PENNYROYAL Mentah pulegium 

Pennyroyal helps us create strong and clear boundaries against psychic attacks.  It can help us rid ourselves of the old negative theme songs we play over and over again in our heads.  It is useful when we have accidentally absorbed negativity into our energy systems and feel out of balance.  It also helps when we are aware that someone is sending us negativity, and we do not want to be available to receive it.  It is useful for clearing negativity from crystals or clothing and can be used in a spritzer bottle to clear rooms of negativity.  It is a versatile Flower Essence, helping us to establish and hold appropriate boundaries.
I AM the presence rejecting all negativity.  I AM the presence depersonalizing and detaching from this situation or person.
"I am a Reiki Master teacher/healer. As I used this wonderful essence Pennyroyal during class one day, I found that my students also noticed a difference almost immediately.  As I sprayed the room, leftover negativity fled and laughter broke out!  I now use it at every meeting as well as after.  Just a few drops in my sprayer with some distilled water does it every time.  And to quote a friend now passed, 'My goodness! No More Achey Reiki." P.Q., Levittown, PA