than through our other chakras.

Our physical system is impacted negatively by blockages in our chakras. A blockage in a chakra means less electrical energy moving to the places in our bodies that have correspondences to that chakra. If we address the spiritual issues in our lives relating to the wobbly or blocked chakra, the flow of energy through the chakra can improve significantly. This positively impacts the related areas in our physical body.

Our spiritual evolution calls us to keep improving the quality and volume of light moving in our chakras so even if our chakras are functioning well, we will be called upon to help them function better. This means it is always helpful to understand the chakras and their links to certain spiritual issues and physical sites in the body. 

Here is a very simplified description of the seven main chakras of our energy systems. Briefly described are the spiritual challenges and evolutionary work of each chakra. I have noted how each chakra corresponds in location to our physical body. I have also indicated some spiritual issues related to that chakra and how these issues might manifest in your physical body. My list is not complete, but more of a jumping off point for more detailed conversations with your own energy system.

Specific Flower Essences hold vibrational frequencies that help with the spiritual issues of specific chakras. Working with specific Essences may help rebalance, strengthen, or unblock a chakra. The divine vibrational wisdom of some Flower Essences resonates very precisely with a particular chakra, while others are linked to several chakras or even general practitioners, supporting many chakras. The Angels suggested we list the Flower Essences with particularly strong vibrational ties to specific chakras. Those Essences listed more than once offer great gifts for more than one chakra. 

1st Chakra- located in the base of the spine

Color- red

Issues- survival, grounding, safety, family of origin

Spiritual challenge- To move from an identity based on Earth family roots and culture to an identity that is grounded in divine origin and one’s true self. To find safety and rootedness not from Earth identity but from divine self-identity

Some possible 1st Chakra related energy blockages- lower back pain, sciatica, varicose veins, and issues of the legs, knees, feet, and skin

Flower Essences which correspond to the 1st chakra- Amaryllis, Black Currant, Bloodroot, Broccoli, Brown Eyed Evening Primrose, Calendula, Carrot, Claret Cup Cactus, Coltsfoot, Comfrey, Corn, The Fairy Rose, Ginger, Grounding, Heritage Rose, Honeysuckle, Joe Pye Weed, Inner Child, Maple, Nuuphretia Lavarissa, Plum, Precious Blood, Rain of Gold, Red Currant, Red Mangrove, Rosemary, The Three Phacelia Sisters, Yellow Mullein, Yellow Water Lily, Water Hyacinth 

2nd Chakra- located in the genital area

Color- orange

Issues- sexuality, creative life force energy, clairsentience

Spiritual challenge- To discover who you are by experiencing yourself in relationship to others, to learn from partnerships of physical romance, professional ties, creative endeavors, and money. To realize spiritual truth that self-knowledge, not self worth, is the harvest of these external markers.

Some possible 2nd Chakra related energy blockages- prostate difficulties and other male reproductive organ issues, bladder problems, female reproductive organ issues including infertility and ovarian cysts, some kidney issues, lower back

Flower Essences which correspond to the 2nd chakra- Anthurium, Asclepias, Banana, Bee Balm, Bells of Ireland, Bird of Paradise, Black Cohosh, Blue Flag Iris, Claret Cup Cactus, Clitoria, Clivia, Corn,  Ixora, Lady's Mantle, Moonlight Datura, Morning Glory, Orange, Orange Hawkweed, Papaya, Partridgeberry, Pomegranate, Red Hibiscus, Sea Lavender, She Changes, Watermelon, White Hibiscus, Wild Iris

3rd Chakra- located in the stomach/ solar plexus area

Color- yellow

Issues- personal power, motivation and vitality

Spiritual challenge- To learn about your personal power in the world: what it is, where it comes from, what belongs to you and no one else, and how you want to use it.

