WATER HYACINTH Eichhornia crassipes

From a place of non-judgment and balance, emotions are experienced as energy, specifically waves of energy moving through our systems to help us learn.  These waves of energy are intended to move us forward on our spiritual journeys not bog us down.  Water Hyacinth knows this place of non-judgment and balance in regards to emotion and understands how the experience of all emotions serves us.
Most of us do not live in a place of balance and non-judgment in regards to emotions.  In our confusion about emotion, we judge and react.  We deny certain feelings, ashamed we have these feelings or we get caught up in runaway reactions to our emotions.  It is these judgments and our reactions to emotions that cause most of the difficulties. Our judgments lead us to hold onto emotions long after we need to experience them and store them in our energy system where they wear down our physical body and negatively impact our energetic vitality.

These judgments and reactions about emotion spring from illusions we have that we are flawed for feeling what we feel.  This is the very illusion we need to shed most, and Water Hyacinth can help.  The appearance and habitat of this Flower speak volumes as to its divine wisdom. Water Hyacinth is a free floating, aquatic plant that rises up in stalks of sturdy, luminous lavender blue Flower heads.  The plant moves freely with the current in a lake, pond or other body of water.  It is not dependent on certain water for its health but thrives on whatever water is available.  Water symbolically represents emotion.  In its willingness to grow in any kind of water, Water Hyacinth reflects the truth that all emotions are for growth and learning, not just a few select emotions.
Water Hyacinth has no anchor for its roots except water and nothing to support it other than its own inner strength.  This does not stop it from rising up in a strong wand of radiant blossoms.  Water Hyacinth Essence encourages us to do likewise and be a pillar of strength, using all emotions as fodder for growth with our own inner divinity as all the backbone we need to stand tall.  This Flower Essence offers a model for using all emotion as a constructive and uplifting energy.  It offers this wisdom to us so that we may be set free to use all emotion as a gift that empowers but does not define us.
I AM able to easily detach and depersonalize from my emotions, actions and reactions.  I AM able to identify and benefit from the gifts my emotions give me.

“(Water Hyacinth) helps the mind to detach from intensely painful experiences that would otherwise be extremely difficult to integrate.  It still allows any painful emotions held by the shadow to be integrated but with the added benefit of detachment…very helpful on the mental level for the integration of emotional traumas.” G.P., PA