Some possible 3rd Chakra related energy blockages- arthritis, issues in the colon, intestines, liver, pancreas, spleen, kidney and gallbladder, chronic stomach distress, bulimia or anorexia, middle spine

Flower Essences which correspond to the 3rd chakra- All Ego Contracts Null & Void, Avocado, Baby Blue Eyes, Bloodroot, Broccoli, Cardinal de Richelieu Rose, Carouby de Maussane Pea, Chia, Chives, Common Spotted Orchid, Dandelion, Epimedium, Hyssop, Locust & Wild Honey, Loquat, Motherwort, Old China Blush Rose, Pennyroyal, Pumpkin, Queen Anne’s Lace, Sage, Sea Mayweed, Self Heal, Shrimp Plant, Spiderwort, Sweet William, Thistle, True Wood Sorrel, Wintergreen

4th Chakra- located in the heart area

Color- green

Issues- love, compassion, emotional empathy

Spiritual challenge- To be the power of unconditional love

Some possible 4th Chakra related energy blockages- heart conditions including heart attacks, angina, cholesterol issues and congestive heart failure, asthma, allergies, lung problems, upper back and shoulder issues, circulation problems, breasts, arms and hands

Flower Essences which correspond to the 4th chakra- Blackberry, Black Eyed Susan, Borage, California Poppy, Chamomile, Hardhack, Honeybees in the White Hawthorn, Hyssop, Jasmine, Loving what Is, Love Prevails, Maltese Cross, The Mary Rose, Meadow Sweet, Mehera, Purple Flowering Raspberry, Rabanal, Scarlet Pimpernel, Thyme, Trillium, Vitality

5th Chakra- located in the throat

Color- blue

Issues- self Expression, power, clairaudience

Spiritual challenge- To unite heart and head into divine self-expression.  Through personal choice and faith to surrender personal will to divine will.

Some possible 5th Chakra related energy blockages- TMJ, sore throats, scoliosis, tonsillitis, teeth and gum problems, thyroid issues, and addictions

Flower Essences which correspond to the 5th chakra- Alex Mackenzie Rose, Agnes Rose, Agrippina Rose, Bermudiana, Blue Eyed Grass, Blue Flag Iris, Blueberry, Breathe, Cardinal Flower, Coffee, Cosmos, Frangipani, Gardenia, Graniana Rose, Grape, Irish Heaths, Lady's Mantle, Masterwort, Milkweed, Pink Laurel, Pink Yarrow from the Cliffs of Moher, Sea Campion, Showcats, Snapdragon, Wild Iris, Vanda Orchid, White Nicotiana

6th Chakra- located in the third eye area of the head

Color- indigo

Issues- vision, psychic sight, clairvoyance, telepathy

Spiritual challenge- To separate truth from illusion and then live our truth

Some possible 6th Chakra related energy blockages- headaches, anxiety and nervous breakdowns, depression, learning disabilities, brain tumors, blindness, deafness

Flower Essences which correspond to the 6th chakra- Allamanda, Banana, Bottle Gentian, Breathe, California Poppy, Chamomile, Crab Apple, Daffodil, Dandelion, Eyes of Mary, French Marigold, Goldenrod, Grapefruit, Lauriana Rose, Lemon, Nasturtium, Rosa Glauca, Spider Lily, Yellow Water Lily

7th Chakra-located at the crown of the head

Color- violet

Issue- spiritual consciousness

Spiritual challenge- To be in direct relationship with God

A possible 7th Chakra related energy blockage- spiritual dark night of the soul

Flower Essences which correspond to the 7th chakra- Alika Rose, Angelica, Belerephon of the Open Door, Fireweed, Lavender, Osteospermum, Passion Flower, Queen Anne’s Lace, Rosemary, Silver-rod, Sunflower, Scullcap, Swamp Candles, The Sunflower Spiral, Tuberose, Vetch 

Flower Essences that work to realign, clear, and strengthen all chakras and facilitate their smooth interrelationship - The Alignment Garden, Angelica, Bee Balm, Bottlebrush, Heavenly Bamboo, Lilac, Mehera, Niella, All Palms, Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean, Scarlet Pimpernel, Silver-Rod, Snapdragon, Spruce, Sunflower, The Sunflower Spiral, Teasel, Violet Transmuting Flame Violet, Watch Your Back, Yellow Loosestrife.

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